The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 5

As a result of the previous ‘Shen Yanxiao’ who was frequently bullied by the brother and sister, she was frequently bullied till she was riddled with scars and could be considered as an old patient of Shen Qiu.

If it was said that whether there was still any person who was counted to have not greatly criticize Shen Yanxiao, then Shen Qiu could be counted as one of them.

“Uncle Qiu.” Shen Yanxiao confusedly blinked her eyes at Shen Qiu while there was shrewdness hidden inside her eyes.

Looking at the foolish seventh young lady before his eyes, Shen Qiu was feeling rather helpless in his heart. On his face, nevertheless he still showed a kind and smiling expression.. He then said, “ Seventh young lady, your posture is still weak. For this period of time, you have to rest properly. Uncle has brought you your most favorite osmanthus fragrans cake.”

As a henchman of the Vermillion Bird clan, Shen Qiu was a brilliant doctor with medical expertise and also received with quite high regards by Shen Feng. Shen Qiu was a doctor whom had made painstaking efforts in delving into the medical field and he had never before taken a wife and had a child. As for the Shen Yanxiao whom he had frequently attended to, Shen Qiu was already treating her as his granddaughter. Although, he really was not the kin of the Shen clan, he had the intention to take care of Shen Yanxiao. But without Shen Feng’s order,he can’t meddle much.

Shen Yanxiao smiled happily as she took the osmanthus fragrans cake and it was as if all of the sore on her body could not be compared with the desserts before her eyes.

Talking about it, it was lamentable that even though Shen Yanxiao was provided with basic necessities, all of the things that she eat or used were only similar to the most inferior servants of the Vermillion Bird clan. So much so that, under Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei who had deliberately made things difficult for her, she would frequently be poverty-stricken. There wasn’t even a need to say something about the desserts which were ‘luxury goods’.

Looking at the appearance of that little bastard who have yet grown to adulthood and was rejoicing incessantly as she held the osmanthus fragrans cake, Shen Qiu secretly sighed in his heart. He knew that based on the Shen Yanxiao’s intelligence,shet was simply unable to make sense of too complicated words. Therefore, there was nothing to worry about in repeating his words. “Seventh young lady, this time, master is indeed angry and uncle also cannot help you in anything. For this period of time, you can be relived in recuperating. Anyway, uncle will try to procrastinate for you   and will not allow this weak posture of yours to prematurely suffer the punishment from master…..”

Without batting an eye, Shen Yanxiao proceeded on in nibbling the desserts but her ears were nevertheless listening without missing any words when Shen Qiu was talking to himself.

The Vermillion Bird clan’s dungeon where magical beasts were raised was a forbidden area with regards to their grandchildren’s generation. Leaving her aside, even both Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei did not have the qualifications to enter in. Her previous trespass into the forbidden area had already enraged Shen Feng’s prestige. Prior to that, the two small bastards mentioned to Shen Feng that he must be responsible in asking her about that matter.

However, as for what circumstances that the previous ‘Shen Yanxiao’ had ran into in the dungeon, Shen Yanxiao was nevertheless completely ignorant about it. From the memory she had inherited, it was completely chaotic. Apart from the slice of darkness and also the endless fear, she did not obtain any more information at all.

Shen Yanxiao was very clear that Shen Feng would certainly not care about her, ‘The Vermillion Bird’s Shame’ on the dangers that she had came across in the dungeon but he cared more about whether his reprimand would be ignored by others.

Lucily, Shen Qiu had planned in helping her to stall time. Just from Shen Qiu’s selfless conduct, this kindly old man had already changed her opinion and made Shen Yanxiao labelled him as a “good person” in her mind.

Shen Qiu had once again sat at Shen Yanxiao’s bedside for a moment and he kept on harping some rubbish as there wasn’t too much point in speaking too much. After all, in Shen Qiu’s eyes, the little bastard before his eyes was still a young pitiful girl with the intellect of a four year old. After being certain that there were not too much issue with Shen Yanxiao’s posture, only did Shen Qiu departed from the room.

Just as Shen Qiu departed from the room, Shen Yanxiao then got out from her bed.

She impatiently examined the conditions of her body. In her brain, she clearly remembered that a quarter of an hour before she lost her consciousness, Xiu had already helped her in undoing the first layer of the seal and also told her that Shen Yanxiao had already obtained the qualifications to practice dou qi and magic.

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