The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 453

Chapter 453: Chapter 453: Calm the storm

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“The discussion on the internet was getting more and more interesting. However, since the police report on Liu Duo’er was not out yet, they could only analyze it through this simple matter. ”

“Everyone was thinking, what was wrong with Liu Duo’er? Why did she do such an unbelievable thing? ”

“I beg the Little Friends of the Li Corporation to come out and speak anonymously! I Can’t stand it anymore! !”

“I’m getting more and more excited eating this melon. I Can’t stop at all.”

“”That’s right, that’s right. I have the same feeling. I just feel uncomfortable right now. I desperately want to know what exactly happened to make Liu Duo’er become like this?” ”

“”I’m telling you, this Liu Duo’er isn’t too bad looking. Could it be that there’s something wrong with her brain because of her feelings?” ”

“”Are you blind? Is this what you mean by ‘not bad looking’? ? ? Any random celebrity, which one of them isn’t better than this evil woman who caused the death of the Fireman?” ”

“”I’m really curious about how beautiful you are in real life, to be able to say such shameless words.” ”

“”Ha, a bunch of trash. Just being gently led by someone completely deviates the rhythm.” ”

“I have the same feeling. I keep feeling that something is strange.”

“”Think about it. Initially, everyone was still talking about the firefighter rescue issue, but now it’s actually related to the rich people.”. “This group of women now really have a big problem with their brains. In their eyes, it’s as if they’re speaking about justice, a stupid one-on-one.” ”

“Seeing the hostility on the internet getting more and more intense, the public relations department of the Li Corporation frowned slightly. ”

The public relations department of the Li Corporation didn’t actually guide the direction of the public opinion in the beginning. It was only after the Li Corporation became a trending topic that they began to pay attention to it.

“”Special assistant, do you think we need to report this matter to the President?”The public relations manager of the Li Corporation said. ”

“No need.”

The special assistant didn’t even think about it before answering directly.

“These few days, the relationship between the president and Miss Xu was really ‘affectionate’. Using such a matter to disturb the president’s path of pursuing his wife, he was afraid that at that time, he wouldn’t have a good ending. ”


“Without waiting for the public relations manager to speak, the special assistant’s eyes darkened slightly, and then he continued, “Don’t you know how to deal with this kind of situation?” ”

“After hearing the Special Assistant’s words, the public relations department instantly understood what he meant. ”

The eyes of all the colleagues in the public relations department lit up instantly.

One minute later.

The entire Li Corporation received an email from the public relations department.

“‘due to the news about the corporation that appeared in the public opinion these two days, colleagues who know about the Liu Duo’er incident, please comment with an honest and fair attitude when you post your comments online. ‘there’s no need to exaggerate anything for the sake of the corporation’s reputation. be realistic and people will have their own judgments.’ ”

“Once the email was sent out, the people of the Li Corporation were all smart and understood the purpose of the corporation’s words. ”

“After work, a large group of people who claimed to be from the Li Corporation flooded into the comments. ”

“I was once a subordinate of the Li Corporation’s Liu Duo’er. I have the right to speak about this matter.”

“The comment above had just appeared, and it had caused everyone’s activity. No one had expected that Liu Duo’er’s former colleague would suddenly appear. ”

“Hold on to the leader! Hurry up and tell me. I Can’t wait to know what exactly happened!”

“So Liu Duo’er is innocent?”

“I am Liu Duo’er’s former direct subordinate. I have been by Liu Duo’er’s side for more than two years. I never thought that such a matter would be so close to me.”.

“”Liu Duo’er was fired from the company two weeks ago because she formed a small team in the company and was disrespectful to the CEO’s girlfriend. More importantly, she secretly used the Li Corporation’s name to sign contracts with other people, “To earn some money that she shouldn’t have.” ”

“As soon as this comment was released, it was forwarded countless times. ”

“Half of the people believed it, but half of them thought that it was fake. ”

“”TCH, I suspect that this is the Li Corporation’s way of clearing their name. It really is, how could there be such a coincidence? The bad news about the Li Corporation just came out, and someone came out to clear their name…” ”

“”That’s right, does the Li Corporation really think that person is a fool?” ”

“”Damn, to be honest, these matters don’t have much to do with us. Everyone, stop worrying about it.” ”

An hour later.

The police report on Liu Duo’er was out.

“Liu Duo’er was using drugs, Liu Duo’er wanted to snatch someone else’s boyfriend, Liu Duo’er’s private life was in chaos, and she had already collaborated with others to carry out kidnapping, and so on.. ”

All of them had been hammered!

The netizens who had originally sympathized with Liu Duo’er were completely silent at this moment.

“Giaogiaogiao! This is too ridiculous!”

“I didn’t expect that all those things from before were actually true. This is really unexpected. I thought that it was some people who deliberately made up the dirt.”

“My worldview has been shocked once again.”

“I announce that Liu Duo’er’s brain is indeed problematic.”

“”It’s hard to imagine that Little Tuan Zi, who was kidnapped by Liu Duo’er, would have a shadow in his heart.” ”

“”The child is innocent. Even though he was mosaic, he could still feel that little tuan zi must be super cute. It’s the kind of cuteness that even mosaic couldn’t hide.” ”

“I hope the child’s mother will pay close attention to it. Please don’t let anything happen to the Little Ball’s psychological state!”

“”Deep down in my heart, I feel disgusted by those who bully the weak because they’re bigger. Especially those who bully children and weak women.” ”

“In the end, Liu Duo’er was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the crimes of intentional kidnapping, intentional assault, inciting others to commit crimes, drug abuse, and so on. ”

“In fact, according to Li Jingran’s ability, Liu Duo’er could also be sentenced to death. After all, the firefighter was lost because of Liu Duo’er. ”

“However, Li Jingran did not do that because compared to death, living was more painful. ”

“After a few days of adjustment and rest, Xu Yanzhi’s condition finally recovered. ”

What surprised Xu Wanwan was that she originally thought that Liu Duo’er’s incident would cause Xu Yanzhi to have bad thoughts or influence.

“For example, he would be afraid at night and have nightmares. ”

“But now, it seemed that she didn’t appear. ”

“Xu Yanzhi still ate well and slept well, unless on the first day, he still needed her to carry him to sleep, and later on, his condition returned to normal. ”

“Just as she was thinking, Xu Yanzhi ran over excitedly. ”

“”Mommy, Mommy, Daddy called!” ”

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