The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 6

The spot with a palm sized seal on her right arm clearly had an extra scarlet imprint. This red mark that was barely the size of a quarter of the pinky’s fingernail, had nevertheless indicated that the first layer of her seal was undone.

“This me can cultivate in dou qi or magic? Xiu did not say it clearly.” Although she was completely ignorant with the regards to Xiu’s origin, Shen Yanxiao had nevertheless keenly perceived how formidable that ‘Devil’ was. It was a pity that she was completely ignorant about everything in this world and there was even no need to mention about cultivating dou qi or magic.

‘If you are fond of it, cultivating both sides are acceptable.” The cold voice that belonged to Xiu had once again emerged inside Shen Yanxiao’s brain.

“……’ Shen Yanxiao frowned as she pondered on the meaning behind Xiu’s sentence.

Was it possible that…….

Xiu’s previous words was not really indicating her that she could cultivate and choose one among the two of them but rather that she could learn both of them.

This…. How is this not blissful?

Through the memories of the body she possessed, Shen Yanxiao vaguely knew that there was two subdivisions of circumstances for the people in this world. The one kind of the people who were the norm candidates in cultivating dou qi were those who had a sturdy physique, tenacious tendons and veins, and also the ability in successfully condensing dou qi at the location of their dantian. As for the other type of people who were the norm in studying magic was that the body’s condition were normally ordinary but had formidable spiritual force and also capable in manipulation of the spiritual force driving all kinds of elements in the world.

The Heavens is fair as when it had given you a sturdy physique, it would not give you a formidable spiritual force. Therefore, viewing it broadly from the entire Guangming Continent, since hundreds of years, there have never been anyone who could obtain a situation in learning both martial arts and magic. Not only that, no matter whether it was dou qi or magic, if one wanted to reach a certain level, one needed to diligently cultivate. In one desired in obtaining an improvement, then one had to invest a great amount of time and energy into it. Not to mention about how heaven defying the existence of these people who possessed both the internal energy as well as spiritual force. Just imagining in wanting to cultivate on both of them at the same time was already a lunatic’s ravings.

“Did you mean that I can cultivate on both martial arts and magic? However, as of now, I am already 14 years old and I am still completely ignorant with the regards on both sides. With regards to the dual cultivation, it is an excessively remote thing for me.’ Shen Yanxiao was very depressed because all of the people on the Guangming Continent would have picked a path that they would have walk down not long after they had became sensible. Now, as for she, she was already slower than every other people in setting out her path. With regards to any kind of cultivation, it was already too late for her. The dual cultivation in both magic and martial arts was only just a mock to her.

“It is possible for you.” Xiu’s voice sounded both ice-cold as well as firm.

“The physique of yours is completely different from others and with the help from me, every issue will no longer be an issue.”

Shen Yanxiao was happy, how could she have forgotten about Xiu who was a ‘devil’ with profound mystery? One who was capable of relying on one’s soul in depositing into another person’s body and had survive in the bastard’s body for ten or more years was absolutely not an ordinary person.

Shen Yanxiao finally had hope after her previous issue was easily solved. She was very clear that the “her” now already did not have anyone to rely on. If she was unable to make herself to be strong quickly, it would be very likely that she had to eternally drape the identity of an idiotic trash over her shoulders to keep on living.

Yet, this was exactly not what she wanted .

“You will be teaching me dou qi and magic, right?” Shen Yanxiao was in all smiles as she asked.

“So long as you have the capability, I will then teach you everything that I have learn in my whole life and this will be the second gift of mine to you.” Xiu’s voice was full of unlimited possibility but the chilly voice of the words that Xiu had spoken could made anyone to be burning with angers.

“In that way, I wish that we will have a happy collaboration.“ Shen Yanxiao’s smile resembled a cheating cat. In having the aid from the mysterious Xiu, she would not be convinced that with her capability, she would have to bear the identity of an idiotic trash to keep on living!

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