The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 532 - Young Master Chu Made The Headlines

Chapter 532 Young Master Chu Made The Headlines

Chu Huaiyu was speechless. As the Chu family’s young master, he would often say those words to other people. But they were being repeated to him at the moment.

However, he didn’t have the time to think about who Qin Haodong was. Since his bodyguards had betrayed him, he could only ask for help from other people.

He started to yell desperately, “Help! Someone help me…!”

The head bodyguard said with a sneer, “You can stop yelling. We sent everyone away before coming in, so it’s no use even if you scream at the top of your lungs.”

Reality proved he was right. Chu Huaiyu kept screaming, but there were no movements outside.

This could not be blamed on anyone else but himself, as he had made things difficult for himself. Normally, he would do some shady activities in this room, so the sound insulation was particularly good. There was no one nearby, and no matter how he shouted, his family who were faraway would be unable to hear him.

Seeing that screaming for help was useless, he said to the head bodyguard, “How much money did that kid give you guys? Tell me and I can double it.”

The head bodyguard shook his head and replied, “Young master, it’s not about money. Since you can’t resist it, you should just enjoy it.”

With that, he raised the leather whip in his hand again and screams were heard.

The bodyguards feared that Qin Haodong would be unsatisfied if they went too easy, therefore they used all the methods they knew on Chu Huaiyu.

They also made Chu Huaiyu wear all kinds of clothes that were inside the bag, such as the nurse uniform, a waiter costume, a queen costume, and all kinds of different costumes. It made Chu Huaiyu want to die.

After messing around for half the night, the bodyguards were very satisfied with the results. They posted a few masterpieces on the internet.

Then, they tied up Chu Huaiyu again, gagged his mouth, locked the door and walked out.

The next morning, the family master of the Shanghai’s Sun family, Sun Shengtian, called the housekeeper and asked, “I just went past Xue’s Jewelry. How come there was a Lin’s Jewelry sign hanging on the commercial building opposite us? What’s going on? Are we starting a jewelry business?”

The housekeeper said, “Family master, I’m not sure either. Second young lady is responsible for that property.”

“Tell Qianqian to come here. I will ask her.”

“Yes, family master.”

With that, the housekeeper walked towards Sun Qianqian’s room.

Those past few days, Sun Qianqian had been living in fear. She had lost the property and couldn’t get it back. She also did not dare to tell her family, afraid that her grandfather would find out one day.

“That damned Qin Haodong, where did such a devil come from?” Sun Qianqian had tried all kinds of methods, but they all had no effect on him.

“How can I get the property back?”

While she was sitting in her room thinking about this problem, the housekeeper opened the door and walked in.

“Second young lady, the family master wants to see you.”

Sun Qianqian suddenly became nervous. She pretended to be calm and said, “Does grandpa need something from me?”

The housekeeper said, “It should be something to do with that property you are in charge of. Master just went past there and saw the Lin’s Jewelry sign hanging on it. He wants to ask you about this situation.”

Sun Qianqian was shocked when she heard this. Originally, she had thought that she could hide this for a little longer. But unexpectedly, Qin Haodong had moved so quickly that he had already started using that building.

However, she didn’t dare to ignore the summons when her grandpa called for her. Therefore, she could only relent and follow the housekeeper, before anxiously arriving in front of Sun Shengtian.

“Grandpa, you wanted to see me?”

Sun Shengtian glanced at her and asked, “What happened to that building you’re in charge of? According to the plan, shouldn’t it be turned into a club? How come it changed to a jewelry company? Even if you’re running a jewelry business, it should be called Sun’s Jewelry. How come there’s a Lin’s Jewelry sign?”

“Grandpa… Actually… I…”

Sun Qianqian stuttered for a long time, but could not say the reason.

As the family master of the Sun family, Sun Shengtian was naturally wise as he was immediately able to see that something was wrong. He asked with a cold expression, “What is going on? Tell me the truth.”

“Grandpa, it’s that kid named Qin who was too cruel…”

Sun Qianqian knelt down in front of Sun Shengtian with a plop and told him about the way Qin Haodong had stolen that property.

Of course, she didn’t speak about her own issues. She turned Qin Haodong into a domineering villain, and told him how he had snatched the property from her.

Sun Shengtian was furious after hearing this. He never thought that someone in Shanghai would dare to steal a property from the Sun family.

“Who is that kid? He actually dared to make a move against our Sun family.”

Sun Qianqian said while trembling, “He… He is Zhou Xinzhu’s boyfriend and a martial arts expert.”

She immediately pulled the Zhou family in. This way, it could cover up some of her own incompetence and mistakes.

“Zhou Xinzhu’s boyfriend?” Sun Shengtian said in a cold voice, “No one can mess with our Sun family, not even the Zhou family.”

He said to the housekeeper next to him, “Go get Mr. Zhang and Mr. Li for me.”

Very quickly, the housekeeper brought over two middle-aged men that were around 50 years old. They both served the Sun family and were experts at the level five Covert Power realm.

After they entered, they saluted Sun Shengtian and said, “Family master, is there something you need from us?”

“Mr. Li, I have to trouble you with capturing that kid named Qin for me. If he dares to resist, cripple him.”

“Yes, family master,” Mr. Li answered. He obtained Qin Haodong’s information and address from Sun Qianqian, then he turned around and left.

Sun Shengtian said, “Mr. Zhang, go with Qianqian and bring a number of your men to the Lin’s Jewelry store and tear it apart.”

“Yes, family master!” Mr. Zhang instantly responded. As someone who served the Sun family, he would do anything Sun Shengtian directed him to do, no matter who the enemy was or where they came from.

Seeing that grandpa was finally making a move against Qin Haodong, Sun Qianqian became ecstatic. She could finally vent the anger she had been suppressing at the bottom of her heart those past few days.

She left the Sun family estate with Mr. Zhang in a hurry and headed towards the Lin’s Jewelry.

After Qin Haodong got out of bed, he made breakfast for all the women.

After breakfast, he took out his mobile phone. When he saw the headline on the top searches, his eyes lit up.

The title of the news article was ‘Is Chu family’s young master straight or not?”

Below the heading were various photos of Chu Huaiyu. There was one of him in a nurse uniform, one of him getting whipped, one of him getting dripped with wax, as well as many other hardcore pictures. It made people’s scalps turn numb.

“Not bad. These guys are very efficient!”

Qin Haodong was very satisfied with the way the five bodyguards did things, so he called Nalan Wuxia.

It was the weekend, so the phone rang for a while before Nalan Wuxia’s lazy tone sounded on the other end. It seemed like she was still in bed.

“Haodong, why are you calling me so early in the morning?”

Qin Haodong said, “I have a piece of good news to tell you. From today onwards, Chu Huaiyu won’t be bothering you anymore.”

When Nalan Wuxia heard this, she immediately became wide awake and said, “You didn’t kill him, did you?”

“Killing people is against the law!” Qin Haodong said with a smile, “I didn’t kill him, I just destroyed his reputation. You will know if you take a look at today’s top searched headlines.”

“Don’t hang up yet. I will take a look first,” Nalan Wuxia said as she opened the laptop that was next to her. When she saw the hardcore photos of Chu Huaiyu, she immediately yelled in surprise, “You did this? Isn’t this a bit too cruel?”

Qin Haodong said, “Yes, I did this, but I also didn’t.”

With that, he told her everything about Chu Huaiyu plotting against him the night before with some bodyguards. Then, he said, ” I’m repaying him with his own scheme. I didn’t expect for those bodyguards to do such a good job, filming it like this and even making the headlines.”

Nalan Wuxia laughed after what she heard Qin Haodong say. “Chu Huaiyu is narrow-minded; he actually dared to provoke an evil person like you. However, it’s his own fault for thinking of these twisted ideas. He brought it upon himself.”

Qin Haodong said, “Settling this matter once and for all to avoid other troubles is a good thing. I think that from now on, the Chu family’s young master will be too embarrassed to go outside, let alone harass you.”

The two of them chatted a bit longer before they hung up the phone. Right at that moment, Saber walked in and said, “Boss, there are five people outside who want to see you.”

Qin Haodong knew it was those five bodyguards who had come for the antidote. He grabbed a box of big mountain hawthorn pills next to him and took out five of them. He handed them over to Saber and said, “Go and give these to them. See that they take them right there and have them leave immediately after.”

In reality, he did not possess anything called the Three Days Intestines Shattering Poison. He had just tricked them with his Green Wood Genuine Qi, making them feel like they were dying from pain. However, that was a one-time thing. They would be fine even if they didn’t take any medicine.

Saber took the five mountain hawthorn pills out to give to the bodyguards without asking about it.

Those bodyguards were extremely grateful after receiving the pills. They immediately swallowed them and hurriedly left Shanghai right after.

After they left, another middle-aged man who around 40 to 50 years old arrived. That man was the Sun family’s servant Mr. Li.

Saber saw that Mr. Li had come without any good intentions, so he immediately became alert and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Since he was an expert at the level five Covert Power realm who served the Sun family, Mr. Li had always been arrogant. He raised his chin and said proudly, “Does Qin Haodong live here? Get him to tie himself up and come out to see me, so that he can save himself from some suffering.”

Saber frowned and said angrily, “Who are you? Did you come here looking for trouble?”

“I am Mr. Li, servant from the Shanghai’s Sun family. Quickly get Qin Haodong out here to die.”

“You’re looking for death,” Saber said angrily as he suddenly punched toward Mr. Li’s face.

The color on Mr. Li’s face changed. He originally thought Saber was just an ordinary bodyguard. However, he did not expect for Saber to be that strong. Mr. Li quickly dodged the punch as the two men began fighting each other.

With the help of the Spirit Culturing Elixir, the cultivation of the six people from the Divine Mercenaries was already at the level five Covert Power realm. Being the captain, Saber’s cultivation was not lower than Mr. Li’s cultivation. The two of them were suddenly fighting each other head to head.

Qin Haodong placed the phone down. Right when he was about to enjoy Chu Huaiyu’s photos, Lin Momo rushed in and said with an anxious expression, “Haodong, not good. Something’s happened.”

“What is it?” Qin Haodong asked.

“The person in charge of the Lin Group just called and said that the renovated headquarters were smashed. Some of our employees were also injured.”

Qin Haodong stood up suddenly and said angrily, “Who did it?”

Lin Momo said, “Apparently the leader was Sun Qianqian, the Sun family’s second young lady.”

“That woman is still looking for trouble!”

Qin Haodong said, “Let’s go have a look.”

When he walked out with Lin Momo, he saw the battle between Saber and Mr. Li.

Their cultivation and strength were the same. It was difficult to immediately see a winner.

Qin Haodong said to Sword who was watching on the side, “Who is this?”

Sword said, “He came looking for trouble. I heard him say he is Mr. Li, on behalf of the Sun family.”

“It’s the Sun family again. It seems this time it’s not just Sun Qianqian.”

Qin Haodong’s expression turned cold as he said to Sword, “What are you guys standing there for? Go attack together. We’re in a hurry.”

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