The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 165 - Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine (8)   

Chapter 165: Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine (8)


Mo Chu looked at it and could not help but feel a little disappointed. However, on second thought, this was also normal. After all, the information on his side was too mysterious. It was not unreasonable for others to not believe it.

It seemed that this activity would need some time before it could continue. Mo Chu sighed and was about to close the front page when suddenly, a ‘ding dong’ sound rang out. There was a dynamic update on the board!

Mo Chu’s eyes could not help but light up. She immediately opened it to check. This was a netizen called ‘Life Without Pain’. He did not explain much about his situation. He only posted a photo, only revealing the lower half of his face, his jaw was slightly pointed and his face was pale. With one look, one could tell that there was something wrong with his body. However, what was even more frightening was his neck. The bump on his neck that was as big as a fist was really terrifying.

“What kind of illness is this? Why does it look so scary?”

“Oh my God, just looking at it hurts! By the way, can’t we use laser surgery to remove it?”

“Aiya, I was wondering why it looked so familiar! I had a neighbor who also had this illness before. It was useless to seek medical treatment everywhere. In the end, he died from the pain!”

As soon as these words were said, the netizens immediately sighed. This illness was the most difficult to explain. Who knew if it would fall on you one day.

“Alright, can you tell me the specific situation of this illness first?” Domineering Roundy acted as if she had not seen these comments and only asked a question under the picture.

“This illness has been around for several years.” Life Without Pain was really tormented by this illness until it was unbearable. His words were filled with pain and despair.

“Actually, in the beginning, this was just a small lump. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Later on, the lump became bigger and bigger. There was no way to suppress its growth at all. In the end, my entire neck swelled to almost twice its original size!”

“I’ve been to medical centers all over the world. I’ve tried all kinds of pills, treatments, and other methods, but they were all useless.”

“I’d like to cut it off with a knife, but the lump is already connected to the blood vessels and nerves in my neck. Once it’s removed, it could be life-threatening.”

“Moreover, according to the doctor, the probability of danger is as high as 80%! I really don’t dare to take this risk, but to be honest, this illness is really too torturous. Right now, not to mention taking food, I can’t even sleep soundly. I’m practically going crazy!”

With a hint of venting, ‘Life Without Pain recounted everything from the beginning.

However, through these descriptions, Mo Chu had a rough understanding of this problem. After thinking for a moment, she replied below him, “I have to tell you the truth. I only have a 50% chance of curing this illness of yours, but no matter how bad it is, it can’t be worse than what you have now.”

Upon hearing the shop owner’s words, Life Without Pain did not care whether she was exaggerating or not. It was as if he was firmly holding onto the last rope of life. He immediately replied, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

“Alright then.” Mo Chu nodded and continued to knock on the terminal. “I need you to send me a detailed description of your physical condition and your body’s feelings after you take the Medicinal Cuisine.”

“No problem. When will the treatment begin?” Seeing the shop owner’s resolute words, Life Without Pain became more confident and asked expectantly.

“Let’s start from tomorrow.” Domineering Roundy sent a smiley face. “Send me a copy of your current physical examination report first, and then leave your detailed address. When you receive the Medicinal Cuisine, you can take it directly.”

“Okay, okay!” Life Without Pain hurriedly agreed.

The netizens watching below were dumbfounded. Could Domineering Roundy really be cured by this so-called Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine with such a terrifying illness? Everyone had a big question mark in their hearts!

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