The Forgotten Princess

Chapter 6 The princess’s knight 1

It has been a few days after the grand ball. My normal life went back to how it was, with the exception of William.

These last few days William has always been visiting me here in my courtyard. We have been talking about many things such as politics, history and other stuff.

It was morning and I have just finished my morning exercise. Since I was young grandpa Robert will train Richard and I to strengthen our bodies.

"Sister Alicia!" I hear the voice of my younger brother Richard. When I look behind me I see him running towards me.

"Sister!" Richard launched himself at me.

"Whoa!" I was surprised and opened my arms to catch him. He was much heavier than me now that I was about to loose my balance. Thankfully I managed to balance the both of us.

"Sister, you haven’t been visiting me in my courtyard." Richard was crying. "I have missed you so much."

"Hush now. A crown prince mustn’t show his tears to others." I said while wiping away his tears.

"But you are not ’others’ Alicia. You’re my sister." Richard looked at me with his puppy dog eyes.

"Oh you look so cute and adorable when you do that. That’s not fair." I said while pinching his cheeks. "I just finished my morning exercise. I will go to your courtyard after I wash myself, okay?"

"Promise?" Richard looked at me with his cute face.

"I promise." I said. "Now go on."

"Okay. I’ll wait for you." He said and ran towards his courtyard.

Richard is now twelve years old. He was nearing my height now. I am sure he will outgrow me in no time. He is starting to loose his chubby cheeks and his body is starting to become of a young man’s. I’m gonna miss the little munchkin who was always by my side wanting to play with me.


I am walking towards Richard’s courtyard. I have washed myself and freshen up. I was wearing one of my casual dresses, of course one of my sisters’ hand me downs.

"Alicia." Someone called me. When I turned around I saw William walking towards me.

"Will." I smiled at him.

"One of your maids told me that you were here." Williams said and smiled.

"I am going to visit my brother today. Would you like to go with me?" I asked.

"Can I accompany you?" William asked.

"Yes of course." I said.

William smiled and walked beside me.

When we entered Richard’s courtyard I saw not far from where we were standing grandpa Robert and Richard. They were holding wooden swords. Grandpa was teaching Richard with sword techniques.

"Stand steady and feet apart. Find your balance. Hold the sword with both your hands. Feel them as an extension of your own arms." Grandpa said.

"Grandpa, Richard." I greeted them when we got near.

"Good morning Alicia." Grandpa said.

"Sister!" Richard said enthusiastically. But then his face turned sour when he saw William beside me.

"Good morning general Robert, crown prince Richard." William said.

"The morning was good just a while ago but now it was not so much." Richard mumbled.

"Hush Richard, don’t be disrespectful." Grandpa said. "Good morning William." He greeted William.

"Hmph." Richard made a sour face.

"Did I do something to offend the prince?" William whispered to me.

"Don’t worry you didn’t." I giggled. "I’m just afraid he has a sister complex."

"Ohhh.." William said understanding Richard’s actions.

"Alicia it’s good you have come here." Grandpa said.

"What is it grandfather?" I asked curious.

"You know that every prince and princess of

the royal family has a personal knight to serve as their body guard when they turn fourteen." Grandpa said.

"Yes, I know grandpa."

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