The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 501 - 501 Oh, God, That's a Great Idea!

501 Oh, God, That’s a Great Idea!

In Shi Xi’s opinion, the conversation between the two of them sounded like that between kindergarten students.

They were so childish that they wanted to tell the teacher.

In any case, a heavier sword wasn’t that heavy to Shi Xi.

Ron looked at Shi Xi. “I’m friends with the manager here. You don’t have to worry. ”

Shi Xi smiled. “Let the girl have her way.”

Seeing the doll’s flustered and exasperated look, she was really worried that the doll would cry.

“Her name is Mei Yinni,” Ron said in a low voice, “She and her brother are frequent visitors of the fencing hall.”

“She should have her own sword, but I don’t know why she’s here to pick.”

The doll glared at Shi Xi and immediately took away the heavy sword that Shi Xi had chosen. “I’ll choose this one!”

Seeing the doll’s actions, Shi Xi didn’t mind and chose another one.

In any case, it didn’t matter to her which sword she used.

“Do you want to pick one?” Shi Xi looked at Ron and asked.

“I’m using a custom-made Baroque sword,” Ron said. “I’m using a special one.”

Frequent members like them all had their own exclusive equipment.

However, it was Shi Xi’s first time here, so Ron brought her to pick.

“Take your time, I’ll go buy some drinks,” Ron said.

“Alright,” she said.

Shi Xi had picked her sword and was waiting for Ron when she heard the doll shout, “Yunzhou, I’ve picked a very good sword for you!”

When she heard the familiar name, Shi Xi couldn’t help but turn around to take a look.

Could they have the same name?

But this was M Nation!

Just as she turned around, Shi Xi saw a familiar face in a foreign country.

What was Xie Yunzhou doing here?

And he even knew the doll?

On the other side, Xie Yunzhou had already put on his fencing suit. It looked like he was going to play fencing with the doll.

When Shi Xi turned to look at Xie Yunzhou, he seemed to sense something and looked up at her.

The two of them looked at each other from a distance.

When Xie Yunzhou saw Shi Xi, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. He strode over and explained, “I’m here with my partner. She’s my partner’s sister.”

“It’s alright, you guys can have fun,” Shi Xi said.

She was not jealous, not jealous at all.

“What are you doing here?” Xie Yunzhou asked.

Just then, Ron came over with a drink and said, “I didn’t know what you would like to drink, so I bought you an iced Americano. Is that okay?”

Shi Xi’s eyes curved into crescents. “Sure, thank you.”

“No, she won’t feel well if she drinks iced coffee,” Xie Yunzhou said coldly.

Ron was stunned. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright,” Shi Xi said while holding her iced coffee. “It’s fine to drink it once in a while.”

“It’s better not to drink it. If you get a stomachache and get hospitalized, you’ll cry again.” Xie Yunzhou’s eyes were calm as he asked, “You guys came together?”

Ron saw Xie Yunzhou and asked Shi Xi, “He’s your boyfriend?”

“We’re friends,” Shi Xi said.

He was jealous.

“We’re just friends,” Ron shrugged and laughed. “He really cares about you,” he said.

The doll noticed that Xie Yunzhou kept talking to Shi Xi and walked over unhappily. “Yunzhou, you know her?”

The doll glared at Shi Xi as she said that.

It was obvious that she still bore a grudge against Shi Xi for snatching her sword.

Shi Xi was helpless.

It was clearly the doll that was too overbearing.

“This is Shi Xi, a very good friend of mine,” Xie Yunzhou introduced.

The doll looked at Shi Xi warily.

At this moment, another man walked over. He seemed to be the doll’s brother.

“If we all know each other, then let’s play together,” the elder brother suggested.

Oh, god, that was such a great idea!

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