The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 456

Chapter 456: Chapter 456 reconciling as before

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“Xu Wanwan walked slowly in the room, looking at every photo. All the beautiful memories of the past flooded into her heart at this moment. ”

“Her eyes slowly turned red, but Xu Wanwan had been holding it in. ”

“When she finished looking at the last photo that was hanging inside, Xu Wanwan could no longer control the excitement in her heart, and tears flowed out. ”

“”Wanwan, I’m sorry,”Li Jingran apologized sincerely. After that, he picked up a tissue and wiped Xu Wanwan’s tears. ”

Xu Wanwan took a deep breath and tried hard to calm herself down.

“You… Why Are you apologizing to me?”Xu Wanwan asked.

“”I know you don’t want to hear about the terrible things that happened in the past,”Li Jingran said with a serious expression but a very sincere tone. ”

“”In fact, at the beginning, I really didn’t think I did anything wrong. I felt that the relationship problems between us were all because of you. It wasn’t until you suddenly went abroad and suddenly disappeared from my world that I realized…” ”

“When Li Jingran said this, he had a faint self-mocking smile on his face. ”

“”I realized that all of this was my problem. I was too arrogant, too conceited.” ”

“Hearing this, Xu Wanwan was completely stunned. ”

“In Xu Wanwan’s impression, Li Jingran had never been like this before. ”


These two words appeared on Li Jingran’s body. It was really a very magical thing.

Li Jingran did not know what Xu Wanwan was thinking at that moment. He just said what he felt in his heart seriously.

“”I thought you couldn’t leave me, but after you left, I realized that from the beginning to the end, it was me who couldn’t leave you. Wanwan, I apologize for what I did back then.” ”

“Li Jingran paused for a moment before continuing, “But there’s one thing. My love for you has never changed.” ”

“Jingran…”Xu Wanwan muttered.

“Before Xu Wanwan could continue, Li Jingran interrupted and continued. ”

“”Let me finish first, Wanwan. What I want to say to you is, thank you!” ”

“Xu Wanwan frowned slightly and said with some doubt, “Thank me for what?” ”

“Because you let me know how to love someone and how to make them feel their love.”

“After a slight pause, Li Jingran grabbed Xu Wanwan’s hand and said sincerely, “Wanwan, are you willing to give me another chance? Let’s start again, okay?” ”

“After hearing what Li Jingran said, Xu Wanwan was completely stunned. ”

She had thought a lot just now. Why did Li Jingran bring her here mysteriously?

“Countless thoughts flashed through her mind, but she never expected that Li Jingran would say something like this to her. ”

“”Wanwan, are you willing?”Seeing that Xu Wanwan didn’t say anything, Li Jingran asked again. ”

“Looking at Li Jingran’s current appearance, Xu Wanwan chuckled and pulled her hand out of his hand. ”

“”Alright, I’m Magnanimous. I forgive you.”After a slight pause, Xu Wanwan continued, “It’s one thing to forgive you, but whether you agree or not depends on my mood.” ”

“Actually, when she returned today, Xu Wanwan had also thought a lot in her heart. ”

“During this period of time, she had experienced many things. She had even been on the brink of life and death. ”

It was precisely because of this that Xu Wanwan treasured all that she had now.

“In the face of life, other grudges or other things were no longer important. ”

“Cherish the present. Since she really liked it, then she would fight for it and cherish it. ”

“Through this period of time together, Xu Wanwan realized that her feelings for Li Jingran were still the same as before. ”

“She still loved Li Jingran. Since that was the case, why should she bind herself to the grudges that had already passed away? ”

“However, what Xu Wanwan did not expect was that Li Jingran would be the first to tell her this. ”

“Xu Wanwan wanted to agree to what Li Jingran said, but she wanted to tease the man in front of her when she thought of the pain she had experienced. ”

Li Jingran wasn’t stupid. He immediately knew what Xu Wanwan was thinking.

“He was happy at first. After all, as long as Xu Wanwan was willing to forgive him, there was still hope. ”

“”Wanwan, you’ve become bad,”Li Jingran smiled at the woman in front of him and said with a helpless tone. ”

“”Ha.”Xu Wanwan chuckled mischievously. “I can’t help it. It’s your fault that men like this. Women aren’t bad, but men don’t love them, do they?” ”

“Li Jingran, .. ”

What kind of logic is this?

“As he was thinking, Li Jingran suddenly noticed something strange and immediately said, “What do you mean by men?”. ”

“What do you mean by men?”

“Almost in an instant, Li Jingran thought of dinner and his voice couldn’t help but be a little sour. ”

“”Yes, and Mr. Gu.”When he said this, Li Jingran paused for a moment and then continued, “Our Wanwan is really amazing. Even without me, she could still find such an outstanding person.” ”

“Xu Wanwan naturally sensed the sourness in Li Jingran’s words. She had wanted to tease him, but now she was helpless. ”

“”Gu Jinshen and I are just friends. Moreover, I’ve already made it very clear to him during dinner today.” ”

Li Jingran was stunned by Xu Wanwan’s words.

“You told him?”

“”Ha.”Seeing Li Jingran’s surprised expression, Xu Wanwan sneered directly, “Do you think I’m like you? Liu Duo’er and Zhou Lin have become like this because of you. I’m not as charming as Mr. Li.” ”

This wave of sarcastic counterattack could be said to be quite outstanding!

“I didn’t know that Liu Duo’er had such thoughts about me.”

“”Whether it’s true or not, she became like this because of you.”After a slight pause, liu duo’er continued, “It can’t be said that it’s all, but most of it is because of you.” ”

Li Jingran did not deny what Xu Wanwan said.

“”I promise that no woman will come near me in the future except for my wife, Xu Wanwan.” ”

“Hearing Li Jingran’s address, Xu Wanwan’s face instantly turned red. Her expression and tone were a little shy as she said this. ”

“Who’s your wife? !”

“We can already walk and run in Yanzhi City. Where else do you want to run to? !”Li Jingran did not want to be outdone.

“In the next moment, Li Jingran took advantage of Xu Wanwan’s lack of attention to pick her up and walk towards the bedroom. ”

A room full of warmth.

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