The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 184 - It Was Totally a Blessing (5)  

Chapter 184: It Was Totally a Blessing (5)

“Okay.” Seeing his sister’s delicate appearance, Mo Yang finally suppressed the worry in his heart. “Go, but be careful.”

“Okay!” Mo Chu nodded heavily, then turned around and ran toward the big tree. Although the little girl looked gentle and quiet, her body was flexible! He grabbed a branch with his hand, and with a kick, her body jumped up a few times. She was as smart as a little monkey, and soon, she climbed to the side of the bird nest.

He looked to the side. The bird nest was quite big, and it was quite exquisite. There were only one or two little bugs flying around from time to time.

Mo Chu was about to raise his hand to pick up the package when she suddenly heard Song Qingsong shout from below, “Wait, don’t touch it!”

Mo Chu’s hand that had just touched the package immediately stopped. She turned his head slightly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Swallowing his saliva, Song Qingsong’s face froze. “This doesn’t seem to be the nest of an ordinary bird beast. It seems to be the nest of a Hornet Bird!”

Hornet Bird?

At first, Mo Chu hadn’t recovered from the shock when she heard that. However, after thinking about it for a while, she quickly reacted. His expression changed abruptly. This Hornet Bird of the Federation was like a bee, right? Furthermore, they were terrifying mutated bees!

Mo Chu had previously seen the information about these magical beasts. Most of them appeared in groups, and their lethality was astonishing. Furthermore, their stingers were all poisonous. Although they were not extremely poisonous, they could expel a large amount of poison!

Hundreds and thousands of Hornet Birds were attacking you, and they were enough to sting you until you became a swollen lump! When he thought of this, Mo Chu could not help but break out in a cold sweat!

Speaking of which, was it too late for her to leave now?


Looking at the little black bugs that were still flying around, Mo Chu almost held her breath.

How was this a bug? It was clearly one or two Hornet Birds that had stayed behind to guard the nest. Once they discovered that someone had attacked their nest, they would immediately send out a warning message, then, the Hornet Birds in the entire nest would surge over and chase you to the ends of the Earth. They would not stop until you were dead!

“Be careful now. Don’t touch anything related to the nest with your hands.” Song Qingsong and Mo Yang, who were below, were extremely nervous as well. They instructed Mo Chu in a low voice.

The two of them were really careless. They only saw the package in the nest and did not observe the nest carefully. However, there was not much difference between a Hornet Bird’s nest and an ordinary bird’s nest. If they did not go up and observe it carefully, they would not be able to discover it at all!

“… it’s too late.” Mo Chu’s voice was a little shaky as she looked at the scattered yellow oily substance on her arm. “I think I’ve already touched it!”

As expected, there was a faint sound that came from the previously quiet air. It was as if wings were flapping in the air. Mo Chu stood high up and had good eyesight. From afar, she saw a group of Hornet Birds flying crazily toward her!

“It’s over!” Mo Chu said with a sad face, “I see them flying toward us!”

“What!” Song Qingsong and Mo Chu turned around immediately and saw a group of Hornet Birds flying toward them.

“Little Chu, come down quickly!” Mo Yang’s face changed and he ran to the tree. He reached out his hand to Mo Chu and said anxiously, “Come down quickly, we’ll run immediately.”

Run for what? We can’t run at all!

Mo Chu was not stupid. Right now, she was the only one who had the bird’s nest in her hands. If she went down now, she would implicate more people!

Mo Chu bit her lips fiercely. She shook her head at Mo Yang and jumped down from the other side of the tree. Then, she ran in the direction of their backs at an extremely fast speed. One less person meant one less person! At worst, she would announce her withdrawal. It was better than the three of them losing together!

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