The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Prince Jing’s Poison Plan

The sun set behind the east mountains, red clouds filled the sky, and the golden bits reflecting from the surface of clear water faded.

Along the river bank, green grass was lush, forming bushes that were good looking. A bit of red complemented the grass like dotting eyes to a dragon, bringing the surrounding greenery to life.

However, the red was from a flower, but a red wedding robe. Its owner lay in the bushes, lanky and tall body revealed that he is a man. But his black silk hair messily covered his face, blocking most of it, not letting anyone see his looks clearly.

Suddenly, his eyelashes fluttered and he slowly opened his eyes. Looking at the unfamiliar surroundings, his eyes had a brief moment of mist then bit by bit become sharp. He suddenly sat up, his black hair fell over his back revealing his handsome face – it is Prince Jing Ye Yichen!

The surroundings were quiet, with not a single soul. The wed red wedding robes clung to his skin making it very uncomfortable. Ye Yichen flicked his fingers and a faint mist surrounded his body before immediately disappearing. The red wedding robes were then fresh and cool, and not the least bit uncomfortable anymore.

Ye Yichen slowly stood up. Deep internal strength quickly circulated through his tendons, unblocked. He silently breathe a sigh of relief – He doesn’t know how to swim and upon falling into the rapids, he had hit his head on a rock and lost consciousness. After being carried for thousands of meters, he only has artificial wounds, how very lucky!

Recalling the culprit that caused him to fall into the valley and suffer and almost lose his life, a darkness crept up over Ye Yichen’s eyes – Ouyang Shaochen!

“Your Highness!” A surprised call rang. Ye Yichen looked up only to see Xu Tianyou hurriedly running over. He carefully examined him, eyes flashing obviously joy, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” Ye Yichen shook his head and glanced that the ten guards that followed behind, before calmly saying, “Murong Xue has been taken care of?”

Xu Tianyou paused, the smile on his face frozen.

Ye Yichen’s sharp eyes narrowed, and coldly looked at him, “What? You didn’t force her into the pink sedan chair and carry her back to the Mansion?”

Xu Tianyou’s eyes flashed uncomfortably, “Your Highness had fallen into the valley and your survival unknown. I was worried about your Highness so…”

“So you brought all the guards to look for me and allowed Murong Xue to openly return to the Marquis’ Mansion.” Ye Yichen continued his sentence, eyes flashed with slight anger. Tianyou had followed him for many year and had always done things to his liking. How is it that he is so careless this time and actually shelved such an important thing?

“Please do not be angry, your Highness. I will immediately lead people to the Marquis’ Mansion and will definitely let Murong Xue sit in the pink sedan chair and carry into the side door of your Mansion within the next 4 hours.”

Prince Jing has always been an invincible God of War in Xu Tianyou’s heart. No one can surpass him in his world, and no one can harm him. Upon suddenly hearing that Prince Jing had fallen into the valley, he became flustered and that’s why he only bothered about looking for Prince Jing and neglected the real reason why they were here.

Luckily, the protocols for marrying a concubine is very simple and need not bother too much about auspicious hours. As long as Murong Xue is carried into the Prince’s Mansion using the pink sedan chair by midnight today, Prince Jing’s banquet will be considered completed.

Ye Yichen hummed in agreement, and earnestly said, “No matter what you do, you must always remember your final purpose. Even if other things happen, when dealing with those issues, you must also put some of your energy into what you had originally set out to do. Remember that you cannot be distracted and forget about your original goal.

“Yes sir!” Xu Tianyou solemnly nodded. He was just about to hurry back to the Capital when a surprised male voice was heard, “Prince Jing!”

Xu Tianyou followed the sound of the voice only to see a middle-age man in official robes riding a black handsome horse, speeding towards them. Behind him were a hundred guards in military uniform with swords and as they passed through, they kicked up clouds of dust.

That’s… The commander-in-chief of the five-city’s military division. What was he doing here?

In the period that they were confused, the middle-aged man had already come close. He crisply dismounted and saluted towards Ye Yichen, “Your subordinate Yang Tai, greets Prince Jing!

“Dispense with the formalities!” Ye Yichen looked at Yang Tai, his voice calm, “Official Yang has always been stationed in the Capital, why have you suddenly brought guards here?”

Yang Tai stood up and respectfully said, “In reply to your Highness, I had received a call for help from Shuntian Magistrate Court’s Official Lin to bring men to conduct a search and rescue for your Highness.”

Ye Yichen’s eyes flashed and a bad feeling rose internally, “What happened?”

“About noon, Miss Murong of the Marquis Mansion, escorted by the guards of the Marquis Household, returned to the Capital and headed straight for Shuntain Magistrate Court, saying…”

Yang Tai secretly looked at Ye Yichen only to see him pale. He should be lightly injured. The red wedding robe had large tears and the sleeve was even missing a piece. The corner of lips twitched – Although Murong Xue had repeatedly emphasized that the Marquis’ guards had been injured unintentionally, but 20 guards bruised altogether, even an idiot wouldn’t believe her story. Now looking at Prince Jing’s injuries, it is easy to piece together that both sides had clashed and fought. It is not difficult to guess regarding the reason for the fight.

As outsiders, they cannot meddle in Prince Jing’s and the Marquis’ Household’s private matters, and daren’t meddle. As long as he did his job, that’s enough. “Miss Murong said that your Highness had accidentally fell into the valley and asked the Shuntain court sent people to rescue. They did not have enough people so Official Lin had asked for my help…”

The five-city military division was in charge of maintaining order in the Capital, fire safety, and had the most manpower. It was entirely appropriate to ask for their help.

Ye Yichen’s face become scarily black and a dense haze flashed beneath his eyes. Everyone in the Capital knew that he had brought guards to the Murong ancestral cemetery. Even if one used toes to think, they know that the Marquis guards’ injuries were due to Prince Jing’s guards.

Murong Xue flaunted their serious injuries publicity. Even if she didn’t tell him the truth and what had happened, all the Capital’s courtiers would know, and commoners will definitely also guess, that he had used his status to force Murong Xue to become his concubine but had failed, and even caused himself to fall into the valley.

The veteran Prince Jing, awe of Prince Jing’s Household, have all become a laughing matter of people.

Murong Xue, you’re good, very good!

Surrounding Ye Yichen immediately rose an aura of death, and his eyes flashed with harsh coldness, leading Xu Tianyou to believe that if Murong Xue were here, Ye Yichen would tear her to piece without any hesitation. “Your Highness need not worry. The reputation of Prince Jing is widespread and the officials nor people in the Capital will dare randomly discuss!”

They only dare not discuss openly, but privately they are definitely laughing at him, and ridiculing the entire Prince Jing Household!

Ye Yichen’s eyes flashed with sharp coldness and he clenched his hands tightly under his sleeves. Just a sickly person on her deathbed and she dared destroy the reputation that he had built over many years. How audacious! Since she had given him such a big present, he naturally has to gift her one, and let her have a taste of what’s it like to feel like death is better than living!

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