The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Paying Someone Back In Their Own Coin

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“Haha, Mr. White, I bet that bastard Lucas Gray will die miserably this time! This place belongs to the Whitleys, and there are experts everywhere. It’ll be hard for him to escape no matter how well he can fight!” Jace said excitedly.

The white-bearded old man nodded in agreement. “Yes, Lucas Gray’s martial arts skills are quite impressive. He’s the youngest expert I’ve seen in all these years, but he’s nothing in front of the royal family!

“Look at those two old fogeys standing behind Ashton Hills. They’re top experts of the Hills, and they’re even stronger than me. No matter how powerful Lucas Gray is, there’s no way he can fight against those two!”

Hearing this, Jace was overjoyed. “Great! I can’t wait to see Lucas getting defeated!”

Meanwhile, a sharp look appeared in Lucas’s eyes when he heard Ashton using the lives of Alexander and Ashley to threaten him.


“Are you trying to threaten me into continuing with the tournament?” Lucas questioned coldly.

Ashton smiled smugly. “Yes, you don’t have a choice now, unless you want to see your friends die in front of you.”

Lucas sneered and looked at the two old men with terrifying auras behind Ashton. “Seems like these two powerhouses next to you are your reliance, huh? If I pay you back in your own coin and threaten you with your life, how will things turn out?”

Ashton was stunned for a moment and then burst into laughter. “Punk, who do you think you are? How dare you—”

Before he could finish speaking, Lucas’s body suddenly swayed and appeared in front of Ashton with one hand tightly wrapped around his throat!

Lucas moved so quickly that he had already caught Ashton before those two old men could react.

This scene made the surrounding spectators exclaim in shock.

The reason was simple. Lucas’s actions of killing the man with a dragon tattoo, kicking Godfrey Steele to death, killing the top expert hired by the Steeles with a single punch in the ring, and forcing the eldest scion of the Steels to crawl out of the fighting hall made him the focus of countless people.

Moreover, the few burly men that Ashton brought over to stop Lucas were wearing the staff uniform of Club Illuma.

Thus, the conflict between a powerful young man like Lucas and the staff of Club Illuma had attracted the attention of countless people.

Although most of the audience didn’t know Ashton’s true identity or that the family operating Club Illuma was the Hills, they were all aware that the club had a background so powerful that even the eight top families of DC didn’t dare to covet it.

Yet the young man who was suspected to be the manager of Club Illuma was being strangled by Lucas!

Lucas’s incredible courage left them speechless. They were full of awe toward him!

Jace and the white-bearded old man, who were waiting to see an exciting show not far away, also saw this scene.

Jace exclaimed in astonishment, “How is that possible?! Didn’t you say that those two old men are more skilled than you? How did they let Lucas catch Ashton instantly?”

What a familiar scene…

Jace immediately recalled that he had the same attitude about half an hour ago, thinking that he could provoke Lucas since he had the help of the white-bearded old man. Yet Lucas had suddenly appeared in front of Jace and strangled him, almost scaring him soulless!

Therefore, Jace really felt some empathy for Ashton, whom Lucas was strangling at the moment.

The white-bearded old man was likewise astonished.

The two old men who followed Ashton were indeed slightly stronger than him, but even then, Lucas managed to grab Ashton from their hands in an instant! That punk Lucas is just like a demon!

Seeing Ashton caught, an old man beside him instantly yelled, “Punk, let go of Mr. Ashton immediately! Otherwise, you’ll end up incredibly miserable!”

Lucas suddenly smiled and said, “If I let him off, I’m afraid you won’t let me off anyway. In that case, I might as well just kill him!”

Then Lucas suddenly tightened his grip on Ashton, strangling him so hard that his eyes rolled backward and he almost passed out.

Seeing this, the two old men were both terrified and hurriedly yelled, “Stop!”

“Punk, we’re from the Hills, a royal family branch. The person you’re strangling is the scion of the Hills! If you really dare to kill him, the Hills will never spare you!”

Lucas suddenly laughed. “I knew you were from the Hills a long time ago. But so what? Do you think I’d be afraid of you?”

The two old men’s faces darkened even more.

Indeed, they were already used to everyone’s reverence for the royals, as everyone almost always made way for them as long as they revealed their identities in the past. As long as they didn’t encounter the other royal family branches, no one would dare to provoke them.

But this young man in front of them didn’t act like most people did. He actually didn’t take the Hills seriously at all!

They had no doubt that he would really dare to kill Ashton!

Seeing that Ashton’s face had turned purplish from the lack of oxygen and his struggling becoming weaker and weaker, they felt extremely conflicted and were in a dilemma about what to do.

The surrounding spectators started discussing one after another.

“That young man is really impressive! Look, those people in front of him are wearing the uniform of Club Illuma, so the young man he’s strangling is obviously the manager of Club Illuma.”

“The eight top families of DC don’t even dare to offend Club Illuma, yet that young man actually has the guts to attack the people of Club Illuma!”

“That young man is really daring! Don’t forget he just killed Godfrey Steele, a member of the eight top families of DC in public, and even forced the eldest scion of the Steeles to crawl out of here. He must have a powerful status!”

“Is that young man also a descendant of a certain royal family branch?”

Many among the crowd were speculating, their attention drawn to Lucas.

In contrast, not many people were paying attention to the exciting battle in the ring.

Seeing that Ashton was really about to be choked to death by Lucas and that even his eyes had rolled backward, the two old men finally realized that Lucas really dared to kill Ashton.

“Punk, you… quickly let go of him! We can discuss matters calmly!” one of the old men yelled at Lucas anxiously.

The other hurriedly said, “Yes, as long as you let Mr. Ashton off, we can talk things over calmly. You’re about to kill him!”

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