The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 533 - Smashing The Sun Family

Chapter 533 Smashing The Sun Family

“Yes, boss!”

Sword and the others did not like group fights. However, since Qin Haodong gave the order, they no longer cared as the six of them went up to beat Mr. Li together.

The pitiful Mr. Li was already having trouble facing Saber himself. Then five more experts also at the level five Covert Power realm had appeared. Mr. Li could no longer hold on.

All of a sudden, he started screaming endlessly while he was being beaten. Soon, he was tied up with a rope by Saber.

Mr. Li was completely stunned while he lay on the ground. Although his cultivation was not the most powerful support of the Sun family, he had a high status and was respected by others.

However, Qin Haodong was able to casually call out a bodyguard on par with him. What was going on? What was originally supposed to be a very simple task had turned into getting beaten like a dog after falling into an expert’s hands.

“Who was this young man? How could he have so many experts under him?”

However, he wasn’t given any time to get over his confusion as Qin Haodong directly asked Saber to throw him into the trunk. They drove straight to the new headquarters of the Lin Group.

When they arrived, Sun Qianqian and Mr. Zhang had already left with their men. The newly renovated Lin Group’s headquarters was a mess, as it had been completely smashed. Everything had been ruined.

Seeing Qin Haodong and Lin Momo, the employees whose faces were bruised from getting beaten all went up to them.

“President Lin, Mr. Qin, you guys are finally here…”

Qin Haodong asked again, “Are you guys sure it was people from the Sun family?”

“The woman who was leading the group said she was the Sun family’s Sun Qianqian.” One of the employees took out a mobile phone. “Mr. Qin, I secretly recorded a video.”

Qin Haodong watched the video on the phone and confirmed that it was Sun Qianqian. However, the people with her were not the bald-headed bodyguard and the others from last time. Instead, they were warriors from the Sun family.

Lin Momo’s expression darkened. After arriving in Shanghai, she had been busy with the preparations for the Lin Group. Those were all her painstaking efforts. Originally, she had thought she would be able to open soon. However, the place had been smashed into ruins in the blink of an eye.

“Haodong, what should we do?”

“Of course we have to get even with the Sun family. No one is allowed to suppress us, not even the Sun family.”

Qin Haodong already understood everything. If the Sun family was not taken care of completely, then the Lin Group would not have a foothold in Shanghai. It was time for them to be the bullies.

He took out his mobile phone and immediately dialed Ma Wenzhuo, “Take everyone from the company and come with me to get even with the Sun family.”

“Boss, did the Sun family provoke us?”

Realizing that there was about to be a head-on battle, Ma Wenzhuo immediately became excited. “Those bastards from the Sun family. I haven’t liked them since a long time ago, but now these brats dared to mess with my brother. They must be taught a lesson this time. Wait there, I will bring everyone right away.”

With that, he hung up the phone. Then, he immediately pressed the Daddy Security Company’s emergency assembly button.

Everyone from the Daddy Security Company was skilled in martial arts. With the help of the Spirit Culturing Elixir, they were all at least at the Covert Power Realm. Their movements were very fast. In less than 30 seconds, all 100 members of the Daddy Security Company were gathered.

“Brothers, our boss needs us to go do something. It’s time for you guys to perform. Stay on your toes and don’t lose face. Otherwise, I will skin you guys alive after we return.”


100 people shouted with a deafening sound.

Originally, they were all retired soldiers with injuries. It was Qin Haodong who had cured them and given them a job; each of them had received a settlement fee of 10 million yuan some time back.

Right then, Qin Haodong was their god. No matter what they were told to do, they would go ahead and do it without retreating.

After gathering everyone, Ma Wenzhuo took the lead in getting on the car. More than a dozen minivans left the Daddy Security Company majestically.

In the western suburbs of Shanghai, there was a super-luxurious manor. It not only had an area of more than six and a half hectares, it was also near the mountains and a river. The manor was decorated luxuriously and had an imposing aura.

This was where the Sun family, one of the three families in Shanghai, was living. The front of the magnificent manor was guarded by eight bodyguards in suits. They were standing up straight, looking so imposing that ordinary people did not dare approach them at all.

The bodyguards guarding the entrance of the Sun family manor were normally extremely idle, because no one dared to go there and create trouble.

That day, the bodyguards were guarding the entrance when suddenly more than 10 vehicles drove towards them and stopped at the entrance of the manor.

After the cars stopped, Qin Haodong, Ma Wenzhuo and Lin Momo got out of the cars first.

Seeing that someone had dared to stop directly at the entrance of the Sun family’s manor, the captain of the bodyguards immediately stepped forward and shouted, “Who are you guys? Do you not see what this place is? You actually dare to stop in front of the Sun family manor’s entrance. Hurry up and leave, otherwise I will smash your car…”

In the past, no one dared to mess with the Sun family; for that reason, these bodyguards were used to being arrogant. However things were beyond their expectations this time.

Before the captain of the bodyguards had finished speaking, Ma Wenzhuo had already kicked him away. The captain smashed heavily into the door.

Qin Haodong waved to all the members of the Daddy Security Company behind him. He commanded, “Smash this place. Destroy it!”

Since the Sun family dared to smash his Lin Group building, he wanted to smash the Sun family’s manor.

After receiving the order, everyone from the Daddy Security Company shouted as they immediately rushed towards the Sun family’s manor.

The other bodyguards were kicked away before could react. Then, the multimillion-dollar gate of the manor collapsed and turned into a pile of scrap iron in the blink of an eye.

Everyone at the Daddy Security Company were experts at the Covert Power Realm or above. The destructive power of these people working together was astonishing. Along the way, the originally luxurious facilities of the Sun family turned into piles of rubble.

Inside the Sun family manor, Sun Qianqian and Mr. Zhang were standing in front of Sun Shengtian in the hall of the family master’s villa.

Mr. Zhang said, “Family master, I have completed the task. The Lin Group property has been completely smashed.”

Sun Shengtian nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad!”

He turned his head and said to the housekeeper next to him, “Is Mr. Li still not back?”

The housekeeper said, “Family master, I haven’t heard anything, but he should be back soon.”

Sun Shengtian felt the same, as he did not expect Mr. Li to fail. It would be impossible for an expert of his level to lose against a college student.

He said with a ruthless expression, “When that kid named Qin is brought here, I will show him the consequences of offending the Sun family, even if he is Zhou Xinzhu’s boyfriend. There is only a dead end for anyone who offends the dignity of the Sun family.”

As the family master of the Sun family, there was only strength in his eyes, no right or wrong. Although he knew that Sun Qianqian must have done something shameful in this matter, that was not important, because the Sun family’s fists were fierce enough.

Sun Qianqian also said, “Grandpa, you must teach that kid a lesson. He went too far.”

“Family master, so-so-something terrible has happened.”

Right at that moment, a bodyguard stumbled in.

The look on Sun Shengtian’s face turned dark as he said with dissatisfaction, “What’s all the fuss? Why are you in a panic?”

The bodyguard said, “Family master, someone is smashing our Sun family manor. They are smashing everything and hitting everyone they see along the way. Our people can’t stop them at all. We’ve suffered heavy losses.”

“What did you say? How is this possible?” Sun Shengtian suddenly sat up from his chair. He could not believe that this was true. The Sun family had been dominating Shanghai for so many years, no one had ever dared to smash their place.

“Master, it’s the truth. The leader is a young man. King Ma is also with him.”

This bodyguard had recognized Ma Wenzhuo but not Qin Haodong.

“Why is King Ma here?”

Sun Shengtian had heard of the recent rise of a new rich person in Shanghai, but he had not taken it to heart. He had heard that King Ma’s cultivation was only half-a-step to the Supreme Power Realm, while he had several experts in the Supreme Power Realm!

He said to the housekeeper, “Go and invite the three benefactors from the Three Friends of Winter and immediately recruit manpower. Let’s go out and have a look.”

The housekeeper responded then immediately ran out.

Qin Haodong crashed through the Sun family manor with his men. They smashed everything along the way. Although countless bodyguards from the Sun family had rushed out, they were useless against the powerful Daddy Security Company. The bodyguards weren’t even able to stop them as they were completely crushed, left wailing on the ground.

Suddenly, another group of people rushed out from within the manor. This group was led by an old man with white hair, Sun Shengtian, the family master of the Sun family.

Three middle-aged men wearing long robes followed behind him. At a glance, they looked like experts, as they had extraordinary auras.

There were many warriors that surrounded these three people. However, their cultivations were not high, as only a few of them had reached the Covert Power Realm.

“Stop!” Sun Shengtian shouted with authority.

Then, he noticed that Qin Haodong and the others had ignored him, as they continued to beat people up and smash the place.

The people from the Daddy Security Company only had Qin Haodong in their eyes, so they would not listen to anyone else. As long as their boss did not speak, they would not stop. Therefore, they continued to smash the place.

Sun Sheng was so angry that his beard bounced, as he shouted to Ma Wenzhuo, “King Ma, isn’t this too much? Quickly tell your men to stop.”

Ma Wenzhuo said happily, “Geezer Sun, you’re mistaken. The Daddy Security Company does not belong to me. This is my boss.”

With that, he pointed towards Qin Haodong who stood with his hands behind his back.

Sun Shengtian looked at Qin Haodong and shouted harshly, “Kid, who are you? What right do you have to smash my place? Quickly tell your men to stop.”

“Stop? Why should they stop?”

Qin Haodong sneered and continued, “You smashed my jewelry company earlier, so I will smash your manor.”

“So you’re that rascal who bullied my granddaughter!” Only then did Sun Shengtian realize Qin Haodong’s identity. “Why are you here? Where is Mr. Li?” Sun Shengtian asked.

“Are you talking about him?” Qin Haodong waved behind him and Saber threw Mr. Li, who was bound like a Chinese bamboo rice-pudding.

Sun Shengtian’s expression changed greatly as he said angrily, “Qin Haodong, you stole my granddaughter’s property, and now you even beat up the people of my Sun family. Do you think we are that easy to bully?

“I will give you a chance now. Hurry up and tell your men to stop, otherwise bear the consequences.”

Qin Haodong slightly smiled. “Really? I want to see what consequences will be.”

Sun Shengtian waved his hand and said to the bodyguards behind him, “Attack together!”


The people he had brought with him were not ordinary bodyguards. They were all elites of the Sun family. After receiving the order, they went up to face the people from the Daddy Security Company.

Originally, Sun Shengtian thought that he would win the battle since he was at his own home. However, the expression on his face soon changed. Although the Sun family had more bodyguards, their cultivation was a lot weaker than their opponents’.

All the members of the Daddy Security Company were at the Covert Power Realm or above, while only a few bodyguards from the Sun family were at the Covert Power realm. All the others were defeated in one move, so how could they fight?

In less than three minutes, the Daddy Security Company had won an overwhelming victory. The people from the Sun family were beaten to the ground as they rolled and crawled. They were completely frightened; all of them looked miserable.

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