The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 536 - Are you Going to Set Up a Harem?

Chapter 536 Are you Going to Set Up a Harem?

At the Chu family, the head of the family, Chu Xiong Fei, with his hands behind his back, stood in front of the window, unable to calm down for a long time.

The Chu family was only the second-class family of Shanghai. It couldn’t be compared to the first-class families such as the Zheng family, the Zhou family and the Sun family, and its strength in all aspects were quite inferior.

Just now, he received a message that the recently rising Daddy Security Company had swept over the Sun family. The head of the security company was not King Ma, but another young man called Qin Haodong.

From now on, the Daddy Security Company was amongst the three great families of Shanghai. The head Qin Haodong was decisively and ruthlessly, his cultivation was unfathomable.

Anyway, in his heart he listed Qin Haodong as an absolutely invincible figure not to be provoked.

Just as he was thinking about it, the housekeeper came to him and said, “Lord, the young master has locked himself in the room. He hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for a day and a night. I don’t know what happened.”

The bodyguards specifically told the family that the young master was resting and should not be disturbed.

But it had been so long. The bodyguards left, yet there was no movement in the room. The family got suspicious. They reported it to the housekeeper. The housekeeper also sensed something was amiss. He quickly reported it to master Chu Xiongfei.

“Follow me, let’s have a look!”

Chu Xiongfei brought his family before Chu Huaiyu’s room and knocked for a long time. After almost half a day, there was still no movement in the room. And his phone had been switched off.

He frowned and felt something was amiss. He told his bodyguard, “Break open the door for me.”

Several strong bodyguards broke open the door and rushed in, but they were all dumbfounded upon entering.

The young master Chu Huaiyu, with a sock in his mouth, was tied like a rice dumpling. He was wearing a nurse uniform and his bare skin was covered in blue and purple whiplash marks and bright red wax oil. The sight was startling yet funny.

Chu Xiongfei was furious, “Who did this? Untie the young master! ”

Several bodyguards rushed to pull the socks out of Chu Huaiyu’s mouth, and then cut the rope on his body.

Chu Huaiyu struggled several times but could not stand up. After being tied up for such a long time, his blood was not circulating, his limbs were numb, and he couldn’t move.

The bodyguards massaged him to get his blood circulating. After a long time, he was finally able to stand up from the ground.

“Dad, you must help me get revenge. You must tear these bastards into pieces.”

Chu Huaiyu hugged Chu Xiongfei’s thigh and cried sadly.

With a stern face Chu Xiongfei asked, “What’s going on? You tell Dad who did it? I will revenge for you. ”

At this time, his lungs were going to explode. His son was hurt like this in their own villa. Isn’t it a slap on the Chu family’s face?

“It’s my bodyguards. These bastards, their food and drinks are provided by me, yet they betrayed and tortured me…”

Hearing Chu Huaiyu’s complaint, Chu Xiongfei was confused, “How can your bodyguards do this to you? Are they crazy? ”

“It’s all because of that asshole Qin…”

Chu Huaiyu told the story of Qin Haodong competing with him for Nalan Wuxia. He sent bodyguards to plot against Qin Haodong. Unexpectedly, those bodyguards turned against him when they came back and used all means on him.

“Dad, you must avenge for me. Catch that Qin Haodong, kill him and throw his body into the river to feed the fishes…”

Hearing that, Chu Xiongfei pulled a long face. He asked in a cold voice, “Do you know who the man is that you are talking about?”

“His name is Qin Haodong, a toy boy in his twenties…”

Before Chu Huaiyu could finish, he was kicked away by Chu Xiongfei.

“Dad, what are you doing? Why did you hit me? ”

Chu Huaiyu was completely dumbfounded. He suffered such a great grievance, yet his father did not help him out, but also kicked him. Was he still his father?

“You are such a nuisance. Of all people, you have to provoke Qin Haodong? Do you want the Chu family killed?”

Chu Xiongfei was mad with rage. He just listed Qin Haodong as an absolutely invincible person. Unexpectedly, his useless son went to compete with him for a woman. Wasn’t he truly a nuisance?

Even the dignified Sun family couldn’t hold their heads up. Once Qin Haodong got angry, it was only a lift of a finger for him to wipe out the Chu family.

Thinking of this, he slapped Chu Huaiyu a few more times and turned to his bodyguard and said, “Tie this beast up for me.”

The poor young master of the Chu family, who had just been untied a while ago, was bound up again.

Chu Huaiyu struggled and cried, “Dad, what are you doing? Let me go and help me to get revenge… ”

Chu Xiongfei said coldly, “Shut up, you want to take revenge? Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused for the Chu family this time? ”

Chu Huaiyu said unconvinced, “Isn’t he a poor boy? What’s the big deal? ”

“What’s the big deal?” In the face of his silly son, Chu Xiongfei said in distressed, “Do you know that Qin Haodong led his men to sweep the Sun family, and Sun Shengtian, who has always been a bully, surrendered to him. Yet you say it’s not a big deal?

Now he has been considered superior to the three prestigious families of Shanghai. You are inviting disastrous trouble to the Chu family by provoking him! ”

“No way, no way!” A shocked Chu Huaiyu said, “Dad, the man you mentioned must be someone who has the same name as him. That poor fellow can’t have such great ability.”

Chu Xiongfei pondered and thought of its possibility. With a fluke mentality, he took the information he had just collected from his pocket and showed Qin Haodong’s picture to Chu Huaiyu and said, “Look, is this him?”

Chu Huaiyu looked at the picture. When he saw Qin Haodong’s face, he was almost scared to death.

Needless to say, Chu Xiongfei gave up his wishful thinking. He said to the two bodyguards beside him, “Take this beast and follow me.”

Shortly after Qin Haodong returned home, Saber came in and reported, “Boss, Chu Xiongfei, the head of the Chu family, wants to see you.”

With a smile on his lips, he said, “Let him in.”

A moment later, Chu Xiongfei along with Chu Huaiyu came to Qin Haodong. He respectfully said, “Mr. Qin, I’m really sorry that my son’s eyes were blinded and offended you. Today, I have brought him here to apologize to you.”

Then he turned to Chu Huaiyu and said, “Little beast, kneel down and apologize to Mr. Qin. If Mr. Qin doesn’t forgive me, I will beat you to death!”

At this time, Chu Huaiyu also knew that he had caused a big trouble. He relinquished the haughty airs of a young master and knelt down in front of Qin Haodong with a plop. “Mr. Qin, it’s my fault. Please let me go this time.”

Qin Haodong looked at Chu Huaiyu. He had lost the image of a handsome prince. Although he changed his clothes, the blue and purple stripes on his body were still visible.

Associating with the photos he saw in the evening, he couldn’t help laughing and said: “Master Chu, you’re really creative. Don’t you know that you’re on the internet? You’re a hot topic on the internet now and many people can’t even buy such honor.”

Hearing Qin Haodong’s words, Chu Huaiyu felt like killing himself. It seemed that those bodyguards have really uploaded those photos to the internet. How could he face people with dignity in the future?

Chu Xiongfei couldn’t care so much. What he cared most now was how to calm Qin Haodong’s anger and how to protect the Chu family.

“Mr. Qin, in order to show our Chu family’s sincerity in making amends to you, we specially prepared some small gifts. Please accept them.”

He then waved his hand to his back, and the housekeeper at the door came in immediately, following closely behind him were ten women.

These ten women had different skin colors, white, yellow, and even black. Their bodies were distinctively hot, and they were all beautiful and tall. People could easily tell they had received relevant etiquette training.

Chu Xiongfei did an investigation on Qin Haodong. He knew that he was surrounded by many beauties and thought that he was a lecherous man. The Chu family had several large modeling companies in their hands. With rich resources of beauties, he carefully selected ten beauties and sent them to him.

Chu Xiongfei said, “Mr. Qin, these girls will follow your orders in the future. You can do whatever you want.”

Qin Haodong was speechless for being regarded as lecherous. Before he could speak, Li Meiyu walked in from outside. When she saw these female models, her face suddenly had an icy expression.

“Qin Haodong, what are you doing? Are you setting up a harem? ”

“Er…” Qin Haodong was very awkward. He thought that Chu Xiongfei was too ridiculous. Let alone he didn’t want these women. Even if he wanted, he shouldn’t have brought them to his house. Wasn’t he causing trouble for him?

“No, it has nothing to do with me.” Qin Haodong turned around and said to Chu Xiongfei, “Who do you think I am? Take them away!”

At this time, Chu Xiongfei also realized that what he did was not appropriate, he immediately waved to the housekeeper to take these models out.

“Don’t get me wrong, miss. These are the servants I prepared for Mr. Qin. Since he doesn’t like them, I’ll take them back.”

Qin Haodong didn’t want to waste any more words with him and said, “OK, take your son along with you and leave as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, Mr. Qin!” Chu Xiongfei pulled Chu Huaiyu from the ground. Although Qin Haodong said he had let them go, he was obviously not very happy. What if he still wanted to find trouble with them in the future.

He added, “Mr. Qin, I have prepared another small gift for you.”

Seeing that Li Meiyu’s face sank again, he hurriedly said, “This time it’s medicine.”

He took a wooden box from the housekeeper, opened it, and it was a piece of Ganoderma lucidum, but it was not complete and was partially used.

Qin Haodong’s eyes suddenly lit up. Although this Ganoderma lucidum was incomplete, it had a strong Spiritual Qi, with more than a thousand years in age. It was really hard to find such a treasure.

Seeing his expression, Chu Xiongfei knew that he had made the right bet this time. He said: “Mr. Qin, my father was seriously ill some time ago. I spent a lot of effort to buy this Ganoderma lucidum from a pharmaceutical farmer.

Now my father has passed away. Although I don’t know medicine, I know this is something good, so I’ll give it to you. ”

Qin Haodong took the Ganoderma lucidum and said with satisfaction, “This thing is good. I want it. If the Chu family requires any help in the future, just let me know.”

“Thank you, Mr. Qin. Then we won’t disturb you further.”

Seeing that Qin Haodong was satisfied, Chu Xiongfei said no more and took his men and immediately left the villa.

After walking out, he stroked his chest and took a long breath. Finally, he had settled the almighty man and helped the Chu family escape a disaster.

Qin Haodong held the Ganoderma lucidum and was overjoyed. It was really a surprise. After his cultivation reached supreme power, the effect of the Spirit Culturing Elixir weakened a lot. To help Lin Momo and others continue to improve their cultivation, the best way was to refine the Guiyuan elixir suitable for the supreme power, and the Ganoderma lucidum of thousands of years was the main ingredient for refining the Guiyuan elixir.

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