The Forgotten Princess

Chapter 5 Crown Prince Regaleon

Then the music came into a close and we started to slow down until the music stopped. A huge round of applause was heard in the ball room.

We stared at each other for a while before the cheers of the crowd got to us. The young man bowed in front of me and I gave him my courtesy.

"Crown Prince Regaleon Yosef Astley of Grandcrest." I heard my father the king behind me. "It’s a pleasure to grace us with your presence today."

"Crown Prince?" I asked. That’s why his name sounded familiar, he was one of the princes of Grandcrest. I knew that the royal family of Grandcrest have six princes fighting for the position of crown prince but I didn’t know that they have chosen their crown prince already. And to think the youngest son was chosen to be the crown prince. As I know he was eighteen years old.

"It’s my pleasure to be here your majesty King Edward Von Heist of Alvannia." Regaleon replied.

"You are really bold as the rumors had said. Stealing the first dance of the third princess tonight from her father." My stepmother the queen just arrived at the scene. She was staring daggers between me and Regaleon.

"I am sorry. I didn’t know that there was a custom here in Alvannia that the first dance of the princess should be with her father." Regaleon said with proud demeanor as if he wasn’t really sorry at all. "I just thought that I would like to dance with the third princess so I asked her. I hope this didn’t offend you King Edward."

"Hahah, not at all young prince. I know that the royal family of Grandcrest are known for their impulsive nature. I’m sure you have been taken with my daughter’s beauty." My father said.

"Yes my king, we are indeed impulsive. We are sure to get what we want." Regaleon said sarcastically.

There was a tension between my father and the crown prince. Their words were coated with respect but deep down I can feel they were insulting each other.

"Crown prince." A very tall young man approached Regaleon. He was much taller than the crown prince and had long dark brown hair tied in a pony tail. I see him whisper in Regaleon’s ear. He must be the prince’s aid.

"I guess I have to cut this visit short. An important matter came up. I am sorry to leave early from your ball princess Alicia." Regaleon was talking to me.

"It’s okay crown prince. I wish you safe travels." I said.

"Thank you princess for letting me dance with you. King Edward, Queen Erica. I will take my leave." Regaleon made a slight bow and left with his aid.

"Disrespectful young man." I hear stepmother said.

"Now Erica don’t make a scene." My father said. "Their country is still much stronger than ours. Their military might is very big that we can’t dare offend then directly."

"Hmph." My stepmother turned to leave. She gave me an angry stare when she passed by me.


Prince Regaleon and his aid entered a carriage and it drove away from the castle.

"Your highness everything have been arranged and is according to plan." The aid said.

"Very good Dimitri." Regaleon said. "They have something up heir sleeve. I want to know what it is."

"Your highness, about the third princess of Alvannia. Are you sure about this?" Dimitri asked.

"Princess Alicia Roselyn Von Heist. Yes I never had second thoughts. You know that Dimitri." Regaleon said with confidence.

"I understand your highness." Dimitri bowed.

In the royal family of Grandcrest, a king having many wives was a custom. They spread their seeds and broaden their lineage. But for a prince of Grandcrest to give a blue rose to a lady of noble birth or of royal lineage means he chose her to be his first and legal wife.

The first time Regaleon set his eyes upon princess Alicia. Seeing her platinum blonde hair and silver eyes, seeing her unmatched beauty. By then he knew that she was the one that must stand by his side as his queen.

Regaleon opened the curtains of the carriage and stared at the night sky. The stars were twinkling brightly. He remembered the silver eyes of Alicia that was shining under his embrace.

"Princess Alicia, I will surely make you my queen and stay by my side." Regaleon whispered to himself.

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