The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 166 - Sending the Spirit Food to the Auction House (1)

Chapter 166: Sending the Spirit Food to the Auction House (1)

“Young Master, come and take a look at this!” In the brightly lit room, a middle-aged man with a slightly aged face was striding through the corridor, holding the terminal that he regarded as a treasure in his hand. His face was filled with excitement, even his voice was a little shaky.

With a cursory glance, the design of the house was simple and generous. However, there were only two figures in the huge house, which gave off a sense of loneliness and desolation for no reason.

“Young Master, look!” Wang Zhong walked to the window, his voice could not hide his excitement. “I just found on the Starnet that the most popular Spirit Food Shop recently opened a new section called ‘Medicinal Cuisine’. Maybe your illness can be cured!”

“Uncle Wang…” Lying on the recliner in front of the French window, the man turned his head slightly when he heard that. His face was slightly pale, but it did not detract from his handsome face and extraordinary temperament. His lips curled slightly, and his eyes swept toward the terminal. He said, “This shop owner said that the treatment effect can not be guaranteed. Moreover, most of the doctors have already declared my genetic collapse as an incurable disease…” Song Qingsong sighed slightly and did not say the rest of his words.

“Young Master, you… didn’t sleep all night again?” Looking at the man’s dark eyes, a tinge of pain appeared in Uncle Wang’s eyes, “It’s all my fault. If I had been able to notice your abnormality in time, perhaps things would not have turned out this way.”

“Don’t let your imagination run wild.” Song Qingsong stood up. His usually handsome figure seemed a little frail now. He smiled at Uncle Wang. “Even I didn’t notice the strange behavior back then, let alone you. Don’t overthink it!”

“Besides, you’re the only one left by my side now.” The smile on Song Qingsong’s face deepened. Coupled with his dim eyes, it made him seem even more lonely and sad.

“Young Master, don’t think too much.” Looking at the man who used to be as dazzling as a Proud Son of Heaven, but now he had become so helpless, Uncle Wang felt an indescribable sadness in his heart. Uncle Wang softly comforted him, “We can still slowly find a doctor. There’s still a long time. We’ll eventually find a way to cure you.”

Song Qingsong laughed lightly. “I hope so too…”

Unfortunately, he had visited all the Medical Centers in the Federation. He had seen all the famous and unknown doctors. He had even consumed all sorts of pills, however, the speed at which his superpower was fading did not slow down.

He had no choice but to watch helplessly.

Ding dong ding dong–

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“Uncle Wang, go and open the door.”Song Qingsong sat back on the recliner. His body was still as straight as ever, and his eyes were looking out of the window. However, his gaze was a little misty.

“Sigh,” Uncle Wang replied and turned to walk towards the door. Just as he opened the door, he frowned. “What are you guys doing here again? No one welcomes you here. Hurry up and leave!”

Hearing this, Song Qingsong, who was sitting by the window, turned his head slightly and looked toward the door. When he saw who it was, his expression did not change at all.

“Hey, isn’t this my good third brother?” Outside the door, Song Qingyuan did not care about Uncle Wang at all. He pushed him into the room and barged in with a few of his brothers under the name of visiting. In reality, he was just here to humiliate Song Qingsong. “I’ve watched your reality show before, and I didn’t miss a single scene. Tsk tsk, don’t you think I’m good to you?”

“However, why couldn’t the arrogant Song Qingsong defeat even a tier 8 magical beast now? You’ve really wasted the great resources that your family has contributed to you in the past. Even if you’re a cripple, you’ll probably be better than you are now even if you’ve nurtured so many resources!”

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