The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 67 - Stone Gambling

Chapter 67 Stone Gambling

Driving away the “fly”, Qin Haodong began to “raid” the high quality jade stones in Area D.

The prices of raw stones in Area D were the lowest. But compared with the other three regions, the number of stones was also the largest. And because of the low price, the risk of gambling was very high. The selected stones had almost filled up his car when Qin Haodong had just passed half of the area.

He paid according to the order number and took the stones away. When he wanted to continue the selection, a noise came and a large group of bodyguards rushed to surround them.

It was Feng Tianda, the young master of the Feng Group, who was followed by Zhou Cuicui, who had just changed her clothes.

“Honey, who bullied you? I’m going to beat him up until his mother doesn’t recognize him.”

Feng Tianda said arrogantly.

Qin Haodong just realized it. No wonder the Feng group had established a partnership with the Jade Gang. Feng Tianda married such an ugly woman and became the brother-in-law of the Jade Gang’s master.

At the sight of the handsome Feng Tianda and Zhou Cuicui who couldn’t be any uglier, he inwardly shook his head. It seemed that as members of a big family, they couldn’t decide on their marriages. Everything was based on interests.

Zhou Cuicui pointed to Qin Haodong and cried, “Tianda, this little white-faced bullied me, you must take his two dogs for me.”

Qin Haodong frowned slightly. It seemed that the woman was so spoiled that she wanted to grab Damao and Ermao before his eyes.

“Don’t worry, just two dogs? I’m sure I’ll take them for you. There’s nothing we can’t do in the south of the Yangtze River. Then Feng Tianda saw Qin Haodong at a glance, he immediately gritted his teeth and said, “Boy, it’s you!”

Last time he was humiliated at the gate of the Lin Group. He was not only severely beaten by Qin Haodong, but also was taken to custody by Nalan Wuxia for a day.

He agreed to the marriage proposed by the Jade Gang’s master the first second after he was bailed out. With the relationship with Zhou Cuicui, he could use the Jade Gang’s power to suppress the Lin Group.

Zhou Tianhu finally found a man for his ugly sister, so he was happy to give the Feng family a large number of vintage raw gemstones, enabling Feng Tianda to hold the exhibition just opposite the Lin Group’s.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It’s me, Feng Dashao. Fate has brought us together again!”

“Boy, you sent yourself to my door.” Feng Tianda waved his big hand and shouted to the bodyguard behind him, “Go! Break the man’s limbs and throw the woman out. Leave the two dogs behind.”

Although he knew that Qin Haodong was very good at martial arts, this was his territory. With so many bodyguards, he could certainly control the situation.

As soon as he finished, he heard a cold voice saying, “Feng Tianda, who did you say you want to throw out?”

Nalan Wushuang held the little fellow in her arms. Feng Tianda never saw her face clearly. Only then could he recognize that this was the eldest daughter of the Nalan family.

“Miss… Miss Nalan, I didn’t know you were here.” Feng Tianda quickly raised his hand to stop the bodyguards who were about to rush up. He would never have the courage to beat Nalan Wushuang.

Although the Feng Group was strong, it could not be compared with the Nalan family; otherwise he would not have been subdued by Nalan Wuxia.

But he didn’t understand why the two princesses of the Nalan family had such a good relationship with this white-faced man. Before long, Nalan Wuxia was partial to Qin Haodong. Now Nalan Wushuang stood with him, holding a child in her arms. What happened?

Seeing that he stopped and looked at the beautiful woman in front of him, Zhou Cuicui immediately became very dissatisfied. She shouted, “Tianda, why don’t you do as I told? Grab the two dogs for me quickly.”

Feng Tianda felt bitter in his heart. He took Zhou Cuicui a few steps to the side and whispered, “Dear, this is the daughter of the Nalan family in south of the Yangtze River region. We can’t afford to offend them.”

Zhou Cuicui, however, did not buy it at all. She roared furiously, “I don’t care what the Nalan family is. I want those two dogs anyway. Didn’t you just say that there is nothing your Fang family can’t do in the south of the Yangtze River region?”

“My commander, aren’t they just two dogs? You wait, I’ll get them for you by any means!”

Feng Tianda was so depressed, he tried to please Zhou Cuicui for the sake of the Feng family, but on the other side was the daughter of the Nalan family whom he could not provoke.

He had to find out some other way to get these two dogs in such a dilemma.

He returned to Qin Haodong and said gloomily, “Boy, sell me your two dogs, and everything you did before can be written off.”

“Not for sale!” Qin Haodong gave a crisp answer.

“You…” Feng Tianda was about to burst, but he endured since Nalan Wushuang was in front of him.

Suddenly he came up with an idea. He said, “Boy, are you here to buy stones?”

Qin Haodong nodded, he wanted to know what Feng Tianda was planning.

“So, you also do research on raw gemstones?”

“No, I just know a little about them.”

Feng Tianda said, “Dare you make a bet?”

“Oh, what bet?” Qin Haodong looked at him with interest.

“We each choose a stone, and whoever gets the better quality gemstone with the higher price wins. If I win, give me your two dogs, and if I lose, I will give you 10 million yuan.”

Then Feng Tianda looked at Qin Haodong nervously. As the young master of the Feng group, he had dealt with raw gemstones since very little. He thought he was more discerning than others.

What he feared most now was that Qin Haodong would refuse. If he could not get the two dogs, Zhou Cuicui would be unhappy.

“OK I’ll bet with you!” Qin Haodong replied, “But the stake you offered is too small, just now someone offered thirty million yuan for my dogs.”

“Thirty million is OK, as long as you dare to bet.”

Feng Tianda did not hesitate to raise the stakes. He had a hundred percent confidence that he could win.

Qin Haodong said, “But since my two dogs are here, your should take out your part of the bet. And since we are betting, we need a referee and a notary in case you get a crappy stone but still insist it’s bettter than mine.”

“Boy, I’m the young master of the Feng family. Can’t I be liable?”

“I’m not sure about that.” Qin Haodong laughed. People like Feng Tianda were snobbish and had no morals at all.

“I will be the notary. I don’t know if you two can trust me?”

The speaker was the man who offered to pay 30 million yuan for Damao and Ermao. He was also the president of the Jiangnan Jade Association and the chief jewelry appraiser of Huaxia, having good reputation in the industry, so he was very appropriate to be the notary.

“President Qian, here you are!” Feng Tianda said with a flattering face, “Of course I can count on Chairman Qian to notarize for us.”

Qian Duoduo turned to Qin Haodong and said, “Brother, what do you think?”

Qin Haodong also had a good impression of Qian Duoduo so he said, “I also trust Mr. Qian.”

Qian Duoduo said, “Well, then it’s up to me to notarize this bet.”

Feng Tianda took out the cheque book and wrote a cheque of 30 million yuan, which was handed over to Qian Duoduo. Qin Haodong also let Damao and Ermao lie still.

Everything was ready, Feng Tianda said, “Now can we bet?”

“Of course, but you don’t need me to win.” When everyone didn’t know why, Qin Haodong said to Qian Duoduo, “Mr. Qian, I’ll borrow a dog to choose a stone first. It’s not against the rules.”


He replied and looked at the young man with interest. He had been in the jade industry for so many years and had never heard of anyone choosing raw gemstones with dogs. Although a dog’s nose was naturally sensitive, to smell the difference between stones was hard to believe.

After getting permission, Qin Haodong pointed at Damao and said, “Go and pick a stone for me.”

“What?” Feng Tianda’s eyes burst into flames because he was so angry that Qin Haodong compared him with a dog. But he could do nothing; after all, there were no restrictions on gambling stones so the use of dogs was allowable.

He glared at Qin Haodong for a while and then went to choose the stone.

At this time, more and more people gathered at the scene. These people were interested in gambling so they also wanted to see how the young man chose the stones with dogs.

In fact, it was a deceptive trick to let Damao and Ermao choose the stone. So that people would be diverted and kept in the dark that he had the ability to see through the raw stones.

Damao did as Qin Haodong instructed. He quickly ran to a stone with a weight around two hundred and thirty kilograms and jumped on it, turning around and barking.

Everyone was surprised to see this dog was so clever. Can this dog really choose a good stone?

Qin Haodong said to Qian Duoduo, “Mr. Qian, since Damao took a fancy to this stone, I will choose it.”

The price of the stone was 5,000 yuan. He paid the staff of the market and bought the stone.

After the staff received the money, they immediately asked someone to bring the stone with a cart.

Over there, Feng Tianda was carefully choosing stones one by one. According to his experience from primary school, he carefully observed the color and pattern of the raw stones.

After 20 minutes, he finally selected a stone and asked the staff to bring it over.

After the two raw stones were laid out, Feng Tianda called two stone-cutters and began to cut the stones on the spot.

“Who goes first?” Qian asked.

“Me first!”

Feng Tianda was confident of his ability in choosing the raw stone, and he didn’t think a stone casually chosen by a dog could be better than his.

After receiving the order, the stone-cutter began to cut Feng Tianda’s stone.

With the roar of the cutting machine, the raw stone chips splashed, and soon a touch of green came out.

“The green came out! So insightful, really worthy of being the young master of the Feng group…”

“It looks like a green bean seed. It seems this raw gemstone can be worth more than one million dollars. Feng Dashao was really good…”

Among the many praises, Feng Tianda raised his chin with complacency and looked disdainfully at the ugly black stone under Qin Haodong’s feet. In his opinion, he had won the bet.

In less than ten minutes, the cutting was finished; the stone-cutter poured a basin of clear water on it, and an apple-sized green jadeite was presented to the public.

Qian Duoduo reached out and took the jadeite to look at it. He nodded and said, “Yes, it has reached the level of green bean seed, and the price should reach 1.2 million yuan.”

Seeing that Qian Duoduo had made the assessment, a jadeite businessman immediately cried: “Feng Dashao, sell it to me at 1.2 million yuan!”

“Not for sale!” The Feng group had its own jewelry company, so Feng Tianda would not sell this good quality jade.

Seeing her boyfriend unravel such a good piece of jade, Zhou Cuicui was proud. She turned to Qin Haodong, “Small white face, it’s your turn now.”

The onlookers also looked at Qin Haodong. They predicted that the chances of the young man winning were very small.

After all, the stone gambling depended on luck; not every stone could produce jade worth more than one million yuan.

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