The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 457-END

Chapter 457: Chapter 457: We’re married (End)

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Three months later.

“”Wife, my wanwan, if you don’t agree to hold a wedding with me, our second child will be born,”Li Jingran leaned on Xu Wanwan’s neck and said coquettishly in a low voice. ”

Xu Wanwan raised her hand toward the strawberry in the fruit plate and raised her chin.

“After receiving the message, Li Jingran quickly sent a full and juicy strawberry into Xu Wanwan’s mouth. ”

The sweet and unique aroma of the strawberry eased Xu Wanwan’s nausea for more than a month.

“”Wife?”Li Jingran said, paying attention to Xu Wanwan’s current expression, deeply afraid that she would feel uncomfortable anywhere. ”

“Since a month ago, when Xu Wanwan accidentally found out that she was pregnant for a month, under the request of Xu Yanzhi and Li Jingran’s martial arts, she went to collect the marriage certificate from Li Jingran. ”

“Li Jingran was not bad. After collecting the marriage certificate, he handed over all his wealth to her. ”

“It was also at this time that Xu Wanwan unexpectedly discovered that when the money reached a number, it was really just a number. ”

“Xu Wanwan had always known that Li Jingran was rich. After all, he was the president of the Li Corporation, but when she saw the balance on the passbook, the countless zeros.. ”

She finally realized that her situation was too small after all.

“No matter what, she was now a rich woman worthy of the name! ”

“After receiving the certificate, Xu Wanwan began to vomit. ”

“And this time, the reaction of vomiting was even more serious than when she was pregnant with Xu Yanzhi. ”

“In the first half of the month, not to mention eating, even the smell of food could directly spit out the acid in her stomach. ”

“In the second half of the month, which was now, he was slightly better. At least he could have some porridge and not vomit it out. ”

“After the morning sickness reaction began, the entire Li family fell into a panic. ”

“Among them, Li Jingran and Xu Yanzhi were the most worried. ”

“”Wife…”seeing that Xu Wanwan was immersed in her own thoughts, Li Jingran sounded a little wronged. ”

“No!”Xu Wanwan said.

“”Why don’t you marry me? Our second child has already been two months.”As if he had thought of something, Li Jingran continued, “Could it be that you’re giving that Gu Jingran a chance?” ”

“Hearing Li Jingran’s words, Xu Wanwan didn’t even think about it. She directly raised her hand and fried chestnut with sugar on Li Jingran’s forehead. ”

“What did you say?”

“”Since it’s not, then why don’t you want to have a wedding with me? “If you don’t want to have a wedding with me, it means that you don’t want others to know about my existence. “If others don’t know about my existence, then more people will have improper thoughts about you.” ”

“When he said this, Li Jingran suddenly paused and thought of a possibility. ”

“”From a certain point of view, it means that you don’t care about me at all… Wanwan, do you still love me?” ”

“Although Xu Wanwan had experienced the same scene many times, every time she heard Li Jingran say this, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning. ”

“For some reason, Xu Wanwan felt that she and Li Jingran had switched places. ”

“Normally, such insecure behavior should be the female party’s appearance. ”

“However, after Li Jingran received the certificate, especially as time passed, the clingy situation became more and more obvious. ”

“Even when she went to the bathroom, Li Jingran would follow her.. ”

It was really a ridiculous thing.

“”Honey, you haven’t shown your pregnancy yet. It’s best to hold a wedding now. Otherwise, after the baby is born, it’ll be troublesome if you want to hold a wedding in a carefree manner again.” ”

“It seems to make sense…”Xu Wanwan fell into deep thought.

“Seeing this, Li Jingran became more and more enthusiastic. ”

“In the end, under Li Jingran’s brainwashing, Xu Wanwan agreed. ”

“”Okay then.”Xu Wanwan paused for a moment as if she had thought of something. Then she continued, “By the way, it’s too late for us to do this now, right?” ”


“As soon as Xu Wanwan finished her sentence, Li Jingran immediately replied without thinking. ”

“”The hotel, the invitation, and even the wedding dress are all ready!” ”

“Wedding dress? !”Xu Wanwan’s eyes widened. “I haven’t even tried on a wedding dress. How do you know that I’m suitable?”

“Hearing Xu Wanwan’s question, Li Jingran let out a ‘malicious’laugh. ”

“”Is there anything on your body that I don’t know about? Of course, I know about it. Then, I went online and asked for 50 million women’s opinion sheets to create a unique wedding dress for you.” ”

“After saying that, Li Jingran carried Xu Wanwan horizontally and walked towards the cloakroom. ”

Whoosh —

“Pulling the curtain open, the moment Xu Wanwan saw the wedding dress, her eyes instantly lit up. ”


“Do you like it? Honey!”

“In this world, no woman could escape from good-looking clothes and beautiful bags. Even Xu Wanwan was no exception. ”

“I Like It!”Xu Wanwan did not hide her true feelings. She turned around and hugged Li Jingran tightly.

Li Jingran also revealed a faint smile. He hugged Xu Wanwan very lightly because he was afraid of touching her stomach.

His daughter was also in there.

“Let’s Get Married!”


This conversation was usually between Li Jingran and Xu Wanwan.

“However, every time Xu Wanwan agreed to hold a wedding, the next day, because of the pregnancy sickness, she was so annoyed that she directly cheated. ”

Two weeks later.

The grand wedding was held under the top hotel of the Li Corporation.

The momentum was beyond everyone’s imagination. Xu Wanwan had become the envy of all the girls today.

On the day of the wedding.

“”Jingran, I’m so nervous.” ”

“”I’m a little nervous too,”Li Jingran replied. ”

The two looked at each other and suddenly burst into laughter for some reason.

This smile eased the awkwardness between the two of them.

“At this moment, the waiter brought in a gift box and handed it to Xu Wanwan. ”

“”Miss Xu, Mr. Gu Jingran would like to pass this to you.” ”

“Opening it, he saw that it was a necklace and a small card with blessings written on it. ”

“Xu Wanwan’s eyes reddened slightly as she looked at it, and Li Jingran was a little unhappy. ”

“”This Gu Jingran is doing it on purpose! Don’t look anymore, we’re getting married soon.” ”

“Hearing Li Jingran’s words, Xu Wanwan could not help but laugh out loud. ”

She secretly thought that Gu Jingran would definitely find his own happiness!

Because he was worth it!

“Xu Wanwan and Gu Jingran walked to the priest hand in hand. The two of them looked at each other. Xu Yanzhi stood to the side with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, a sweet smile on his face. ”


They swore an oath.

“Do you take Mr. Li Jingran as your wife?”


“”I do,”Xu Wanwan said with a smile. ”

“”I love you, Wanwan,”Li Jingran said with a smile. ”

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