The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 251 - had a score to settle  

Chapter 251: Chapter 251 had a score to settle

Her tone carried a hint of charity and showing off.

Not only did she want to make Xu Wanwan jealous, she also wanted Zhao Zixuan to participate and humiliate this country bumpkin.

Lin Jiannan said worriedly, “Wanwan, why do you have to listen to her? What’s there to talk about with that kind of person?”

“Don’t worry, I happen to have a score to settle with her,”Xu Wanwan said faintly and gave Lin Jiannan a relieved look.

“But –”

Lin Jiannan was still very worried. Just as she was about to say something, Xu Wanwan said directly, “If Li Jingran comes to pick me up at school later, please tell him for me.”

“Okay then.”Lin Jiannan pursed her lips. “Then you must be careful.”

She always felt that Xu Yue seemed to have bad intentions and was worried that Xu Wanwan would suffer because of it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go over first.”

After Xu Wanwan left, Lin Jiannan withdrew her gaze worriedly and stood at the school gate waiting.

When Big CEO Li arrived, she had to tell him about this matter so that he could quickly find Wanwan.

She did not want to let Xu Yue bully her.

Just as she was thinking, a top-notch coupe suddenly drove across the road. The car stopped, leaving behind a noisy sound.

Lin Jingran narrowed her eyes. When she saw the man coming down from the other side of the road, she hurriedly ran over.

“Li… Big CEO Li, Wanwan went to purple dragon hall with Xu Yue and the others. Hurry up and look for her!”

Li Jingran frowned and looked at the familiar person in front of him. He asked in a deep voice, “Is she alone?”

“Yes!”Lin Jingran did not even manage to catch her breath. She quickly said, “It’s strange. Wanwan usually doesn’t bother with those boring people, but she said that she wanted to settle the score with Xu Yue today.”

“I still can’t relax. There are so many of them. What if they want to bully Wanwan?”

Li Jingran sized up Lin Jiannan. Seeing that the worry in her eyes didn’t seem to be fake, he said, “I’ll be there right away.”

Seeing the sedan running away, Lin Jiannan’s heart slightly relaxed.

If Big CEO Li went over to support Xu Wanwan, she wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Inside the Purple Dragon Hall, the inner hall was shrouded in smoke. The decorations were classic and elegant. The waiters were dressed in retro long robes and the menu was carved on bamboo.

Everything here exuded an expensive and expensive aura.

Xu Wanwan sat opposite Xu Yue and Zhao Zixuan in a dignified manner. She placed her hands on her legs and looked at the two people in front of her without batting an eyelid.

Xu Yue received her gaze and felt that she was feeling inferior. The corners of her lips curled up into a mocking smile. “Sister, you should rarely have the opportunity to come to a restaurant like this, right?”

“Do you even need to say that? This is a restaurant with a per capita of over 10,000 people. Who would dare to eat such an expensive meal?”Zhao Zixuan poured himself a glass of water, he echoed, “However, Xu Wanwan can be considered to have basked in our glory today. She can witness such a grand occasion.”

Xu Yue rebuked, “Zixuan, don’t talk about sister like that. She didn’t have the chance to see this since she came from the countryside. Now that we’re living well and have the ability, we naturally have to help sister.”

Xu Wanwan was not in the mood to listen to the husband and wife. She said coldly, “Tell me, what are you looking for today?”

“Sister, didn’t I say it just now? I’m living well now, so I want to help you.”Xu Yue revealed a hypocritical smile, “You see, we are both master Nanshan’s disciples. I’m doing very well in Zi Long Company now. How can I bear to see you stay in a small place like an Qing company?”

“Moreover, you are my sister, so I specially pleaded with CEO fu. CEO Fu only agreed to let you work in Zi Long Company because of me.”

Xu Wanwan chuckled.

However, her laughter was full of mockery. “You’re not such a kind person.”

Being directly exposed, Xu Yue’s face was a little embarrassed. “What do you mean? I helped you out of kindness. If you stay in a broken company that’s about to go bankrupt, what future will you have?”

“It’s not easy for you either. You worked hard to get into a university from the countryside and finally got into a famous university. Don’t you want to find a job with a high salary?”

Xu Wanwan listened as if nothing had happened. She drank a mouthful of water and said nonchalantly, “What does my matter have to do with you?”

“How is it not related? No matter what, we’re all members of the Xu family. My parents don’t want to see you live a mediocre life,”Xu Yue said, she took out an employment contract from her bag. “I brought the contract with me today. Hurry up and sign your name. Such a rare opportunity doesn’t come by every once in a while.”

Xu Wanwan casually glanced at the contract in front of her. “No Rush.”

Xu Yue didn’t care if she was in a rush or not. She couldn’t wait for her to sign this contract right now so that she could finish her work and go back!

Xu Wanwan quietly observed Xu Yue’s expression. Naturally, she could see the anxiety in her eyes.

If it wasn’t for someone’s instructions, how could Xu Yue be so kind as to help her find a job?

Since she was in a hurry, she might as well play with her again.

“Then what are you waiting for?”Xu Yue directly handed the pen over. “Can’t You Sign It First?”

Xu Wanwan curved her lower lip slightly and smiled mysteriously. She pushed the contract aside. “I’m hungry. Let’s order.”

Xu Yue was stunned. “What?”

“Didn’t you say you were going to treat me to a meal?”Xu Wanwan picked up the menu next to her and flipped through it. She looked up at Xu Yue. “Doesn’t that count?”?

“Just order whatever you want to eat.”Xu Yue looked disgusted. “We often eat here, so naturally, we’re not that greedy.”

As expected of a country bumpkin. Her mind was filled with eating, drinking, and having fun. It was useless.

Zhao Zixuan quickly held Xu Yue’s hand and said, “Don’t be angry, Yue Yue. If she wants to eat, let her eat first. After all, such an opportunity is too rare for her.”

Xu Wanwan ignored their sarcastic remarks. She looked at the menu and ordered a few of the most expensive dishes. Then, she beckoned the waiter over and said, “Bring Me a bottle of the best wine here.”

The waiter was slightly stunned. He looked Xu Wanwan up and down and asked cautiously, “Madam, the best wine in our restaurant is worth millions. Are you sure?”


“Wait!”Zhao Zixuan was anxious and quickly stopped her, “You’re a girl, don’t drink wine. Just get a bottle of juice.”

Xu Wanwan looked at him, “What? Young Master Zhao can’t even bear to give up a bottle of wine?”

“Aren’t you guys rich now? It’s just a bottle of wine. If I don’t drink it, can’t I see the World?”

Zhao Zixuan usually couldn’t bear to drink such an expensive bottle of wine. How could he bear to bleed for Xu Wanwan.

Xu Yue was even more dissatisfied.

That Little B * Tch really knew how to make demands.

She looked impatient and waved the waiter away. “Sister, don’t go too far. Zixuan’s money doesn’t come from the wind. It’s already good enough that we’re willing to treat you to a meal here.”

“If you want to see the world, when you come to our company, I’ll naturally bring you to see it.”

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