The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 762 - 762 Extra. Ning Chen (17)

762 Extra. Ning Chen (17)

The next day.

Early in the morning.

Ning Yiyuan woke up.

His haggard face and the huge dark circles under his eyes all indicated that he had trouble falling asleep last night and tossed and turned in bed.

Wasn’t that so?

He was already used to being warm and soft, but he had to hug his pillow all by himself last night, feeling empty and cold. It would be a wonder if Ning Yiyuan could fall asleep!

At this moment, the first rays of the morning sun had just risen, and the faint sunlight shone into the room, bringing out an indescribable silence.

Ning Yiyuan pushed open the door and went downstairs. He immediately saw Ning Chen sitting on the sofa.

This person was still wearing the clothes from yesterday. He was sitting upright with his back straight. Just from the background, he showed the style of a soldier vividly and thoroughly.

He raised his hand to look at the time on his terminal, and his brows furrowed.

Did this guy just wake up?

Or did he not sleep the entire night?

“Uncle Ning.” Years of training had made Ning Chen’s five senses sharper than ordinary people. As soon as he heard the footsteps behind him, he immediately stood up from the sofa, turned to look at the person, and respectfully greeted him.

“Yeah.” Ning Yiyuan walked down the stairs and sat down on the sofa. He glanced at Ning Chen and asked casually, “You’re up so early. did you not sleep well last night?”

Instead of directly answering the question, Ning Chen took out a contract from the terminal and handed it to Ning Yiyuan with both hands.

“What is this?”

Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows and took a quick look. The contract was as thick as a finger and the words were dense. It was not easy to complete all this. Ning Chen might have spent the entire night on it.

“This is my determination.”

Ning Yiyuan’s question was simple, and Ning Chen’s answer was also concise.

Wasn’t Uncle Ning worried about leaving Leran to him?

Then he would make a guarantee for every clause and every clause in black and white. Naturally, it could not be changed!



Taking the contract from Ning Chen, Ning Yiyuan’s heart could not help but tremble. In terms of love and determination, who could compare to him, her biological father?

Ning Yiyuan opened the contract with his long and slender palm.

1. From today onwards, all the assets and honor under my name will be transferred to Ning Leran unconditionally.

2. I promise that I will never let Ning Leran be sad in my life. If something like that happens, I will let Ning Yiyuan and the others deal with it without any complaints.

3. I will take the initiative to inform Ning Leran of my whereabouts. I will not lie, I will not hide. I will respect and love her.


As he flipped through the pages, there were hundreds of clauses in the contract, from life to work, from the body to the heart, all of which were to protect Leran’s rights and interests.

To put it bluntly, how was this a contract that upheld the principle of fairness and transparency?

It was clearly a one-sided exploitation clause! And this degree of harshness was even more than that of the slave contract in ancient times!

However, not only did Ning Chen write it down word by word, but he also took the contract to the Law Office for notarization.

In other words, the contract in Ning Yiyuan’s hands was already legally binding. If Ning Chen really angered Leran, this contract alone would be enough to destroy Ning Chen’s reputation and make him lose everything!

No wonder Ning Chen dared to boast that this was his determination.

This decisiveness and courage was not something that ordinary people could compare to!

Holding the heavy contract in his hands, even Ning Yiyuan’s face gradually warmed up from its initial coldness.

“Uncle Ning, I swear in the name of a soldier that nothing will change after Leran gets together with me. She’ll only have one more person who loves and protects her.”

It was better to strike while the iron was hot. After the attack of the contract, Ning Chen quickly added a wave of words from his heart. His tone was sincere, and he looked very cautious.

He had to admit that once a taciturn person opened his mouth, his power would rise rapidly!

At least, Ning Yiyuan’s iron-like attitude started to waver. His deep eyes also started to tremble.

After a long while, as Ning Chen held his breath and waited, Ning Yiyuan finally opened his thin lips.


In an instant, Ning Chen’s pupils suddenly enlarged, and his heart was beating like a drum!

Did Uncle Ning mean that he had agreed?

Joy bloomed in her heart like a flower. Simple words could not express Ning Chen’s joy and excitement at this moment!

After all, for so many years, the degree of Uncle Ning’s love for Leran was obvious to all. If there was a ‘Favorite Daughter Ranking’ in the Galaxy, Uncle Ning would definitely be the first!

Under such circumstances, Ning Chen had long been prepared to fight a ‘long-drawn battle’, but he did not expect Uncle Ning to relent at this moment!

For a moment, Ning Chen suddenly felt a sense of surprise and joy, as if he had been hit by a big prize from the sky. In the midst of the red and red, he was also a little dazed!

“Alright… Since you’re like this, I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself.” After a few minutes, Ning Yiyuan’s remaining half of the sentence slowly came out.

As a result, Ning Chen’s initially surprised expression instantly froze.

What’s going on…?

Uncle Ning, can you finish your sentence in one go? Don’t take a deep breath in the middle!

In a short period of time, Ning Chen experienced ecstasy, shock, and sorrow. He could not help but say with tears in his eyes, “Uncle Ning, you’re really good at this!”

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