The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 252 - Please Don’t call the police  

Chapter 252: Chapter 252: Please Don’t call the police

Xu Wanwan curled her lips slightly and couldn’t be bothered with her.

She was more stingy than she had imagined.

After the meal, Xu Yue and Zhao Zixuan didn’t look too good.

Xu Wanwan didn’t starve herself. It was a waste not to eat. She put down her chopsticks calmly and took out a napkin to elegantly wipe the corner of her lips.

“Are you full?”Xu Yue’s attitude was no longer the same as before. She was gradually losing her patience. “If you’re full, hurry up and sign. Stop stalling!”

Xu Wanwan smiled coldly. “I’m not signing.”

“What did you say?”

“I said I’m not signing.”

Her tone was cold and her attitude was firm. There was no room for compromise or negotiation in her eyes.

Xu Yue was so angry that she almost slammed the table. Her fists were tightly clenched under the table.

Damn it!

Was he playing with her like a monkey?

“Xu Wanwan, you’ve eaten, drunk, and drunk. What do you want? Aren’t you going too far!”Without waiting for Xu Yue to speak, zhao Zixuan took the initiative to scold her, “Yue Yue is doing this for your own good. She’s doing this for the good of the entire Xu family. Can’t you understand her?”

“Why should I understand her?”Xu wanwan retorted indifferently, “When this contract was first placed in front of me, I rejected it. Don’t tell me that I have to sign it just because Xu Yue sent it over?”

“Also, I remember that Xu Yue is just a small designer from Zi Long Company. She’s nobody. What right does she have to arrange a job for me?”

“If it wasn’t for the people from Zi Long Company recognizing my ability, this employment contract wouldn’t have appeared in front of me. You guys are so great, yet you still put the credit on yourself. Don’t you think it’s hypocritical?”

Xu Yue almost spat out a mouthful of blood. She had never thought that Xu Wanwan would become so sharp-tongued. She had actually guessed these things in an instant.

She was extremely unconvinced!

She could not win against Xu Wanwan, so she looked at Zhao Zixuan for help. Tears were still glistening in her eyes. “Zixuan, why don’t you talk about sister? Her appearance is really hurting my heart.”

“You also know how difficult it was for me to get to where I am today. It’s fine if sister doesn’t care about the matters of the Xu family, but now she actually doesn’t care about her own future. “I don’t want to care either, but my parents will definitely be sad if they know how depraved my sister is. How can I see my parents sad?”

She was just like a pitiful little girl who had been wronged. With just a few words, she had made Xu Wanwan sound like she was nothing.

However, Zhao Zixuan just had to fall for it. When he heard this, he felt like he was bursting with protection and instantly awakened the masculinity in him.

He slammed the table fiercely. “Xu Wanwan! I’m telling you, you have to sign this contract today even if you don’t want to!”

It seemed like he was imposing, but in fact, he was empty inside. He was completely trying to maintain his face.

Xu Wanwan naturally understood his temperament, so when she was threatened by him, she didn’t even blink her eyes.

Her heart didn’t waver at all. She even felt like laughing.

Why did this man become more and more silly after living a new life?

“Alright, I’d like to see what you can do to me if I don’t sign it.”The corners of her lips curled up into a smile, and her voice was slightly raised, inexplicably carrying a sense of provocation. ”…”

Zhao Zixuan rolled his eyes in anger. He did not expect that a woman who was so weak and useless in the past would become a different person now.

Who gave her the confidence to speak?

“Xu Wanwan, I’m warning you for the last time. You have to sign the contract. Don’t force me to hit you!”

“What? You want to hit a woman?”

Xu Wanwan frowned as she looked at the person in front of her. She could not help but feel disgusted.

Zhao Zixuan was angered by her indifferent attitude. Without saying anything, he went forward and grabbed Xu Wanwan’s arm, trying to force her to sign the contract.

Xu Wanwan’s stomach churned. She immediately picked up the cup in her hand and splashed the hot water in the cup onto Zhao Zixuan’s face.

“Ah!”A scream that sounded like a pig being slaughtered echoed in every corner of the restaurant.

Zhao Zixuan covered his face with his hands tightly, his face was so hot that he was grimacing in pain.

Xu Yue did not care about taking care of the man’s situation and went forward to grab Xu Wanwan. “Sister, how could you –”

Without waiting for her hand to reach out, Xu Wanwan took a step back and pushed her away forcefully.

Xu Yue rolled her eyes and fell to the ground. She looked at the crowd that was gradually gathering around her and sat down on the ground without getting up.

She raised her voice and cried pitifully, “Sister, what are you doing? We’re all being kind. It’s fine if you don’t appreciate our kindness, but how could you treat us like this?”

“Zixuan is your brother-in-law. How can you seduce him? If you can’t seduce him, you’ll even hurt him. Where do you want me to put my face?”

Xu Wanwan had long been indifferent to her little tricks.

She leaned over and looked down at Xu Yue who was lying on the ground and refused to get up. She said coldly, “If you still had any face, you wouldn’t be lying here right now.”

“You!”Xu Yue’s face twisted deeply at this moment. She looked at Xu Wanwan with great anger and viciousness.

“Xu Wanwan, you deserve to die!”She gnashed her teeth and said, “I want to throw your face in as well!”

When she was about to put on a bitter act, Xu Wanwan smiled and calmly took out a document from her bag behind her and threw it at Xu Yue.

“You went to great lengths to plant a bug on me. You probably didn’t expect me to find out, did you?”

Xu Yue was completely frozen. Her hands couldn’t help but tremble as she picked up the document in front of her with trembling hands.

There were her fingerprint matches as well as the lawyer’s testimony. All of this evidence was here.

Seeing the fear in Xu Yue’s eyes, Xu Wanwan said calmly, “Illegally eavesdropping on others will lead to imprisonment. Do you know that?”

“What do you want to Do?”Xu Yue’s voice could not help but tremble.

Xu Wanwan lifted her chin lightly, her eyes filled with a trace of regret. “At least three years to start. You say that you’re so greedy for power. Three years later, when you walk out of prison, Will Zhao Zixuan still marry you?”

The hatred in Xu Yue’s eyes turned into deep fear at this moment.

Her body trembled non-stop, and her lips quivered. “You… You Can’t call the Police!”

Seeing that her emotions were breaking down bit by bit, Xu Wanwan’s expression became more and more indifferent.

“I beg you, please don’t call the Police!”Xu Yue could no longer hold it in. Her usual arrogance had completely collapsed at this moment. She suddenly reached out and grabbed Xu Wanwan’s pant leg, “I beg you, Sister. I’ll give you as much money as you want.”

“You can’t call the police. If you call the police, no one will take care of your parents? Do you have the heart to see them all alone?”

Xu Wanwan smiled mockingly. “They didn’t care about me. Why should I care if they have someone to take care of them?”

Xu Yue quickly stood up and knelt on the ground. Her eyes were filled with deep fear.

“Don’t call the police, don’t… I’m begging you… I’m begging you.”

Zhao Zixuan covered his face and frowned as he watched this scene. He walked to the side and picked up the documents on the ground.

His face suddenly darkened as he looked at Xu Yue and Xu Wanwan with a complicated expression.

“Your own sister wants to send her sister to prison. Xu Wanwan, you’re really capable!”

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