The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 282 - Who Is President Xu?  

Chapter 282: Chapter 282: Who Is President Xu?

“Alright, let’s call it a day for today’s meeting. Let’s get back to work,”Xu Wanwan said with a smile as she sorted out the documents on her hand.

“President Xu, I have a few more questions I’d like to ask you.”Designer Liu was about to step forward with a drawing in his hand.

At that moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open, and a rough male voice was heard —

“Who’s president Xu?”

Everyone in the meeting room was stunned. They all looked outside the door, not understanding what was going on.

Xu Wanwan frowned slightly. She was very sure that she did not know these people. “What do you want?”

“We’re looking for president Xu for something. Go and call President Xu out for me,”that person glanced at Xu Wanwan and said impatiently.

Xu Wanwan walked over calmly. “I’m President Xu. May I know why you’re looking for me?”

“President Xu, could it be that we have an appointment with a partner today?”Designer Liu cautiously reminded them, worried that they had not done a good job and offended the partner.

Xu Wanwan shook her head. “You guys can leave first.”

A group of people blocked the entrance of the first meeting. They could not help but be stunned for a few seconds.

“You’re President Xu?”The young man looked Xu Wanwan up and down and sneered. “Don’t joke with us. You’re just a little girl and you’re President Xu. Are you kidding us?”

“That’s right. Who doesn’t know that President Xu is an old man in his fifties? You Don’t even know when you’re lying.”

“This small company just can’t do it. The employees inside have no morals at all.”

Xu Wanwan’s tone was a little impatient. “How did you guys get up here without my permission?”

“Of course, it was your company’s security guards who personally invited US up.”The young man’s tone was smug. “We’re here to deliver business to your small company. Can the security guards not invite us up?”

“Alright, cut the crap. Hurry up and call your president Xu out. I have something to talk to her about!”

Xu Wanwan turned around and walked out without changing her expression. “I’m President Xu. If you don’t believe me, then leave.”


“What are you so cocky for? We want to discuss a partnership with your company. Aren’t you afraid that your President Xu will come back to settle the score with you?”

Xu Wanwan couldn’t be bothered with them. As she walked to the office, she called the Security Office.

“Did you guys let a bunch of strangers in?”

“Hurry up and chase them away. Our company doesn’t welcome such people.”

She pushed open the office door and walked in. Xu Wanwan put down the documents and sat down to deal with her work. She put her phone aside and reminded the security guards to be more vigilant.

The group of people outside had no intention of leaving. They walked around the company, sizing it up and discussing.

“Heh, this old man is really interesting. He opened a design company to hire female designers. Don’t tell me he has some special fetishes?”

“I think it’s 80% likely. That woman just now might be that old man’s little lover. His tone and attitude are so arrogant. He’s not afraid of us at all.”

The young man in the lead’s eyes moved slightly. He immediately pointed at the reporter behind him and said, “Set up the camera and take a picture of that old man’s little lover. When the time comes, you’ll definitely make a fortune.”

The reporter’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He quickly set up the camera and walked towards Xu Wanwan’s office.

Xu Wanwan was startled by the sound of the door being kicked open. She looked up angrily and saw that the group of people had not left yet. She said unhappily, “What exactly do you want to Do?”

“Of course we want to talk about cooperation.”The young man had one hand in his pocket and the other hand was holding a contract. He casually threw it on Xu Wanwan’s desk. “Look at the terms on this. If there are no problems, sign it.”

Xu Wanwan picked up the contract and looked at it. At a glance, she saw a few big words on the top of the contract. “Zhou Group.”

Her eyes darkened. She didn’t even look at the terms below and directly pushed the contract back. Her tone was cold. “I’m sorry, but I refuse to cooperate with you.”

“It’s useless for you to refuse.”The young man sneered, as if he had caught something. “Your old man is the behind-the-scenes manager of this company. Don’t think that we don’t know.”

“Do you dare to refuse such a big cooperation on his behalf?”

Xu Wanwan chuckled. She probably knew what this group of people had misunderstood.

When she first set up the company, she asked Gao Zongsheng for help and filled in someone else’s name in the line of legal person.

Therefore, when the outside world investigated this company, they could only find information about another person.

Xu Wanwan said indifferently, “Now this company is under my control. If I say no, I won’t sign it. Don’t waste your time. Please go back.”

“It’s not up to you!”The young man was provoked by her calm attitude and immediately gave the reporter behind him a look.

The reporter understood and immediately pointed the camera at Xu Wanwan. He said as he took pictures, “You should be president Xu’s mistress, right? President Xu handed this company over to you to manage. Does anyone in the outside world dare to cooperate with your company?”

Xu Wanwan’s gaze was slightly cold. “Who allowed you to secretly take photos of me?”

“Not only do we want to take photos of you, we also want to let President Xu know your character. If you’re obedient, obediently sign the contract!”The young man narrowed his eyes and threatened.

Xu Wanwan looked at him coldly. Then, she picked up the coffee on the table, stood up, and walked towards the reporter who was secretly taking photos. She raised her hand and poured a whole cup of coffee on his camera.

“What are you doing? !”The camera in front of her blurred, and a strong smell of coffee spread throughout the room.

The reporter cried out and pointed at Xu Wanwan angrily, “Do you know how much I spent on this camera? You have to compensate me!”

It was unknown whether it was because she had been by Li Jingran’s side for a long time, or because Xu Wanwan had experienced a lot, but she was now calmer in the face of such a situation.

She crossed her arms and looked at them indifferently. “You even wasted a cup of coffee for me. Did I ask you to compensate me?”

“You! You’re really going too far!”The reporter was so angry that he was going crazy. He wiped his camera again and again, and his heart ached terribly. “See if I’ll expose your dirt when I go back. Just you wait, I’ll never let you go.”

“Sure, I’ll wait.”

Xu Wanwan laughed, not threatened at all. “When you expose my dirt, I’ll have a reason to sue you. That’s exactly what I want.”

The reporter was so angry that his face turned red. He picked up the camera and turned around to glare at the people from the Zhou Corporation. “This is all your fault. Now that my camera is broken, who’s going to compensate me? !”

The young man’s expression changed. He did not expect the weak and weak girl to have such a bad temper.

“Help us finish this first. After it’s done, I will naturally compensate you with a camera.”

“This camera was ordered overseas by me through my connections. Do you know what I ordered? ! What are you going to compensate me with?”The reporter was so angry that he beat his chest and stomped his feet. “I won’t help you with this. I’ll settle the score with you later!”

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