The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090: Not Allowed To Leave

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Enduring the gazes on him and the remarks about him, Trevor crawled to the entrance of the fighting hall, dashed to the elevator door, and immediately left without turning back.

Everything here was like a nightmare that he never wanted to recall again!

Seeing that Trevor had left, Alexander looked at Lucas worriedly. “Mr. Gray, after I return to the family, I will try my best to stop them from becoming your enemy. But if there really is such a day, I hope you can spare the Steeles, alright?”

He looked at Lucas pleadingly.

Lucas glanced at Alexander in surprise. The fact that he could say this meant that, in his opinion, Lucas was far stronger than the entire Steele family. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked Lucas to spare the Steeles.


Alexander could be considered a talent who was loyal, smart, and had good business acumen. It was a blessing for the Steeles to have someone like him in the family.

But Lucas raised his brows in response to his request and asked, “If the Steeles try to kill me, am I supposed to just stand there and let them do it?”

Alexander naturally knew that he couldn’t ask Lucas to sit back and do nothing. It would be going overboard.

He gritted his teeth and said, “If the Steeles really go against you, they’ll be tempting fate themselves, and they deserve to die. I just hope that you can leave a way for the family to survive after you’ve punished them.”

Lucas nodded. “Okay.”

Hearing this, Alexander was really touched.

Actually, he didn’t have a strong friendship with Lucas. But today, not only did he help him deal with Trevor’s subordinate, but he also agreed to spare the Steeles from complete annihilation. Lucas was doing him a great favor.

“Okay, thank you so much, Mr. Gray!” Alexander thanked him sincerely.

“Alright, it’s time for us to leave,” Lucas suddenly said after looking at the time.

Alexander was immediately stunned. “Mr. Gray, you’re leaving now? In that case, the championship…”

Given the impressive strength Lucas had shown, he would definitely win the championship tonight.

As long as he clinched the championship, he would immediately receive the huge prize money of more than a hundred million dollars. But he didn’t care about it at all.

Lucas smiled without saying anything. Alexander immediately understood that the prize money of a hundred million dollars might be a massive amount in the eyes of ordinary people, and many experts would risk their lives to obtain it, but Lucas didn’t take it seriously at all.

This realization left Alexander in greater awe of Lucas.

How many people in the world could easily give up so much money?

The three of them were about to leave when a voice suddenly came from behind them. “It doesn’t seem appropriate for you to leave before the competition is over, does it, Lucas Gray?”

As the voice sounded, several tall and burly men blocked the group of three.

Lucas looked over and saw a handsome young man walking toward him with a smirk on his face.

Lucas knew who he was. He was Ashton Hills, a member of the Hills branch of the royal family and the one who had tried to forcefully buy the land in the eastern suburbs of DC from Lucas this afternoon!

Following behind him were two old men with extremely shocking auras. Their skills were on par with the white-bearded old man by Jace’s side.

Lucas immediately figured out that the two old men probably had the same origin as the white-bearded old man beside Jace.

“Guests aren’t allowed to leave before the tournament is over? What kind of rule is that?” Lucas asked rhetorically with a smirk.

Ashton narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “Anyone else can naturally leave, except you.

“You’re the favorite to win the tournament tonight, and countless people have already bet that you will win the championship. So if you just leave like that, how can I explain it to them?”

Only then did it dawn on Lucas that Club Illuma belonged to the Hills!

When Alexander told him about the staggering annual profits of the club, Lucas had guessed that the owner of the club was very likely to be a royal.

But he didn’t expect this club to belong to the Hills.

Lucas’s expression didn’t change, but next to him, Alexander was shocked. He just found out that the real owner of Club Illuma was actually the Hills family, a royal family branch!

He subconsciously looked at Lucas. The royals were far superior to the eight top families of DC, and he reckoned that things would be difficult to handle now that they came after Lucas.

Alexander was just about to see how Lucas would handle the situation, but he only saw Lucas retort calmly, “How you explain it is none of my business! You can’t stop me from leaving.”

Alexander almost burst into tears of shock. Bro, the person in front of you is a member of the royals! Yet you still dare to speak like that on their turf? Are you really that fearless?

Ashton frowned and sneered. “Gray, I can forgive you for hitting my subordinates and refusing to let me buy over the land this afternoon, but we’re on my turf now. If you still dare to be so arrogant and defy me, your friends won’t be able to escape even if you can!”

Then the burly men blocking in front of Lucas immediately aimed pistols at the trio.

Alexander and Ashley had never been in such a situation before. Being held at gunpoint, they turned pale with fear, and their hearts skipped a beat.

Ashton obviously wanted Lucas to continue competing and satisfy the spectators tonight so that the reputation of the tournament would not be ruined.

But Alexander also understood Lucas’s temper. It would be fine if he was willing to do it, but no one could threaten him into acting against his own wishes.

Seeing his sister’s panicked expression, Alexander secretly prayed that Lucas would agree to Ashton’s request and continue to compete. But he knew that Lucas had already helped him many times today and even agreed to spare the Steeles. So he really didn’t have the cheek to continue begging Lucas.

On another side, Jace and the white-bearded old man also saw the same scene of Lucas being surrounded.

Jace asked doubtfully, “Hey, Mr. White, are those people the owners of Club Illuma?”

The white-bearded old man nodded. “Yes, they are from the Hills family, and the young man leading them is Ashton, who’s related to you by blood. He’s the host of the annual tournament in Club Illuma.”

Jace was astonished. He didn’t expect that young man to be a Hill!

After being surprised, his face showed euphoria. Lucas was now surrounded by Ashton’s men, and it seemed that they were about to get into a fight. He was certain that Lucas would definitely suffer greatly against the royals!

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