The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 62 - Daddy Security Company

Chapter 62 Daddy Security Company

“Qin Haodong, who is she? Why is she living in your house?”

Nalan Wushuang came to Qin Haodong early in the morning. She was going to discuss about the security company, but instead of seeing Qin Haodong, she ran into a beautiful woman in his cloth. She turned angry immediately.

“Don’t take this in the wrong way, she’s a client, a client..”

Before Qin Haodong could finished, Nalan Wushuaung said angrily, “Qin Haodong, how dare you pay for a slutty woman like this? And why do you have to lie that she’s a client? I guess this isn’t your first time!”

“Who are you calling slutty? You’re the slutty one here!”

Ouyang Shanshan was immediately unhappy.

“Okay! Stop fighting!” Qin Haodong yelled, and the two women immediately quieted down.

He hand the breakfast to Ouyang Shanshan and let her to eat it in the dinning room. Then he pulled Nalan Wushuang to the living room.

“You, you are getting more and more absurd, how dare you bring back that kind of woman?”

Nalan Wushuang was sitting on the sofa. The more she thought about it, the more unfair she felt. “Why did the guy give up on a beauty like me and chose to pay for a woman like that?”

“I need to explain, it’s not like how it looks like.” Qin Haodong was really embarrassed by her.

“So tell me, what the hell is going on?” Nalan Wushuang asked angrily.

“Doesn’t she look familiar to you?”

Qin Haodong was curious. He wasn’t much interested in stars, but there was no way that Nalan Wushuang didn’t know Ouyang Shanshan.

Nalan Wushuang was not a fan, but she surely knew Ouyang Shanshan. She didn’t have the time to recall it when seeing a woman in Qin Haodong’s house, with nothing but a shirt of his on her.

After she heard what Qin Haodong had said, she calmed down and asked in confusion, “She looks familiar, maybe a little bit like Ouyang Shanshan. Where did you find her? She must’ve cost you a lot.”

Qin Haodong felt more than embarrassed. He wondered why she had to think that he paid for the woman.

“A little bit? She is Ouyang Shanshan.” Qin Haodong then told Nalan Wushuang how he saved Ouyang Shanshan last night. At last, he added, “The big star is now in desperate need of loyal and reliable bodyguards. I am going to persuade her to be the first client of our security company.”

“Oh! you mean that kind of client.” Nalan Wushuang looked embarrassed because she knew she had misunderstood Qin Haodong.

“Or what do you think?”

Qin Haodong looked annoyed because he was still a virgin since he was reborn. Now he was taken as a whoremaster.

“I’m sorry!” Nalan Wushuang said with embarrassment.

“Forget it. Let’s talk about serious things. If you were not here, I would be going to visit you anyway. How’s the security company doing?”

“I am here today to discuss it with you, too,” Nalan Wushuang said, “I’ve been busy working on the security company for a few days, and it’s taking shape. But I have a few important things that need to be discussed and decided.”

“OK. Tell me about it. I’ll listen.”

Qin Haodong is completely ignorant of how to run a company. His reason to establish the security company was to protect Lin Momo and the little fellow better.

“You need to find a proper place if you want to start a security company. It cannot be too far away from the urban area, and should cover enough area. I’ve visited lots of places recently, and it wasn’t that easy for me to find the proper place.”

“The place was a martial art school. And it was on sale because it had been under bad management. It had all the offices and training facilities we need, which made it the most suitable site for our security company.”

“Well, let’s make it there if you think it’s suitable!”

Qin Haodong trusted Nalan Wushuang very much on her judging ability.

“That’s good, that’s our agreement on the first question. Let’s move to the next,” Nalan Wushuang said, “The martial art school asked for 60 million. I negotiated several times and talked it down to 55 million, and there’s no more chance to go any lower.”

Qin Haodong grinned, because he only had 20 million in total at this moment. Now he only had tens of thousand money in his pocket and he couldn’t afford an investment unless he asked Lin Momo for money, which he didn’t want to do, at least not now.

Nalan Wushang continued, “55 million are the initial investment for the site. We’ll need more to buy vehicles, weapons and equipment for training and life facilities, which may cost about 10 million.”

“We’ll also need 5 million as working capital, which means we need 70 million for the investment.”

“That’s a lot! I don’t have that much money at this moment. How about we find a cheaper place?”

“Remote location will be disadvantageous for the future development of the company, and insufficient area will block the future expansion of the company. Above all, this is the perfect place.”

“But… I don’t have that much money.”

It seemed that Nalan Wushuang had already foreseen Qin Haodong would be insufficient in the budget. She said, “As for the problem of money, I can invest as a shareholder.”

“You want to buy shares?” Qin Haodong was a little surprised.

“Yes, I am very optimistic about your company. I’ll buy 50 million shares, which take 40% of the whole. What do you think? We can sign the contract if you want to, and I’ll buy that land.”

“50 million? 40% of the shares?”Qin Haodong was shocked.

“What? Is it too much? I can go by 30%.”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” Qin Haodong stared at Nalan Wushuang and said, “Was your math taught by your PE teacher? The total investment is 70 million, and you’re spending 50 million on buying the 40% shares. Isn’t that a big loss?”

Nalan Wushuang rolled her eyes to him and said, “You’re one to talk! I had a master’s degree in finance of Jiangnan University. And that stock ratio came out of my accurate calculation!”

“But, you are just being wrong!”

There’s nothing wrong in there. I am optimistic about this security company because you’re in there.”

“Unliek other security companies, our biggest advantage is our elite and loyal staff. And that’s all because of your medical skills.”

“You cured the Divine Mercenaries and cured those soldiers retired due to injury. That really provided high-quality security forces for our company.”

“Above that, your medical skills equals a 50 million investment, and with the 20 million you have, that’s a 70-million investment in total, which makes my 40% shares reasonable.”

And with your medical skills, the injured bodyguards’ medical care of our company would be free. In that way, I am actually taking advantage of you.”

“Well… didn’t see that coming.”

Qin Haodong felt it reasonable after he heard what Nalan Wushuang had said. The security could make a difference because of his presence.

“Well, I agree with your cooperation plan. But I want to make a requirement that the company has to be under full supervision of yours once it’s established.”

Nalan Wushuang stared at him and said, “The company was yet to be established and you’re eager to be a hand-off boss?”

“I am a young doctor, and I know nothing about management. So it’s better to leave the job to you,” Qin Haodong smiled cheekily and said, “I’m not going to be hand-off. I will be under your supervision, too, and I’ll be there as long as you need me.”

“That sounds about right!” Nalan Wushuang said, “We’ve got a place and the money. I’ll go register in the Administration for Industry and Commerce right away, but you have to give the company a name first.”

“I’ll give it the name?” Qin Haodong asked.

“Of course, you are the major shareholder. It’s your job.”

“OK, let me think about it.” Qin Haodong touched his chin and paced around. Then he slapped on his laps and said, “How about ‘Daddy Security Company’?”

“Cough… cough… cough…” Nalan Wushuang just took a sip of water and she was immediately choked. Qin Haodong had to pat on her back to help her relieve.

“What? Got scared of the domineering name?” Qin Haodong said with a smug look.

“Domineering like hell!” Nalan Wushuang yelled, “Other security companies are all called like Thunder God, Black Water, Devine Shield, Sharp Sword, which was domineering and impressive. As for yours… what the hell does ‘daddy’ mean?”

“You don’t understand. Daddy means our company can secure our client like a baby’s daddy. That’s impressive and meaningful. I am impressed with myself. How could I come up with a nice name like this!”

Qin Haodong’s intention to start the security company was to protect his daughter, and that was why he named the company “daddy”.

Nalan Wushuang thought for a moment and said repulsively, “OK. You’re the major shareholder, it’s all on you.”

Qin Haodong said, “Now that we’ve decided our name. Let’s talk about the price, our first client has been waiting for us.”

Nalan Wushuang said, “I’ve already had a basic idea for that. We’ll classify our guards from realm 1 to realm 9 in accordance to the level of warriors. We’ll charge by the realm. Realm 1 charges the lowest and Realm 9 charges the highest.”

“Well, that’s a good idea,” Qin Haodong said, “Then what’s the exact price?”

He used to be a student, and he had never been a bodyguard, neither could he afford one. So, he had no idea about the bodyguard market.

“The monthly price of a bodyguard of Realm 1 was 10,000; and 100,000 for Realm 2; 200,000 for Realm 3 and so on. The highest, Realm 9 charged 800,000 per month.”

Surely, the price and realm of the bodyguards wouldn’t stay still. The company would adjust each month according to the performance of the bodyguards.

“The six people from the Divine Mercenaries were temporarily classified in Realm 9; the Soldier King, Chen Fugui, Realm 8. Others would be evaluated according to their personal conditions.”

“We can raise the price as soon as our company completely settled in Jinagnan.”

“That’s expensive.” Qin Haodong was stunned because he had never expected that being a bodyguard business could be so profitable.”

Nalan Wushuang said, “The richer a man is, the scarier they felt for death because money will be useless if a man is dead. So, they would pay generously on security.”

“Fine, I’ll go talk to Ouyang Shanshan and see which realm she could use.”

Qin Haodong said as he stood up to leave. Nalan Wushuang stopped and pulled him, then she said, “Hold on, I am not finished yet!”

“What else?”

“I am going to set another realm beyond 1 to 9, the Realm Ultra.”

Nalan Wushuang looked at him flatteringly after she said that.

Qin Haodong felt something wrong, and he yelled, “Are you counting on me? I am a doctor, and I have no time to be a bodyguard.”

“We agreed that the company is under my management, so are you,” Nalan Wushuang said, “You’re the trump card of the company, the Ultra Guard, priced 1 milion temporarily, and that’s for one hour, not a month.”

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