The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 502 - 502 As Long As You Touch Me, I'll Admit Defeat

502 As Long As You Touch Me, I’ll Admit Defeat

“I’m fine with it,” the doll Mei Yini said with a smile. “But this lady doesn’t seem to know how to fence. Would you like to play with us?”

Ron was not afraid anymore.

Mei Yinni’s brother was Angev, the champion of the city-wide fencing competition.

Although he was the city champion, he still had a few points to score in front of the champion.

On the other hand, he didn’t even get a single point from Shi Xi.

The only time he had managed to land a hit on Shi Xi was when she had dodged it.

“It’ll be more fun with more people,” Ron said. “Why don’t we all play together?”

After a few words, the crowd moved to a larger fencing practice room.

When Shi Xi saw the training room, she felt that it was much bigger than the previous one and had more comprehensive equipment.

“I won’t bully you,” Mei Yini said arrogantly.

“How about this? As long as you touch me, it’ll be my loss.”

“Sure,” Shi Xi replied casually.

Mei Yinni noticed Shi Xi’s carefree personality and Xie Yunzhou’s constant stare at her. “Fencing isn’t that interesting. Why don’t we have a wager?”

“What’s the prize?” Shi Xi asked.

Mei Yinni thought for a while and said, “How about this? The loser will treat everyone to a meal at the Kiol Center today.”

“Sure,” Shi Xi replied.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Mei Yinni said. “The food here is very expensive. Anything here costs at least ten thousand dollars. US dollars.”

“That place is indeed very expensive,” Ron said worriedly.

“It’s okay,” Xie Yunzhou said lightly, “If we really lose, I’ll pay.”

Hearing Xie Yunzhou’s words, Mei Yinni was not convinced. “I asked you to buy me a bag just now, but you didn’t even want to!”

And that bag was only twenty thousand yuan!

“I have no choice,” Xie Yunzhou shrugged, “I don’t have money.”

He was poor in front of the person he didn’t like, and he was rich in front of the person he liked.

Xie Yunzhou, the peerless double standard.

Mei Yinni was even angrier when she saw that. At the same time, she found Shi Xi even more unpleasant to the eye.

After the two of them were dressed, they prepared to fence.

Mei Yinni was not worried about the match at all.

She had learned fencing since she was a child and was the sister of Angev, the city’s fencing champion.

How could she lose to an ordinary girl in such an environment?

After getting into position, Mei Yinni said, “Don’t cry when you lose later.”

Shi Xi smiled but did not say anything.

Beside them, Ron thought, ‘Shi Xi might not be the one who’ll end up crying.’

The match began.

Mei Yinni raised her sword and attacked.

Just as Ron had thought, Mei Yinni’s swordsmanship was not bad.

With a fencing champion as her brother, how could she be bad?

However, Shi Xi was more powerful.

As Shi Xi dodged, Mei Yinni could barely touch her.

Mei Yinni finally lost her patience and said, “Do you only know how to dodge?”

Even Angev didn’t agree with that.

Both offense and defense were an ability of fencing, and not being attacked was also an ability.

However, if they didn’t attack, it would be even more disadvantageous in the competition.

After all, in a competition, one could only win by scoring points.

On the other hand, Shi Xi had been dodging all the time, so she hadn’t been able to score a single point in the official competition.

Of course, Mei Yinni didn’t get any points either.

Xie Yunzhou looked at the well-built Shi Xi, his eyes dark and gloomy.

He had never known that Shi Xi knew swordsmanship.

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