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Chapter 283 - did not welcome such people  

Chapter 283: Chapter 283 did not welcome such people

The reporter was in a hurry to fix the camera and hurriedly chased them away.

Only a few people from the Zhou group were left in the office. Xu Wanwan glanced at them, calmly holding an empty coffee cup, “The security will be up soon. If you guys don’t Leave Now, you might end up a little ugly later.”

“Humph, don’t think that we’re afraid of you. This is a society ruled by law. I’d like to see what you can do to me.”

“Yeah, this is a society ruled by law. So you should know that it’s illegal to trespass on other people’s territory, right?”

The young man was stunned for a moment. His face was as red as a pig’s liver. “I won’t Talk Too Much with you. I’ll give you one last chance. Are you going to sign it or not?”

“No.”Xu Wanwan immediately picked up the contract and threw it back. “Go back and tell Zhou Lin that if she comes here to cause trouble again, I won’t let her off easily.”

“Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to our director Zhou Like That?”The young man was also angered, “Heh, it’s already your honor to be able to work with us for such a small and shabby design company. Our director Zhou is willing to lower his status and look up to you. You still don’t know what’s good for you? Just wait for him to go bankrupt!”

“Also, your company is finished, but it just started operating. You actually dare to brazenly compete with our Zhou Group for a partnership. Just wait for our CEO Zhou to settle the score with you.”

Xu Wanwan could not be bothered with them. Coincidentally, the security guards had already come up.

She glanced at the security guards. “Bring them out.”

The security guards went forward and threatened with a mace, “Get out!”

The group of them glared at Xu Wanwan angrily before they turned around and left unwillingly.

No wonder CEO Zhou wanted them to target this small company.

This woman was really too difficult to deal with.

As he walked out of the office, the young man’s heart was filled with anxiety. When the security guard was not paying attention, he rushed straight towards the office area, “Hello, everyone. I’m the Director of the Zhou Group. Your Company is going to close down very soon. If you want to develop in the long term, then come to the Zhou group and look for me. I’ll arrange jobs for you.”

“Also, you and CEO Xu of this company don’t have any professional abilities. If you let a woman manage the company, the company will soon go bankrupt. You should all wake up and leave as soon as possible.”

The busy employees in the company did not buy it at all. “Who are you? Aren’t you afraid of getting beaten up for saying such unlucky words in our company?”

The security guard saw that this group of people did not put them in their eyes at all and immediately waved the mace in his hand. “Don’t just stand there, get lost!”

“Why are you still here? Our company does not welcome people like you. CEO Xu knows how to respect people better than you.”

“That’s right, you still have the cheek to say that our company’s strength is not good. Do you know that our company has the Li Corporation behind us? is the Li Corporation something that you guys can compare to?”

Those who had a worse temper directly raised the book in their hands and fiercely threw it at those people.

The young man was so angry that he couldn’t even speak. He turned around and left with the group of people behind him in dejection.

The company finally quieted down. Xu Wanwan stood at the door of the office. Seeing that everyone was speaking up for her, the corners of her lips curved up.

It seemed that hard work was still effective. They would also consider the company.

She turned around and returned to the office. She was busy once again.

The morning had been delayed for half a day. When it was noon, there was still a lot of work to be done.

Xu Wanwan sighed lightly and leaned against the back of her chair to rest for a while. She looked at the time.

It was already noon. After lunch, she still had to rush to school.

There were many professional classes in the afternoon, so she could only come back at night to continue working overtime.

As he was thinking, there was a knock on the office door.

Xu Wanwan quickly sat down. “Please come in.”

“Wanwan, have you eaten?”Lin Jiannan arrived before Xu Wanwan. She pushed the door open and trotted to Xu Wanwan, putting the things in her hands on the table.

“Jiannan, why are you here?”

Xu Wanwan was surprised for a moment and smiled happily.

“I happened to pass by here and thought that I haven’t visited your company yet. I called you but you didn’t pick up, so I had to find you myself.”

“Sorry, I was too busy in the morning.”Xu Wanwan looked at the missed calls on her phone and said apologetically.

“No problem, no problem!”Lin Jiannan smiled amiably and took out a steaming hot lunch from the box in front of her, “You haven’t eaten yet, right? I bought you a meal from a nearby restaurant. We’ll go to school together after we finish eating.”

Xu Wanwan happily took the lunch box. Looking at the steaming food inside, she felt warm in her heart.

What happened in the morning was not important. A sumptuous lunch could dispel the unhappiness in her heart.

Seeing that Xu Wanwan had finished eating, Lin Jiannan propped up his chin and said, “Wanwan, I. . . I have something that I need your help with.”

Xu Wanwan took out a napkin to wipe the corner of her mouth. Seeing that she was troubled, she frowned and asked, “What’s Wrong?”

“That’s right…”Lin Jiannan took a deep breath, tilted her face to one side, and said somewhat embarrassedly, “Can you pretend to be sick?”

“Pretend to be sick?”Xu Wanwan was even more confused.

“I want to see song Qingchen.”Lin Jiannan’s lips twitched and said in a low voice, “I sent him messages on wechat, but he never replied. I don’t know which hospital he is in, so I came to ask you for a favor.”

“But I don’t feel unwell anywhere.”Xu Wanwan blinked and couldn’t help but say, “If you want to see him, shouldn’t you pretend to be sick?”

“But I can’t call him.”Lin Jiannan was quite helpless. “Only big CEO Li has the ability to do that. If I, doctor song, came to see me, he would definitely let me go to the hospital.”

Xu Wanwan thought about it seriously. “Then I’ll ask Li Jingran to help you later. Can he call Doctor Song for You?”

“Really?”Lin Jiannan’s eyes lit up instantly. She immediately got up and hugged Xu Wanwan. “Wanwan, you’re too kind!”

Xu Wanwan chuckled. “We’re friends. It’s normal for us to help each other.”

“Okay! Then help me ask around about the hospital where doctor song works. It’s best to find out when he’s resting so that I know when I can go to see him.”

Xu Wanwan agreed one by one. “Okay, no problem.”

At nine o’clock in the evening, Li Jingran returned home from the company.

The lights were off upstairs. When he pushed open the door of the room, there was no one inside.

He frowned and immediately went downstairs to find the butler. “Where’s Xu Wanwan?”

“Director Li, Miss Xu should still be at the company,”the Butler said carefully. “The driver went to pick her up once. Miss Xu said she would come back after she was done…”

“However, a group of people from Zhou group went to Miss Xu’s company today. According to our investigation, those people caused some trouble in the company.”

Li Jingran’s mood instantly turned cold. “Caused trouble?”

“Director Li, don’t worry. Those people were chased out after making trouble in the company for a while. I’m sure Miss Xu can handle it –”

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