The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 535 - Catapult to Fame

Chapter 535 Catapult to Fame

Amongst all the people’s attention, their two legs were against each other. After a loud bang, Mr. Song spun like a top and flew up in the air. While Lin Momo suddenly retracted her long legs. She was motionless and her face remained unchanged. It was obvious that Lin Momo had a full advantage in this fight.

“How-how is this possible? ”

Mr. Mei, Mr. Zhu, and Sun Shengtian dropped their jaws in surprise. Mr. Song, the most exceptional master in Sun’s family, couldn’t beat this woman. What was wrong?

Where was this woman from, how was she so tough? She seemed to be stronger than King Ma!

The most shocked was Mr. Song. At this time, he was in the air, barely stopping his body from rotating, blood and Qi were rolling in his chest. Never in his dreams did he expect that he could not beat her.

However, the nightmare had just begun, when his body fell, Lin Momo’s palms were already waiting there.

In the air, Mr. Song had no better choice but to face the attack. The four palms of the two people collided.

After two bangs, Mr. Song flew into the air once again.

It was embarrassing. No matter how hard he tried, Lin Momo was waiting there when he fell. The only option left for him was to fight back.

However, his internal cultivation was not as deep as Lin Momo. Every time he fought back, he would bounce back in the air.

Hence Mr. Song’s feet couldn’t land at all. He couldn’t use any exquisite moves or skills. He was overwhelmed by Lin Momo.

After more than a dozen rounds, he couldn’t endure it any longer and spat blood in the air. This was the inevitable result of countless fights between the supreme powers of level 2 and level 3.

“Stop! I surrender!”

Mr. Song had no choice but to surrender in public. Although he was extremely unwilling and aggrieved, he could only do so. He could not see any hope of reversing the situation and would probably end up getting killed.

Now that he had surrendered, Lin Momo stopped and returned to Qin Haodong’s side.

Mr. Song finally landed on the ground. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and stumbled back to the Sun’s team.

Qin Haodong looked at Sun Shengtian and said, “Geeze Sun, if you have any more cards, just take them out.”


He was filled with despair. As the master of the Sun family, he had always been hegemonic. He had always bullied others. Today was the first time that others walked all over him.

However, the situation now was that the Sun family had been completely defeated. From the lowest bodyguard to the superior masters, they were beaten like dogs. He could no longer intimidate anyone.

Qin Haodong said: “Don’t ‘what the F’ with me, I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you. Now I am only giving you two choices. You either agree to my terms or wait to see me tear down your home.”

Sun Shengtian’s face was pale. He built the Sun Mansion. Over the years, it had been continuously expanding and perfecting, with a value of more than billions of yuan.

Most importantly, Sun Mansion is also a representation of their status. If it was really demolished by Qin Haodong, how could the Sun Family stay established in Shanghai? How could their title as one of the top three families be maintained?

It was not only a matter of money, but also the life and death of the Sun family name.

Thinking of this he was filled with bitterness, but he had no choice.

“Alright, I accept your terms.”

Sun Shengtian had great difficulty uttering these six simple words.

“This is the best. It will save me a lot of trouble.” Qin Haodong said, “In three days, fix up the headquarters of Lin’s jewelry, or there will be no room for negotiation when I come back next time.”

Sun Qianqian, who had been silent, cried out all of a sudden, “Qin Haodong, don’t go too far. How can we renovate such a large building in three days?”

Qin Haodong looked at her coldly and said, “So? What can you do?”

“I… ”

Sun Qianqian realized that facing this young man, she had no ability to fight back, even her grandfather gave in. What else could she do?

Qin Haodong added: “Did you have conscience when you smashed my house? You can only have three days, even a second of delay is impossible.”

In addition, you have to compensate us for the loss of 500 million yuan. ”

“Bastards, you are the cause of the disaster!”

Sun Shengtian vented all his anger on Sun Qianqian. He slapped her twice in the face, then shouted to the bodyguards, “Lock her up. Don’t let her out without my order.”

Sun Qianqian was taken away, while Sun Shengtian seemed to have aged when looked back.

The compensation of 500 million yuan was nothing to him. Although it was difficult to fix a building in three days, it could also be done with the strength of the Sun family.

The most important thing was that he just sent someone to smash Qin Haodong’s house and now he had to fix the building for him. This huge humiliation completely shattered his inner pride.

But this young man was too strong to resist. For the sake of the Sun family he could only lower his head in humble pride.

“Well, I promise you!”

Under the oppression of this strong force, Sun Shengtian finally signed the contract.

“Remember, there is only one chance, there won’t be a second opportunity.”

After speaking Qin Haodong left the Sun family with his people. He was not afraid that Sun Shengtian might back out, because his strength made him confident. After today’s experience, the Sun family didn’t have the courage to break the promise.

Sun Shengtian spat out a large mouthful of blood right after the people of Daddy Security Company left. Although he didn’t fight, he couldn’t stand the feeling of being humiliated.

The Sun family used to be superior in position and was unexpectedly trampled on like this.

With the help of two bodyguards, he hobbled back to his room. He waved his hands and sent both the bodyguards out. He was left alone in the room.

Moments later, a dark shadow suddenly appeared in the room. The man was wrapped in a black robe, so that people could not see his face clearly.

With his back to Sun Shengtian, he said in a hoarse voice, “Why? Feel unconvinced? ”

“Lord Emissary, I’m certainly not convinced that he trampled on me like this.” Sun Shengtian shouted to the man in black, “Please kill that fellow for the sake of our family’s service to you all these years. Help our Sun family get revenge.”

The black robe on the man fluttered as he said: “You don’t have to be unconvinced. I can’t help you with this. I was just observing that guy. He is very powerful. He is unfathomable and probably above my cultivation level.”

“What? How is this possible? ”

Sun Shengtian had a gloomy expression. Even the man in black, whom he regarded as an immortal in his heart, was afraid of Qin Haodong. How could he take revenge?

The man in black said, “You don’t have to be too discouraged. The task assigned by the Holy Religion, do it well. After a few days, when the Holy Religion opens, I will contact the master. The master of the religion will help you to punish that guy.”

Speaking of this, he said sternly, “But you must restrain your family during this period of time. If you provoke that guy again and delay the important affairs of the Holy Religion, the Sun family won’t be able to survive in Shanghai.”

Sun Shengtian shuddered with fear and said respectfully, “Lord Emissary, I will bear it in mind!”

Two hours later, all the heirs of the Sun family returned to the Sun Mansion and had a family meeting.

These people had their own family affairs, and they didn’t live in the mansion. When they arrived home, they were indignant upon seeing the ruined Sun Mansion, and clamored to avenge the humiliation for the Sun family.

When old Sun appeared at the front desk, the meeting hall immediately became quiet. After all, the authority of the family master was greater than everything else.

Just when everyone thought that the Sun family was going to mobilize all forces to avenge Qin Haodong, they heard Sun Shengtian say, “There is only one thing to announce when I called you back. From now on, no one is allowed to provoke Qin Haodong of the Daddy Security Company. We will let today’s matter go, and no one is allowed to mention revenge.”

After that, there was an uproar in the meeting hall. No one expected Sun Shengtian to give up on revenge that easily. Is this the same domineering master of the Sun family?

“Is that it? Our family was bullied and the mansion was smashed by others. We are going to put up with it?”

“In the past, we can only bully others. When did we get bullied?”

“What does the old man mean? How can we endure such a thing? ”

These people only saw that the Sun family was suffering, but they did not see the huge strength shown by Qin Haodong. They assumed that Sun Shengtian didn’t want to take revenge. They never thought that the Sun family didn’t have the strength for revenge at all.

“Shut up all of you! I’m not dead yet. It’s not your turn to question my decision! ”

Sun Shengtian’s angry voice filled the meeting hall, and everyone immediately quieten down. After all, the family master still had his power.

“I have already spoken with regards to this matter. If anyone dares to provoke that fellow surnamed Qin against my order, then get out of the Sun family and never come back.”

Then he turned around and left the meeting hall, leaving the family members looking at each other in dismay.

Although these people didn’t understand what was going on, the orders given by the family master must be abided. Otherwise, the ruthless Sun Shengtian would drive them out of the Sun family.

These people were also very aware, although they were dignified, they would be nothing if they left the support of the Sun family.

In Shanghai, news of the Sun family being swept by the Daddy Security Company soon spread to all the well-known families, causing a great uproar.

Many people were shocked. Everyone knew the strength of the Sun family. The Three Friends of the Cold Age had dominated the martial arts world of Shanghai for many years, but they were beaten by the Daddy Security Company. If the photos of the smashed Sun Mansion were not placed in front of them, it would have been hard to believe it.

What’s more, the Sun family gave in completely without any retaliation. And after the mansion was smashed, they even had to compensate Qin Haodong 500 million yuan. At the same time, the Lin’s Jewelry had to be renovated within three days.

What humiliation it was for the family, and at the same time revealed the prestige of the Daddy Security Company. Since then, Qin Haodong had been well known to everyone in the upper class.

Since then, the Daddy Security Company became famous, and more people redistributed the top-level forces of Shanghai. The Daddy Security Company was on a par with the three aristocratic families and was said to have the potential to surpass the three aristocratic families.

As for what happened to the Sun family, many aristocratic families held special meetings, including the Zhou family.

After the meeting, looking at the materials in his hand, Zhou Xinzhu smiled and murmured, “This fellow is not only outstanding at medicine, but also so deep in martial arts. It’s really worth pursuing!”

Zhou Tao was excited. “A master will always be a master; he is indeed domineering. He could actually make that the old bastard do nothing to him!”

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