The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – A Joke

Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes darken and grabbed her wrist, “You do not have any internal strength and therefore cannot beat me.”

The fair wrist was warm and soft. Beneath the layers of clothing, he could still feel her delicate skin, soft and firm. Suddenly, he felt reluctant to let go.

Ouyang Shaochen is strong and powerful at martial arts, and his internal strength is deep. On the other hand, she is often sickly with a weak constitution, of course she is not able to beat him. When she attacked him, it wasn’t to win him, it was to escape.

Murong Xue’s mouth twisted into a strange smile. Her slim arm suddenly bent into an impossible angle and she cleverly broke free from Ouyang Shaochen’s hold and kicked the gravel on the ground towards him.

She then turned around and, without looking back, hurriedly ran forward – Ouyang Shaochen’s too good at martial arts, based on her currently abilities she is not able to go against him, but she can hide!

Ouyang Shaochen twisted his body to avoid the gravel and watched her run into the bushes and she gradually furthering slim silhouette. He didn’t chase her but just stood there, arms behind his back, his silver embroidered snow white robes softly fluttering in the wind, emphasizing his elegance and nobility, and masterful talent.

She knew that her martial arts level was not as good as him. If she dragged on, it might be detrimental for her, so she had diverted his attention and made a surprise move to escape. What a smart move, what quick reflexes!

A faint smile appeared in Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes. Amongst the gravel suddenly flashed a light. He stared and leisurely walked up to pick it up – it was a clear white jade hair pin. The pin had rose carvings on the pin was elegant and delicate, and vivid, and it seemingly still carried the unique and faint lotus fragrances she emits.

Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes flashed and his mouth curled into a barely noticeable smile – Murong Xue, we will meet again soon!

After Murong Xue left the cliff, she sprinted on till her body almost gave out and beads of sweat dotted her brow, before she stopped and looked back. It was deserted and the surroundings were quiet. Other than her, there was not a single soul. She breathe a sigh of relief – Ouyang Shaochen didn’t chase her. What a blessing in disguise!

Her whole body relaxed and she felt a pain coming from her left wrist. She lifted her sleeve to take a look and saw five clear blue-black fingerprints where Ouyang Shaochen had grabbed her. Her small beautiful face immediately darkened and she gritted her teeth – Ouyang Shaochen!

“Sister!” A surprised call rang. Murong Xue put down her sleeve and looked towards the call, only to see Murong Ye hurriedly running over. He examined her head to toe; his jade-black eyes filled with worry, “How are you?”

“I’m fine!” Murong Xue said smiling.

But Murong Xue frowned. His sister had insisted not to be concubine and went against Ye Yichen’s wishes. After he had caught up with her, he would have definitely fiercely teach her a lesson. How could his sister be fine…

“Ye Yichen… er… Where’s Ye Yichen?” Murong Ye asked after looking back and forth, left and right a few time but didn’t spot Ye Yichen.

Although his sister had first run out tens of meters, but she doesn’t know martial arts so Ye Yichen would have definitely caught up to her. How is that he’s not with her?

“He fell into the valley!” Murong Xue casually said.

“Ah!” Murong Ye widened his eyes in surprise. Ye Yichen is such an expert at martial arts, how could he have fallen into the valley?

“You had pushed the Prince into the valley!” Following the cold interrogation, a man in green robes strode over. His eyes flashed with ice-cold sharpness, as though he really wanted to execute her by a thousand cuts.

Ten Prince Jing guards stood behind him and split into two units and into a line. They emitted a deathly aura from within their bones, making people afraid in awe.

Murong Xue casually glanced that the man. In the original person’s memory, during the few meetings she had with Ye Yichen, his person was always at Ye Yichen’s side. “You are called Xu Tianyou right? Young Master Xu, open your eyes wide and see carefully. I am only a helpful weak lady. Do you think I can push you famous Prince of War into the valley?”

Xu Tianyou’s sharp eyes narrowed and carefully examined Muong Xue, only to see her slim as though the wind can fall her to the ground. A pair of jade-like hands did not have any sign of practicing martial arts. Her small beautiful face was place; it is the color of those who are often sick and bed-ridden.

“He wasn’t careful and slipped and fell into the valley!” Murong Xue’s cold voice was with undisguised glee – although Ouyang Shaochen had used the chess pieces to attack Ye Yichen, but the real reason why Ye Yichen fell into the valley was because he was not careful while avoiding the chess pieces. She was technically not lying.

“That’s not possible!” Xu Tianyou snapped in denial, he stared at her in fury with fire almost spitting out. “The Prince is powerful in martial arts, how could he have slipped…”

Murong Xue tutted with disdain, “Your Prince is only called the God of War by people. He not a real god. After removing the shining battle armor, he is but a normal human with flesh and blood. If other people can slip and fall into the valley, why can’t he?”

Xu Tianyou choked. After removing his martial arts, talent, status, Prince Jing is no different from a normal person, “But…”

Murong Xue waved her hand to cut him off. She calmly looked at him, “Rather than wasting time arguing with me about the real reason of why Ye Yichen fell off the cliff, why don’t you take your men and search the valley. If you are lucky, you might find Ye Yichen’s body, if not… sigh…”

Xu Tianyou turned black till it could almost drip ink, and coldly looked at her, “You just wish so much for Prince Jing’s death?”

“Ye Yichen’s life or death does not concern me. I’m just saying that since the cliff is so tall and the water is so fast, Ye Yichen’s survival is quite unlikely. Just giving up a heads-up so that you can prepare yourself for it. And when you find the body, you wouldn’t be flustered and crying.” Murong Xue casually said.

Sounds like caring words but in Xu Tianyou’s ears, it was like cursing Ye Yichen to death. He face was scarily dark and he fiercely glared at Murong Xue, saying word by word, “No need for Miss Murong to be concerned. His Highness will definitely make it through!”

Murong Xue was doubtful, “Life and death, wealth are all in the hands of god. You and I are not Hades. Who is to say for sure about Ye Yichen’s life or death!”

“You!” Xu Tianyou choked in anger. He could see that Murong Xue is happily hoping that Prince Jing dies in the valley. Every sentence she says curses Prince Jing. If she continues, he will be angered to death!

“I’ll take my leave!” Xu Tianyou tossed his sleeves and walked towards the cliff without looking back. Prince Jing’s guards followed closely behind.

“I won’t see you off!” Murong Xue casually replied.

After seeing them leave far, Murong Ye looked towards Murong Xue, his jade-black eyes filled with a rare solemnity, “Sister, Ye Yichen was really not pushed off into the valley by you?”

“Of course not!” Murong Xue vehemently denied. If she had done it, she will admit to it; if she didn’t do it, she will naturally not take responsibility.

Murong Ye released his anxiousness in relief but his eyebrows knotted more tightly, “If Ye Yichen dies…”

“If he dies then he’s dead, what is there to worry about?” Murong Xue didn’t think much of it. If Ye Yichen didn’t chase her to the cliff and didn’t viciously force her using his martial arts prowess and deep internal strength, he wouldn’t have offended Ouyang Shaochen and fall off the cliff. Even if he’s really dead, he deserved it.

Murong Xue sighed heavily, “You and Ye Yichen have a marriage arrangement. If Ye Yichen dies, people will say that you cursed your husband.”

Murong Xue raises her eyebrows, “I have already raised it to Ye Yichen to annual the engagement. His first wife is now the Princess of Mobei, Qin Yuyan. Even if Ye Yichen dies, it should be Qin Yuyan that cursed him.”

Murong Ye shook his head, his eyes filled with helplessness, “Ye Yichen’s and your marriage agreement has not been annulled. Qin Yuyuan and his marriage has also not been announced. If Ye Yichen dies, the one that cursed him would be you!”

“Ye Yichen has already fallen into the valley. We cannot do anything about his life or death. Don’t think so much into it. It’s getting late. Let’s return home!” Murong Xue said smiling. Darkness flashed in her eyes – she doesn’t care about whether she had cursed him; the most important thing now is she has to openly go back to the Capital. Whether Ye Yichen is alive or dead, she will send him a unexpected ‘present’!

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