The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 63 - The First Client

Chapter 63 The First Client

Qin Haodong opened his mouth widely and asked, “One million per hour, isn’t that a little bit high?”

Nalan Wushuang said, “No, it’s not. You’re the trump card of the company, and you deserve that price.”

“OK. I’m in!”

Answered Qin Haodong. The price was high. There were plenty of rich people in Jiangnan City, but few of them could afford that.

When they were almost done discussing, Ouyang Shanshan finished her breakfast.

After Qin Haodong’s introduction, Ouyang Shanshan and Nalan Wushuang sat together again. Their position had changed greatly. One had become the general manager of Daddy Security Company, and the other one was the famous star, Ouyang Shanshan, also the first client of the company.

Since they had agreed that the business would be in the full charge of Nalan Wushuang, Qin Haodong decided to keep his hands off.

Half an hour later, Nalan Wushuang signed the first cooperation agreement with Ouyang Shanshan on behalf of Daddy Security Company.

Ouyang Shanshan paid 2 million to Daddy Security Company as the front money, and the company provided her one Realm-8 bodyguard and four Realm-7 bodyguards.

Shortly after the agreement was signed, an army green jeep stopped in front of Qin Haodong’s house. Five people got out of the car. Chen Fugui was the first one. The other four people were not very tall, but they had the murderous look gained from battlefields.

Ouyang Shanshan nodded with satisfaction after she saw the five people. She might know little about martial arts, but she could definitely tell the difference between the five people and those she had hired before.

Qin Haodong said, “You’re the first client of our company and the idol of my daughter. I’ll sent you a gift on behalf of the company to help you solve your current problem.”

Qin Haodong liked the star, a woman who kept herself clean like a lily in a moor. For the sake of those things she had signed for the little fellow, he decided to help her.

“Solve problems, what do you mean?” asked Ouyang Shanshan.

“Take me to see the boss of your company, Liu Huaqiang, and I’ll take over the rest of the stuff.”

“Are you sure it will work? Liu Huaqiang is very influential…”

Ouyang Shanshan didn’t finish the sentence. She did not want to bring trouble to Qin Haodong because he had already saved her. She was satisfied that she was safe now.

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to worry about it,” Qin Haodong said with a smile, “I need him to make you more popular. If he shut you out, how could you pay the security fee? We would then suffer a great loss without you, the big client.”

“Thank you!”

Ouyang Shanshan knew that Qin Haodong meant to help him. He said that because he didn’t want her to feel owing to him.

In Jiangnan Branch Company of Doukou Culture Media Company, Liu Huaqiang was pointing at the noses of the two bodyguards, swearing, “You piece of rubbish! How could you let one man steal Ouyang Shanshan away? Did I raise you for nothing? I could’ve raised a dog and it will be better at the job!”

The two standing before him was the two bodyguards who kidnapped Ouyang Shanshan last night. Now they were lowering their heads, and didn’t dare to breathe too much though the guy was swearing them really viciously.

“Why am I still see you here? Go find her! Jump in the river if you can not find her before this evening!”

Liu Huaqiang was really upset. The rich guy had been wanting Ouyang Shanshan in his company for long, and he mentioned it specially that he wanted her to go serve him in his place.

Although Ouyang Shanshan was the most important star in his company, he couldn’t afford to piss that guy off, otherwise his company would be shut down. He had no choice but to negotiate with Ouyang Shanshan, but the girl was so stubborn, and the negotiation didn’t work out.

He had no choice but to let the two bodyguards tie Ouyang Shanshan up and send her to the rich guy. Unfortunately, the two idiots lost the guy on the halfway.

The rich guy grew annoyed waiting. He thought Liu Huaqiang was making fun of him. He had sent a message that if he couldn’t see Ouyang Shanshan before this evening, Doukou Culture Media company would be shut down.

The two answered and turned back to leave. At the moment the door was kicked open.

“That’s not necessary, here we are.”

It was Qin Haodong who came in, with Nalan Wushuang and Ouyang Shanshan beside him, followed by Chen Fugui and four other bodyguards.

Liu Huaqiang’s eyes lit up when he saw Ouyang Shanshan. He picked up a walkie-talkie on the table and yelled, “Bring your weapons and come here!”

His fellows were efficient enough. As soon as he put the walkie-talkie on the table, noisy footsteps came out of the door. Ten more bodyguards in black rushed inside, surrounding Qin Haodong and other people.

The short-hair bodyguard pointed to Qin Haodong and yelled, “Boss! He is the gigolo boy stealing her away from us!”

Liu Huaqiang was standing behind the big boss desk. He walked to Qin Haodong. With a cold smile on his face, he said, “Gigolo boy. It’s really bold of you to have the guts to steal my people.”

After that he turned to Ouyang Shanshan and said, “You B*tch, I’ve spoiled you too much. How dare you run away? And why are you coming back?”

“Don’t take yourself as a real star just because people like you. You’ll be nothing without my company. I can help you rise to fame as well as make you worthless.”

He became more and more proud as he said that, as if he had taken control of the whole situation. He pointed to Qin Haodong and ordered his fellows, “This guy kidnapped the star of our company. Teach him a good lesson, tie him up, and send him to the police!”

His bodyguards answered. They waved the weapon in their hands and rushed to Qin Haodong.

Chen Fugui screamed. He went forwards with four other bodyguards. They had no weapon in their hands but they were way too wiser than those of Liu Huaqiang’s. They turned overwhelming after they began to fight. Those bodyguards were beaten to tears, crawling on the ground.

In less than two minutes, Chen Fugui ended the fight. Ten more bodyguards Liu Huaqiang called here were groaning on the ground. Some of them were unable to get up, others were too afraid to.

Liu Huaqiang was shocked because the five people Qin Haodong brought seemed so ordinary, but they had beaten his tall and strong fellows like beating dogs.

“Boss, what do we do about him?” asked Chen Fugui as he pointed to Liu Huaqiang.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “He’s a bad talker. We’ll help him wash his mouth first.”

“Yes! Boss!”

Chen Fugui answered and walked to Liu Huaqiang.

“Don’t you dare to do anything to me, I tell you what…”

Liu Huaqiang was going to speak out more trash talk but Chen Fugui did not give him the chance. He kicked him onto the ground and slapped ten more times, hard and loud.

Qin Haodong waved his hand when he felt it was almost enough. Chen Fugui then stepped backwards.

Liu Huaqiang picked himself from the ground, spitting out teeth and blood. He pointed to Qin Haodong and swore, “Young man, just wait for me. I’ll make you regret living in Jiangnan…”

“Still being recalcitrant, uh!” Qin Haodong kicked him onto the ground again. Then he took a black pill out of his pocket, then he squeezed it into Liu Huaqiang’s mouth.

Liu Huaqiang knew that the pill was nothing good, but it was already too late to spit it out.

“What did you give me?” he asked in a panic.

Qin Haodong said with a smiled and said, “Nothing. I’m trying to calm you down because you’re so angry. Just wait and you’ll know comfortable like hell.”

Liu Huaqiang wanted to say something, but suddenly a sharp pain kicked in. The pain came from the depths of his soul, and was hundreds of times more painful than Chen Fugui’s slap on his face just now.

As the pain grew stronger and stronger, he couldn’t help tumbling and mourning on the ground.

“How about that? Feeling good?” Qin Haodong squatted down and asked.

“You beat me! You really beat me! Please have mercy! Just let me go!”

Liu Huaqiang’s face was full of painful snot and tears, and he was much less tougher than he used to be.

None of his bodyguards lying on the ground dared to help though they saw how miserable he was. They were busy trying to get away from Qin Haodong because they were afraid that they would be served the same pill.

“That’s fast. It’s less than one minute! You should hang on for at least half an hour!”

Liu Huaqiang almost lost his mind when hearing “half an hour”. He couldn’t take even one more minute, so he hugged Qin Haodong’s leg and begged, “Dad, dear dad, please have mercy on me… I’ll do whatever you want me to do!”

“Will you tie up Ouyang Shanshan and send her to other people again?”

“No… I will never do that again. I would rather send my wife than touch any finger of hers.”

“Will you shut her out?”

“No, I will never do that. We’ll try our best to make her popular…”

“You’re a boring soft-backbone man. I’ll forgive you for the sake of your sincerity.”

After that Qin Haodong raised his hands and poked at him. The accurate and sharp pain suddenly went off, which looked quite amazing.

Liu Huaqiang was lying still on the ground, gasping. The feeling just now was more fearful than death. It would be the nightmare for the rest of his life.

“Get up. I have things to say to you.”

Qin Haodong said as he kicked on his butt.

“Just tell me what you want.” Now that Liu Huaqiang was afraid of Qin Haodong, he rolled and got up off the ground, respectfully and sincerely.

“Do you remember what you just said?”

“Yes, yes!”

Liu Huaqiang repeated positively, but inside, he was thinking how he would get back to Qin Haodong and the b*tch after he overcame all this.

“It’s OK even if you’ve forgotten,” Qin Haodong said with smile, “The pill I fed you just now is called God’s Pill, which means that even God won’t be able to help you if the pill takes effects. That’s good stuff because it will be effective for the rest of your life.”

“Ah…” Liu Huaqiang was so panicked that he started trembling, and he pleaded, “Please forgive me. I won’t do that again, I promise. I am your dog from now on, and I’ll bite whoever you want me to!”

“The pill takes effect monthly, and lasts for 7days every time. The pain is much sharper than menstruation.” Qin Haodong patted Liu Huaqiang’s pale cheek. “But don’t be afraid, I have the antidote in my hands. The pill won’t take effect in one month after you take the antidote.”

“I’ll give the antidote to Ouyang Shanshan later. You can go get one from her every month.”

Ouyang Shanshan was moved because she knew Qin Haodong was trying to solve the coming troubles for her.

Seeing Liu Huaqiang’s inconclusive eyes, Qin Haodong added, “I suggest you be honest, and don’t mess up. The pill is my exclusive invention, and nobody else knows how to deal with it.”

“And don’t try to steal all the antidote from Ouyang Shanshan. I’ll give her 20 pills for one time, and you’ll never have one if you steal it from her.”

“I won’t, I surely won’t!”

Liu Huaqiang did have planned to steal all the antidotes once for all, but now the idea was gone. He wouldn’t even dare to think about it.

When the problem was solved, Qin Haodong left the five people including Chen Fugui to Ouyang Shanshan, then he turned back and was leaving with Nalan Wushuang.

Liu Huaqiang yelled with complicated expression, “Wait a moment, boss!”

Qin Haodong frowned and asked, “Anything else?”

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