The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 291 - What does she regard the Li family as?  

Chapter 291: Chapter 291: What does she regard the Li family as?

While she was worried, she thought about it and decided to give Li Jingran a call.

Hearing the familiar and steady voice of the man on the other end of the phone, she felt relieved and said slowly, “Li Jingran, just now, Auntie told me that she is coming to join my company.”

Her voice was very soft, and she was worried that Li Jingran would misunderstand something, so she quickly explained, “It’s not that I don’t welcome Auntie to visit, I’m just worried that Auntie Will…”

After all, this was a company. She was still worried that Li Jingran’s mother would do something that would affect her work.

Li Jingran’s voice became a little deeper. “I’ll come over right away.”

Xu Wanwan was about to stop her when the office door was suddenly pushed open. Then, the crisp sound of high heels came from inside the room.

Mother Li walked in leisurely. She looked around the surroundings, and a trace of disdain appeared in her eyes.

Xu Wanwan had wanted to stop her, but she quickly retracted her words. She hurriedly hung up the phone and greeted her with a smile. “Hello, Auntie. Please take a seat first. I’ll Go Get You a cup of tea.”

“There’s no need,”mother Li said directly. “I’m not used to other people’s tea.”

Zhou Lin echoed, “That’s right. Auntie is a very particular person. Not all tea can be drunk. You Don’t have to be so busy.”

Xu Wanwan raised her eyes and looked coldly at Zhou Lin.

Mother Li being able to come here today probably had something to do with her.

Zhou Lin was directly angered by her gaze. She suppressed her anger and said deliberately, “Is your boss still not here today?”

Xu wanwan laughed lightly, “Miss Zhou, you must be joking. I’m the boss of this company.”

Zhou Lin choked and her face was filled with ridicule.

“I think you’re the one who’s joking. Your Company is run by a man in his fifties. Who would believe that you’re the one who started it?”

“If you don’t believe it, then don’t believe it. What does this have to do with you?”Xu Wanwan retorted without changing her expression.

She had already endured enough of Zhou Lin’s constant troublemaking. Now, she naturally had no reason to endure it.

“How is it okay?”Mother Li narrowed her eyes unhappily and pulled Zhou Lin behind her. She snorted coldly, “You enjoyed the treatment our Li family gave you while seducing other men behind Li Jingran’s back. What do you take our Li family for?”

Xu Wanwan was stunned. In front of mother Li, her tone was much more polite. “Auntie, I don’t know if you misunderstood something, but I’m really not what you think.”

“I started this company on my own. I didn’t ask Li Jingran for a single cent, let alone rely on other men.”

“Xu Wanwan, stop pretending!”Mother Li said impatiently. “If you’re as simple as you say, how can you stay in the Li family and refuse to leave?”

“For so long, you’ve been eating Li Jingran’s food and using Li Jingran’s food. Don’t you think it’s too little? The Li family has already done its utmost to not let you return these benefits. Now You’re refusing to leave. Are You Shameless?”

These words were like a knife, stabbing into Xu Wanwan’s heart.

She stood rooted to the ground and calmed down for a long time.

Her mood was indescribably low and uncomfortable.

So it was the feeling of being misunderstood and being pointed at and scolded by others..

However, during the time she was with Li Jingran, she had also worked hard. She almost never reached out to ask for a single cent from the man. Other than living in the Li family, she did not pay any fees. She converted the rest of her living expenses into cash and handed it over to the butler.

She knew that Li Jingran would not accept it, so she instructed the butler to subsidize the household expenses.

However, she did not want to tell mother Li these words.

Because even if she did, they might not believe her.

“Auntie, whether you believe it or not, I have never done anything to Owe Li Jingran by staying by his side. I have a clear conscience.”

Mother Li laughed coldly. She turned around and walked to the office, deliberately opening the door.

She stood at the door and raised her voice a little, “What a clear conscience. You forgot to seduce Li Jingran so quickly? Seducing Li Jingran alone isn’t enough. You even want to seduce my other son. What, do you think no one in the Li family can control you?”

Her voice was very loud, attracting the people who were busy outside the office to be distracted from their work.

The group of people pricked up their ears and looked at the office.

Someone could not suppress his excitement and could not help but ask, “Hey, what do you think happened in the Office?”

“I just saw a well-dressed madam go in. I wonder what the relationship is with our director Xu.”

“I think I heard them sighing about the Li family. Could it be that what they said has something to do with director Li?”

“Now that you mention it, I feel that the woman just now looks and has a temperament similar to director Li. Could it be that this woman is our director Xu’s mother-in-law?”

“TSK tsk, why do I feel that she doesn’t like our director Xu? From her tone, she sounds fierce.”

As the few of them were discussing, another voice came from the office —

“Xu Wanwan, stop pretending to be innocent. You can fool Li Jingran, but you can’t Fool Me. If you know what’s good for you, you’d better leave the Li family as soon as possible. Don’t force me to do anything to hurt you.”

“Besides, you’re with another man now. The Li family will never tolerate such a fickle woman like you. Do As you see fit.”. “Now that I have something on you, if you don’t leave the Li family obediently, I don’t mind exposing your face in front of the entire company.”

Xu Wanwan stood quietly on the spot, allowing mother Li’s hurtful words to stab into her heart.

Zhou Lin looked at her with a smug expression, her heart filled with joy.

HMPH, so what if Li Jingran liked that little bitch? Her parents were on her side.

That Little Bitch would probably pack up and leave after today. From now on, the Li family would be her territory, and Li Jingran would be her only man.

At the thought of this, Zhou Lin couldn’t help but jump up in joy. She didn’t forget to mock her, “Actually, Auntie has a point. After all, you and Jingran are not suitable for each other. If you force yourself to stay by his side, what good will it do you in the end?”

“How many years of a girl’s youth can she squander? You’re still young. If you leave Li Jingran now, you can find another man. But if you insist on staying, it won’t do you any good in the future.”

Xu Wanwan looked at Zhou Lin with a sarcastic look. “I remember that we don’t have a good relationship, so I don’t need you to teach me how to do things.”

She looked at mother Li after she said that. Her tone was indifferent, but her expression was inexplicably serious. “Aunty, I may be a bad person in your eyes, but I have my own shining points with Li Jingran.”

“I think that love is a matter between two people. If you want me to leave him, I won’t leave unless he tells me himself.”She gathered her courage and finally said what she was thinking.

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