The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Chapter 454: Jealousy

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Xu Wanwan saw Xu Yanzhi waving the child prodigy watch in his little hand as he excitedly rushed in front of Xu Wanwan.

Xu Yanzhi’s phone watch Rang. There was only one word on the caller ID — Jin.

“Actually, even without looking, Xu Wanwan knew who it was. ”

The only person Xu Yanzhi could call Daddy Was Gu Jinshen.

“Thinking of this, Xu Wanwan suddenly paused. It didn’t seem like it. ”

“Ever since the incident last time, Xu Yanzhi had called Li Jingran ‘daddy’more often. ”

“At first, Xu Wanwan thought that Xu Yanzhi had forgotten to add the word ‘Gan’. After that, Xu Wanwan realized that Xu Yanzhi was simply calling Li Jingran ‘daddy’. ”

This also meant that Xu Yanzhi had already accepted Li Jingran’s existence from the bottom of his heart.

He really accepted Li Jingran as a kind of existence of his father.

“When she thought of this, Xu Wanwan did not know whether she should be happy or have other emotions.. ”

“In the end, with the pull of blood ties, no matter how strange or repulsive they were in the past, they would undergo a huge change with the passage of time. ”

Just like Xu Yanzhi’s attitude towards Li Jingran.

And just like her.

“”Mommy, Mommy, what are you thinking about?”Xu Yanzhi asked in puzzlement when he saw that Xu Wanwan did not pay attention to him. ”

“Xu Wanwan smiled, glanced at her phone watch that was still ringing, and then continued. ”

“Hurry up and pick up the phone.”


Xu Yanzhi picked up the phone and put it on speaker.

“Gu Jinshen was a more refined and gentle person. Even so, people who got along with him would still feel a strange sense of distance. ”

“Even for her, it was only after spending a long time with Gu jinshen that the feelings between the two of them slowly changed. ”

“However, Gu Jinshen had always been gentle and patient with Xu Yanzhi. ”

It was precisely because of this that she had never stopped Gu Jinshen from communicating with Xu Yanzhi.

“After communicating for a while, Gu Jinshen invited Xu Yanzhi and Xu Wanwan to have dinner together. ”

“Before Xu Wanwan could give Xu Yanzhi a signal, Xu Yanzhi immediately nodded and agreed. ”

“Xu Wanwan felt a little helpless, but she agreed. No matter what, she still had to go. ”

“A large part of the reason why Xu Wanwan did not want to Go was because she already knew that she could no longer return Gu Jinshen’s feelings, so she did not want to delay his matters anymore. ”

“They were all adults. After returning to China, Xu Wanwan could feel some of Gu Jinshen’s actions and words. ”

“If there was a reason why she had not rejected him outright before, it was all because of Xu Yanzhi. ”

“Before the incident with Liu Duo’er, Xu Wanwan did not think that she would find someone she liked in this lifetime. Or rather, she no longer had any expectations for love. ”

“In addition, Xu Yanzhi had a very good impression of Gu Jinshen, so she had never rejected him. ”

“But now that Xu Wanwan had seen through her own heart, she could no longer pretend to deceive herself. ”

Xu Wanwan sighed in her heart and stood up.

Forget it!

“Let’s take advantage of today to make things clear with Gu Jinshen. Whether she was thinking too much or not, it was better to be safe than sorry. ”

“After Xu Wanwan and Xu Yanzhi packed up, they were ready to set off. ”

“Just as they were about to leave the door, they were suddenly stopped. ”

“The Butler came over and asked, “Miss Xu, young master, where are you going?” ”

“After a slight pause, the butler continued, “It’s almost dinner time.” ”

“”Grandpa, Mommy and I are going out for dinner. There’s no need to prepare ours today.” ”

“Outside? !”The Butler was a little surprised when he heard Xu Yanzhi’s words.

The young master was still working in the study upstairs. How did he go out for dinner?

“When he thought of the man he had seen before, the man whose surname was Gu who was called Daddy by the young master, the Butler suddenly had a bad premonition. ”

“”Alright, Grandpa Butler, Mommy and I will leave first. We will be back in a while!” ”

“Since they had already said this much, the butler naturally couldn’t say anything more. He could only reveal a slightly stiff smile and nod his head. ”

In a private custom-made restaurant.



Gu jinshen bent down deeply and hugged Xu Yanzhi tightly in his arms. The smile in his eyes was obvious.

“In front of people he was familiar with, Xu Yanzhi was a mischievous person. ”

“However, Gu Jinshen was willing to play with Xu Yanzhi. Xu Wanwan was already used to this scene. ”

“While the two of them were playing, she made use of the time to eat. ”

“Let’s eat first. Children can’t go hungry.”

“MMM! Daddy will eat too.”


“Halfway through, a young couple who passed by saw the three of them and discussed in a low voice. ”

“This couple is too good-looking. Their cubs are so cute too.”

“”Don’t worry, baby. The Cubs we’ll give birth to in the future will definitely be even cuter than this!” ”

“After they walked over, the smile on Gu Jinshen’s face became even wider. He picked up a piece of food that Xu Yanzhi liked and placed it into his bowl. ”

“Did you hear that? The little ball needs to eat more food to be cuter.”

Xu Yanzhi smiled and then lowered his head to focus on eating.

“Then, Gu Jinshen looked at Xu Wanwan and said with a meaningful tone. ”

“”Wanwan, do you think they talk too much?” ”

“Xu Wanwan revealed an awkward smile and then said, “Hurry up and eat, or it’ll get cold.” ”

“Hearing Xu Wanwan’s answer, a trace of disappointment flashed in Gu Jinshen’s eyes, but it soon disappeared. ”

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

“Only Xu Yanzhi, who did not know anything, kept his head down as he cooked. ”

“After an unknown amount of time, Xu Yanzhi finally lifted his little head. After wiping his mouth clean, he said that he wanted to play for a while. ”

“This restaurant was high-class, which meant that there were no problems with the security measures, so Xu Wanwan did not hesitate and nodded in agreement. ”

“On the contrary, Gu Jinshen was a little worried. He told a waiter three or four times before he turned around and returned. ”

“Xu Wanwan and Gu Jinshen sat down face to face. They used to be like this, but today was especially awkward. ”

“Looking out of the window, the city was still beautiful. If it wasn’t for the people in it, Xu Wanwan felt that she could appreciate the beauty of this thousand-year-old ancient capital even more. ”

“Are you full?”Gu Jinshen took the initiative to break the deadlock.

“Yes.”Xu Wanwan nodded her head.

“Gu Jinshen took a deep look at Xu Wanwan and then continued, “Then can I order another cup of ice cream for You?” ”

“No need.”

“Without thinking, Xu Wanwan directly refused. ”

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