The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 68 - Black Ice Jade

Chapter 68 Black Ice Jade

Zhou Cuicui’s words gathered everyone’s eyes on Qin Haodong’s raw gemstone, and many professionals could not help frowning.

“This gemstone is too bad. No cracks, no tinea, no Python pattern, how can it produce jade…”

“That’s right. It’s too premature for this young man to use his dog to choose a raw gemstone…”

“It seems that Feng Dashao has won. Unfortunately, the two dogs worth thirty million belong to someone else now!”

Hearing the comments of the people around him, Feng Tianda became more proud. He said sarcastically to Qin Haodong, “Is there any need to cut your ugly black stone? I think you should give up directly, so that you won’t be embarrassed after it’s cut.”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “Of course I need my stone cut. I’ll always think my dog is better than you.”

Then he said to the stone-cutter, “Let’s start, but remember to grind it slowly. Maybe there’s a treasure in this stone.”

The stone-cutter nodded. Although he did not like the stone and thought it was not necessary to grind it, he could only do it according to the requirements.

With the whimpering of saw blades and the splashing of rubbles, a greenish tinge slowly emerged.

“It’s green. My God, a stone like this could also have green…”

“But it is impossible to compare with Feng Dashao’s green bean seed…”

“No, it looks like an ice jade? The green is really beautiful…”

“Ice! It’s really an ice seed! This young man, no, the dog really has good luck…”

The onlookers all opened their mouths. They pushed to squeeze in and stared at the stone.

Feng Tianda’s face changed. He had just unraveled a piece of green pea jade on his side. However the other side unraveled an ice seed while he was Immersed in happiness.

Zhou Cuicui said sourly, “Don’t be afraid, Tianda. I’ve seen this kind of jade before. Maybe there’s nothing below except a little bit of green on the surface. So it will not be as valuable as yours.”

Feng Tianda nodded and felt a little more secure. He also felt that Qin Haodong should not have such good luck.

But as time went on, he became more and more shocked. After all the stone layers were removed, a piece of ice jade, the size of a volleyball, appeared, with better quality and a bigger size than his.

Qian Duoduo was also shocked. Although he had been in the jade industry for so many years, it was not common for the emergence of such a good quality ice jade. Besides, it was such a big one.

He took the jade in his hand, observed it slowly for a long time, and cried with excitement on his face, “Rare, really rare! I haven’t seen a jade with such good quality in a long time.”

He turned his head to Qin Haodong and said, “Young man, if you are willing, I want buy this jade for ten million yuan.”

“Well… I’ll sell it!” Qin Haodong said.

He was a little short of money recently, and he still needed a lot of money to buy medicines in the future, so he chose to sell the jade directly.

After the deal was made between the two men, the people around changed their faces. The young man was so lucky that he sold a ten million yuan stone he had just bought for five thousand yuan in the twinkling of an eye.

And what’s more, he also got the thirty million yuan check since he won the gamble against Feng Tianda.

Sure enough, Qian Duoduo officially declared that Qin Haodong had won the gamblle. After issuing a check worth ten million yuan, he gave it to Qin Haodong together with Feng Tianda’s thirty million yuan check.

“Papa, that’s great!” The little fellow shouted happily. Although she didn’t know what the check was, she knew that Papa had won and her dogs would not be given away.

Turning back, she pointed to Feng Tianda and said to Nalan Wushuang, “Second Mom, that man is really stupid! A big fool!”


Feng Tianda opened his eyes in fury, but there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t argue with such a little child.

In a flash, they lost thirty million yuan. Although the Feng family had a great fortune, it was enough to make him suffer for a while.

The notary was the president of the Jade Association, Qian Duoduo, beside whom stood the daughter of the Nalan family. He wanted to repudiate but had no courage.

“You lost so easily. What a rubbish.” Seeing Feng Tianda lose the gamble, Zhou Cuicui immediately fell out with him. “I don’t care, you must get those two dogs for me anyway, or I will ask my brother stop the supply of the raw gemstones to your Feng family.”

“Er… ”

Feng Tianda really wanted to slap this unreasonable woman, but thinking of the terrifying Jade Gang Master Zhou Tianhu, he could only restrain his impulse.

The gamble had been lost, but Zhou Cuicui was pushing him for the dogs. Feng Tianda again proposed helplessly, “I lost this round, do you dare gamble again?”

“Of course. My Papa is the best.” The little fellow was now a loyal fan of Qin Haodong. In her heart, her Papa was omnipotent. Naturally, he would not be afraid of the big fool in front of him.

Qin Haodong naturally would not refuse such a bet that he would certainly win. He kissed the kid on the cheek and then said happily, “My daughter said that there’s nothing to be afraid of If I gamble with you.”

Feng Tianda said, “Then let’s make another bet. The stake remains unchanged. I will also place another thirty million against your two dogs, but this time I’m going to ask someone to choose the raw stone for me.”

“No problem.” Qin Haodong agreed. No matter whom he invited, it was impossible to defeat him.

Feng Tianda called a bodyguard and ordered, “Go and get Mr. Sun.”

The bodyguard gave and affirmative answer and ran off. He wrote another check for thirty million yuan and handed it to Qian Duoduo.

Soon, the bodyguard came over with a middle-aged man in his fifties, who was wearing a long gown and had an extraordinary temperament. He was Sun Dingguo, the jade expert of the Feng Group.

Sun Dingguo’s experience was unusual. He had extraordinary accomplishments in jade appreciation. He was well-known in the jade and gemstone industry. He was hired by the Feng Group with a lot of money and he had really helped the Feng family to make a lot of money in recent years.

“Young master, what can I do for you?” Sun Dingguo asked.

After giving a brief account of the gambling situation, Feng Tianda said to him, “You can bet on my behalf.”

“Rest assured, as long as I’m here, we are sure to win.”

Sun Dingguo was confident enough. He also didn’t take the young man in front of him seriously. The industry of stone gambling may depend on luck once or twice; but ultimately, what it depended on vision, and he was a man with great vision.

The gambling started again; Sun Dingguo went to choose a stone in full confidence.

The onlookers all looked at Qin Haodong. Obviously, the Feng family had employed their ultimate trump card by assigning Sun Dingguo. They thought at this time the young man had to be serious.

However, Qin Haodong waved and called Ermao over, saying, “It’s your turn. Don’t let me down.”

Ermao seemed to understand him; he rushed towards the stones after barking twice.

“Ermao, come on!” The little fellow held her fist and shouted, which made the crowd laugh.

Ermao seemed to feel the encouragement of his little master. He quickly picked up a huge stone and jumped straight up, barking at Qin Haodong twice.

“That’s it.”

This stone was a little more expensive than the previous one. It was priced at 8000 yuan. Qin Haodong paid for it and asked a staff member to bring it over.

Sun Dingguo over there was much faster than Feng Tianda, and in less than ten minutes he picked a stone and brought it over.

“Who goes first?”

Qian Duoduo asked.

“Us first, I don’t believe we can’t win against this bumpkin!”

Feng Tianda shouted indignantly. He thought Qin Haodong would not have a second stroke of luck, and Sun Dingguo was an expert hired with much money; he couldn’t lose this gamble.

Two stone-cutters lifted the huge stone onto the cutting machine and began to cut it skillfully.

Soon, a green light flashed, and a rectangular jade appeared in front of everyone.

Although this jade was not too big, about the size of a red brick, the quality was still very good.

“What a beautiful jade, it should have reached the glutinous rice seed level…”

“Mr. Sun is really good. I heard that his monthly salary has reached one million yuan. It seems that he is worthy of it…”

“That young man must be finished now. Although he got an ice seed just now, good luck can’t always be on one person. There is no doubt that he will lose this time…”

Sun Dingguo was very famous in the field of jade appreciation. After his appearance, everyone thought the outcome of Qin Haodong was set.

First, Qin Haodong was too young. Second, choosing jade stones with a dog was absurd. No one could have confidence in him.

Soon it was time to cut Qinhaodong’s stone. Because of the previous experience, the stone-cutter still ground it seriously although he was not optimistic with the stone.

With the passage of time, stone chips flying, the stone-cutter had ground in a lot, but still no green. On the contrary, the color of the stone chips was getting darker and darker.

“Exactly, it’s all over…”

“See, there’s no green at all, so I said that luck can’t always be on one person’s side…”

“Stone gambling is ultimately a matter of actual strength. This young man is so unreliable that he even chooses stones with a dog. It is inevitable that he loses…”

Qin Haodong was also slightly surprised. He was not good at working with jade. He chose the raw stone entirely by Spiritual Qi. But clearly this stone exuded rich Spiritual Qi, why hadn’t he seen the jadeite yet? Were there any mistakes in his method?

Just then, Qian Duoduo suddenly cried, “Stop!”

The two stone-cutters did not know why, but they stopped at his command.

Qian Duoduo, with a solemn face, went to the raw stone, squatted down and examined it carefully.

The onlookers were very puzzled about what the president of the Jade Association was going to do.

Soon Qian Duoduo got excited. He touched the stone with trembling hands and murmured, “Black ice, it’s really black ice!”

“What does that mean? What did President Qian say? What is black ice?”

“I’ve heard that black ice is a kind of black jadeite, but I’ve been in the jade industry for so long, I’ve only heard of it and never seen it…”

“This buddy is not so lucky that he would chose such a rare jade?”

After hearing Qian Duoduo’s words, Sun Dingguo also squatted down and looked at the stone carefully. He said, “It really looks like black ice jade.”

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