The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 292 - Go home when you’re tired  

Chapter 292: Chapter 292. Go home when you’re tired

Mother Li was really angry. She had never seen such a difficult person. She was so angry that her chest rose and fell slightly. She raised her hand and was about to slap someone.


A cold and solemn voice sounded behind them. Mother Li came back to her senses and withdrew her hand to look behind her.

Li Jingran was walking toward them with a middle-aged man. Even from a distance, mother Li could see the coldness in his eyes.

“Jingran, why are you here?”Zhou Lin panicked and took the initiative to ask.

Li Jingran’s cold eyes were like a sharp blade. He glanced at her and said in a terrifyingly cold tone, “I’m not coming. Are you going to make trouble here?”

“What are you talking about? I’ve been worried about you all day. How dare you say that we’re making trouble here?”Li Jingran was so angry that she took a deep breath, “Li Jingran, you’ve come at the right time. There are two choices in front of you now. I want to see what you’re going to choose.”

“Either you break off your relationship with Xu Wanwan in front of us today, or you can pretend that I’m not your mother.”

Li Jingran pondered for a moment and directly held Xu Wanwan’s hand in front of them. His tone was firm. “No matter what you say, she’s the person I’ve decided on in my life.”

Mother Li was so angry that her chest hurt. “You! Why are you so muddle-headed now!”

Li Jingran looked at her indifferently. “If you still want to talk to me, then come in and talk.”

When he came in just now, he saw a group of people gathered outside the office.

Mother Li had mobilized so many people. He did not know how bad the impact would be on the employees of the company.

Xu Wanwan felt the warmth in her palm. She felt an inexplicable warmth in her heart.

Li Jingran was here. It seemed like his backer was coming.

She did not have to face these objections alone anymore.

Her suppressed emotions relaxed slightly for a moment. She quietly held the man’s hand tightly. The warmth flowed in her hand, but the deepest feelings were hidden in each other’s hearts.

In order to save face, mother Li finally listened to Li Jingran’s words. She closed the office door and walked to the sofa to sit down. “Tell me, what exactly are you thinking?”

Li Jingran looked calm and gave Yang Jiacheng, who had been standing by the side, a look.

Yang Jiacheng understood and walked to Li Jingran with a document. “Mrs. Li, this is the investment contract that I signed with President Xu.”

Li Jingran’s mother took the contract and glanced at it casually. “What are you trying to say?”

“I just want to say a few words on behalf of Miss Xu. I signed the investment contract with her, so most of the operating capital of this company is invested by me.”

Yang Jiacheng explained rationally, “As for the real shareholder of this company, it is Miss Xu.”

“How is this possible?”Without waiting for mother Li to speak, Zhou Lin gritted her teeth and said in disbelief, “The executive legal person of this company is clearly a man in his fifties!”

“This…”Yang Jiacheng looked at Xu Wanwan with a troubled expression. For a moment, he did not know whether he should tell them about this.

Xu Wanwan knew that this was her own matter and took the initiative to explain, “When I founded this company, I didn’t want too many people in the outside world to know my true information, so I deliberately hid it.”

Mother Li read the contract carefully. When she saw that Xu Wanwan’s name was really signed on the contract, she could not help but look at Xu Wanwan up and down. Her state of mind inadvertently improved a little.

A girl who had not graduated from university could actually rely on her own ability to establish such a large company. It was not as weak as she had imagined.

Mother Li’s gaze on Xu Wanwan changed slightly, but there was still a hint of disdain in her eyes, “It’s just a small design company. What’s there to mention? If it wasn’t for our Jingran backing her, she wouldn’t even have the opportunity to go into business.”

“Auntie, you’re right.”Zhou Lin felt particularly unbalanced. She quickly said, “After all, Xu Wanwan is so young. If it weren’t for Jingran’s good teaching, how could she have such achievements?”

Li Jingran smiled mockingly. “You’re thinking too much. I’ve never interfered in her matters.”

This firm tone and blatant favoritism undoubtedly made mother Li feel embarrassed.

She was angered again. “Li Jingran, I advise you to stop. Even if you want to play, you’ve had enough. Now is the time to start a family.”

“Mom.”Li Jingran suddenly looked at mother Li. His thin lips curved into a smile, but there was no sense of humor on his face. Instead, it was cold. “I will only marry Xu Wanwan for the rest of my life.”

“You’d better give up on other thoughts. If you really push me too far, I don’t mind not getting married for the rest of my life.”


Li Jingran was so angry that she almost fainted. She took a few deep breaths and glared at Xu Wanwan with resentment in her eyes.

It was all because of this little B * Tch!

If she wasn’t so good at seducing men, how could Li Jingran be seduced by her?

Now, she actually refuted her own words in front of him. It was simply infuriating.

Zhou Lin, who was standing at the side, also looked extremely ugly.

These words from Li Jingran were a silent warning to her.

“I’ve explained everything that needs to be explained,”Li Jingran said lightly. “This is Wanwan’s territory. Since you don’t like her, then leave as soon as possible.”

Mother Li was furious. Seeing that her son was siding with an outsider, she felt extremely uncomfortable. If she stayed here any longer, she would get mad.

She stood up abruptly and walked to Xu Wanwan. She said in a deep voice, “Continue to waste your time with me. I want to see who can outlast the other.”

With Li Jingran by her side, Xu Wanwan felt inexplicably confident.

She looked back at Li Jingran’s eyes and smiled. “Auntie, I’m busy with work. I Won’t see you off. Take Care.”

Li Jingran glared at Li Jingran and left angrily in her high heels.

“Miss Zhou, aren’t you leaving yet?”Xu Wan asked directly when she saw Zhou Lin still hanging around.

Zhou Lin came back to her senses and looked at Li Jingran unwillingly. Before she left, she said again, “Jingran, Auntie is not well. Try not to anger her in the future.”

Li Jingran’s thin lips parted slightly, and he only said one word, “Get lost.”

Zhou Lin could not hold back her pride. She gritted her teeth and left unwillingly.

After they left, the office immediately became quiet. Xu Wanwan’s thin body leaned against the office desk, staring at the floor and sighing slightly.

Li Jingran walked over, and there was a hint of heartache in his eyes. “You feel wronged?”


Xu Wanwan pursed her lips. “I suddenly feel so tired.”

Not just physically, but mentally as well. It was so tiring.

So tiring that she couldn’t even breathe.

Li Jingran frowned a little and reached out to pull the girl into his arms. His thin lips pressed close to her ear as he said softly, “If you’re tired, then go home, okay?”

His hoarse and deep voice coupled with his doting tone could even make people drunk.

Xu Wanwan was in a daze. She hugged the man and leaned on him weakly. “Okay, then go home early today.”

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