The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 761 - 761 Extra. Ning Chen (16)

761 Extra. Ning Chen (16)

Ning Chen and Leran looked at each other.

The moment they thought about how Mo Chu had seen all of their underground love songs, the two of them could not help but cover their faces with their hands.


This was too embarrassing!

The awkward atmosphere only lasted for a few seconds.

Ning Chen seemed to have realized something in an instant as he jerked his head up. The shyness on her face was slightly restrained as her azure blue eyes looked straight at Mo Chu, his eyes filled with the light of hope.

Could it be that Aunt Mo Chu was in agreement with their relationship?

Otherwise, she would have jumped out to break up the couple like Uncle Ning. Why would she pretend that she didn’t see it and acquiesce to their love?

The more he thought about it, the more this made sense, and Ning Chen’s eyes shone even brighter.

To put it bluntly, although Ning Yiyuan was famous all over the world and was a man of iron, his status was really nothing in this family. Even Roundy could occasionally suppress him.

On the contrary, unlike Ning Yiyuan’s miserable status, Mo Chu was the treasured position of the Ning Family’s head!

If he and Leran were to go through this with Mo Chu, there would not be any big problems!

Thinking of this, Ning Chen’s hands, which were placed on both sides of her thighs, could not help but tremble. It was the first time he had felt so nervous.

How could Ning Yiyuan not know what Ning Chen could think of?

When he saw Mo Chu’s attitude earlier, his heart could not help but thump.

When he saw little Chu’s gentle smile, Ning Yiyuan suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Aiyo! His precious daughter’s fate was not good!

When she was still fair and tender, she had already been targeted by Ning Chen, this hungry wolf. Now was the critical moment of her life, and she had to meet Little Chu, this ignorant biological mother!

Ning Yiyuan’s brows were furrowed!

“Aunt Mo Chu, are you… Do you agree with me dating Leran?” He took a deep breath and mustered up the courage to ask, but before she could finish, Ning Yiyuan interrupted her.

“Ask? Why are you asking? Didn’t you see that your Auntie Mo Chu has just returned? Can’t you let her rest?” Ning Yiyuan said unhappily, directly putting the big hat of ‘insensible and impolite’ on Ning Chen’s head.

Before Ning Chen could react, Ning Yiyuan swiftly pulled Mo Chu back to his room.

Hence, the person who had just said that he wanted Mo Chu to rest well, immediately started bombarding Mo Chu the moment he returned to his room.

“Little Chu, you have to stand on the front line with me and keep your position!”

He definitely could not be melted by that stinky brat Ning Chen’s sugar-coated bullets!

“Also, how do you think we should deal with this ungrateful Ning Chen?”

Deep-fried or raw?

“That’s right, that’s right, in the future, we must make him keep a distance from our daughter! 10 meters, no, 20 meters is safer!”

Ning Yiyuan rambled on, pacing back and forth in the room with a worried expression.

Just like this, there was no trace of his usual wise and decisive appearance. He was clearly a nanny dad who had his heart broken!

“But… I think they’re a good match.”

Mo Chu honestly expressed her opinion, but when she raised her head, he met Ning Yiyuan’s resentful eyes.

Good match?

For the first time, Ning Yiyuan suspected little Chu’s bad eyesight. How could that little brat, Ning Chen, match up to his Leran? The difference between the two of them was too great!

“Then who do you think is worthy?” After so many years of helping each other, she did not need words to understand what Ning Yiyuan meant. She could rely on her eyes.

“Of course it’s….” Ning Yiyuan replied smoothly, but his mind went blank halfway through.

when he met Mo Chu’s teasing gaze, Ning Yiyuan’s throat felt stuck and he could only shut his mouth.


Ning Yiyuan snorted arrogantly.

In his opinion, even the Emperor was not worthy of his precious daughter, let alone these ordinary people!

Mo Chu knew it would be like this.

As the saying goes, a daughter is a father’s lover in his past life. Now that a brat suddenly popped out to snatch her away, how could they hold back?

It was no wonder that Ning Yiyuan did not like Ning Chen!

But then again…

“Among the young people you know, is there anyone more outstanding than Ning Chen?”

“…” Ning Yiyuan turned his head to the side, indicating that he did not want to talk.

To be honest, even if he did not like Ning Chen, he had to admit that this guy was definitely the best among those at the same level.

Whether it was in character, conduct, ability, or talent, there were few who could match him.

But could Ning Yiyuan say that?

Wasn’t this destroying one’s own prestige and boosting the morale of others?

After hesitating for a while, Ning Yiyuan finally said, “Who said there’s no one? The boy from the Chen family of the Dark Ocean Galaxy is not bad either, and there’s also the Wang family from the Azure Galaxy…”

In any case, he would never admit that Ning Chen was the only one who stood out in Weichu City!

“Then you’re willing to let Leran marry so far away?”

Mo Chu’s casual statement made Ning Yiyuan shut his mouth completely!

How could she marry far away?

The thought of Leran leaving them and marrying to another galaxy made Ning Yiyuan want to beat that guy to death!


Mo Chu spread out his hands and looked calm. “Not only is Ning Chen outstanding, but more importantly, he and Leran are in love. What’s wrong with them dating?”


Mo Chu’s words made sense.

However, Ning Yiyuan was still stubborn and refused to give in. In the end, he could only throw out a sentence stiffly, “No matter what, I don’t agree!”

As a result, the famous ‘Loving Couple’ in the Galaxy had a rare disagreement.

In order to show his determination, Ning Yiyuan even moved his bedding and pillow out of the bedroom and into the study.


If Little Chu did not change her mind, he would never move back!

Ning Yiyuan was full of vigor when he spoke, but at night, he was also the one who could not fall asleep while hugging the cold blanket and tossing and turning.

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