The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 183 - It Was Totally a Blessing (4)  

Chapter 183: It Was Totally a Blessing (4)

Zhang Xiaoqi is not willing to be outdone. Why? Most of the magical plants and magical beasts we encountered along the way were dealt with by me. Now you want to pull me apart? Let me tell you, that’s impossible!

As they spoke, the three women began to quarrel. They did not care about the surrounding cameras. They became angry and gradually changed from personal attacks to attacking each other’s weaknesses.

What did she mean by sleeping with the Big Boss? ! What did she mean by having laser surgery?! …the information that was revealed became more and more explosive, causing the audience outside the venue to be extremely excited!

“Woah, the Goddess that I had previously thought of was destroyed just like that… Lin Yehong, you must compensate me!”

“No, you should thank Director Lin for revealing the true face of this Goddess. Otherwise, you would still be deceived by her appearance! But your Goddess… who is she?”

The discussion on the front page became more and more intense. There was no other way. This explosive news could be compared to an annual drama!

In the end, the broadcast ended at the scene of this small group formed by these three female celebrities. Forget about this, the key was that under the situation of unequal distribution of goods, these three female celebrities almost fought each other. That fierce appearance was completely different from the usual cold and aloof goddess appearance!

Turning back to look at that lass, Mo Chu. Although she was young, her character was more than just a little generous. Three bottles of nutrient solution and four nutrient capsules were given out just like that, it was a stark contrast!

Although Almighty Song’s wound had stopped bleeding, it would still take some time for him to recover. Mo Chu and Mo Yang decided to let him stay here. As for the matter of finding food, it would be handled by the two of them.

When they saw this, many people in the comments section were upset. One of them said sourly, “Isn’t this a competition program? Is Almighty Song just going to sit back and enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor?”

Actually, what he said made sense, but he forgot the fact that Almighty Song was very popular! Then, this stupid netizen was immediately surrounded and attacked by everyone. They scolded him like a dog!


“Didn’t you see that our Almighty Song is injured? Are you still going to let him fight the magical beast again? Hmph! Heartless thing!”

“You must be jealous of Almighty Song’s handsome face. Say It, isn’t that right?”

“Mo Yang is a fan of Almighty Song. Can he watch his idol walk forward with injuries? Besides, Mo Yang and Mo Chu are doing this on their own. Can you blame our Almighty song for being too charming?”

The netizen who had been sarcastic earlier was scolded so badly that he could not raise his head. He did not even dare to reply and left dejectedly.

“It’s alright, I’ll go with you.” Song Singsong really could not accept others’ goodwill so easily. Besides, he was only injured, not with a broken leg. “Although I’m not very agile now, I’m still very experienced.”

These words were quickly verified in the following actions.

Due to Song Qingsong’s foot injury, they did not dare to go too far. They walked around the surroundings slowly. Initially, they thought that they would not gain anything, but the sharp-eyed Mo Chu soon discovered a package placed in the bird’s nest.

“There!” Mo Chu’s eyes lit up. She tugged at his sleeve. “Wait for me, I’ll go get it.”

“I’ll go!” Mo Yang frowned and pulled his sister. “That place is quite high. What if you fall?”

“It’s okay, brother. Don’t underestimate me!” Mo Chu shook her head and pouted at Mo Yang. The bird’s nest was about five meters above the tree trunk. It sounded high, but the tree was easy to climb. As long as she climbed up, she would be able to get the package soon.

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