The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 444 - Coming on the Waves

Chapter 444 Coming on the Waves

There was a saying in Huaxia, “Tai Chi brings peace to the world, while the Eight Extremes eliminated all riots.” That actually indicated how powerful the Eight Extremes Boxing could be.

The Moutain Strike Lei Bao used just now was the most powerful move in the Eight Extremes Boxing. During his daily practices, he could break a big tree.

Bancha was completely defeated. Although he was very sturdy and had strong resistance, he couldn’t stop puking blood because that attack had crushed his chest bones.

He flew out of the arena like a sandbag, drawing a perfect arch and fell heavily on the rocky ground.

The inconvincible boxing champion, the Iron Fist Arhat, finally failed on this small island in Huaxia.

Li Ao’s face totally changed. He had his fellows to do the first aid, but Bancha had already stopped breathing.

Seeing Lei Bao beat the opponent, Long Haisheng felt such a relief. Now Jiangnan and Jiangbei had won a round respectively. The situation went back to where they started.

He stood up and shouted to Li Ao, “We still have another round to go. It will decide who the winner will be.”

Lei Bao had been giving out overwhelming pressure since he beat Bancha. He asked in the arena, “Who’s the next one?”

Li Ao looked at Lei Bao, and then moved his eyes to Long Haisheng. He sneered. “I never knew you had a trump card, but that won’t help you, either. You’re facing an opponent you can’t afford to provoke. I brought up this arena proposal because I had mu own trump card, too. You’ll soon be dead!”

Lei Bao yelled, “Cut the crap. Just send you people in the arena if you agreed to go on.”

He had checked most of Li Ao’s fellows. They were neither any match for him nor Bancha. That was why he yelled so confidently.

“Good for you to be so courageous.” Li Ao sneered. Then he turned around and yelled at the water surrounding the island. “Please show yourself, Master Long!”

More than 20 people yelled with him. “Welcome, Master Long!”

Their voice echoed in on the river, sounding quite imposing.

Long Haisheng and Lei Bao were very surprised because they could hardly see a single boat on the river.

Qin Haodong glanced at the river and smiled. Li Ao surely had invited a powerhouse here.

At this moment, a shadow popped out from nowhere on the river. The man was standing on waves which carried him forward like a dragon. The speed was surprisingly fast.

The setting sun cast glamorous light on water, making the guy look taller and taller. He skimmed over the water surface and came to the island like a real god.

Li Ao looked even prouder when he saw how imposing the man was. He turned around and yelled at Long Haisheng. “Master Long’s here! You’re so dead today!”

Qin Haodong felt it funny because standing on waves was no more than a low-end trick in the eyes of supreme powers. He could sleep on the river if he wanted.

He could tell it that although the man had reached the Supreme Power Realm newly, which meant he was among the lowest supreme powers.

It was better for a freshman to keep a low profile rather than show off.

Qin Haodong was the calmest one among all the onlookers. Long Haisheng looked quite nervous. He knew few about martial arts, but he was clear that standing on waves was no ordinary tricks. He thought Li Ao had invited a peerless master.

Lei Bao’s face became grim. He knew what standing on waves meant. The man was driving the Qi of Heaven and Earth for his own use, which was a unique power of those in Supreme Power Realm. The man was, indeed, a supreme power.

He thought there would be no worthy opponent for him in the arena today because he had already reached half-a-step to Supreme Power Realm. He had never expected that Li Ao would invite a real supreme power.

His half a step to Supreme Power Realm drew a distinctive line between him and the real supreme powers. He was a proud man, but not proud enough to believe that he could advance through the boundary and beat a real supreme power.

He was hesitating. He had even thought about quitting, but he knew that would disgrace him as a warrior. He would never drop down his pride.

Moreover, he knew what this meant to him. Once he gave in, Long Haisheng would lose the entire underground world to Li Ao, with the addition of reckon of five million yuan.

He decided if he had to die, he would die fighting. He would never chicken out.

He had made up his mind to fight with his life for the honor. Just by then, a voice whispered to him.

“You are no match for him.”

Lei Bao turned around and found it was Qin Haodong.

“Were it about my honor, I would lay down my life! I don’t care if the opponent was a supreme power or not, I’d rather die fighting than chicken out!”

“That’s noble!”

Although Lei Bao had been rude to Qin Haodong at first, Qin Haodong liked the blunt big guy. He admired him even more when he decided to fight for Long Haishen with his life, knowing there was no hope for him to win. Qin Haodong seldom met a warrior that was so noble and loyal.

He was thinking about winning the game for Long Haisheng, but it would be so unfair for him to bully that fresh supreme power. He then changed his idea and decided to help Lei Bao and had the guy fighting for him.

“Do you want to win?” Qin Haodong asked.

“What kind of question is that? Of course, I’m dying to win!”

“Then follow me.”

Qin Haodong grabbed Lei Bao’s hand and walked out of the arena.

Lei Bao didn’t know what Qin Haodong was going to do. He tried to get rid of him, only to find that he couldn’t shake Qin Haodong’s hand off no matter how hard he tried.

Qin Haodong’s power felt like a boundless ocean, and Lei Bao’s Genuine Qi was like a drop of water which failed to create ripples in the ocean.

“He’s a supreme power!”

Till then, Lei Bao had realized how formidable the young man was. He was being ridiculous to challenge Qin Haodong, because he was no stronger than a bug to the supreme power.

Qin Haodong didn’t care what Lei Bao was thinking, He took him out of the arena and said, “Sit down with your leg crossed.”

Lei Bao couldn’t respect Qin Haodong more after he knew the young man was a supreme power. He followed Qin Haodong’s order without any doubt, sitting on the ground with his leg crossed immediately.

“Be calm and concentrate your spirit in your dantian. I’ll help you to reach the Supreme Power Realm.”

Qin Haodong took out his needle bag and pierced one through Baihui Point on Lei Bao’s head.

Lei Bao was much more talented than Ge Chunqiu. It was very rare for a man to reach half-a-step to Supreme Power Realm at such a young age.

From a cultivation point of view, Lei Bao was also much stronger than Ge Chunqiu. He was so close to the next level that he could easily be promoted with Qin Haodong’s help. That was also part of the reason why Qin Haodong asked him to make a breakthrough at this moment.

Lei Bao felt his heart had twitched when Qin Haodong agreed to help him. He felt thrilled because he had been stuck at the current level for almost five years. Sometimes he felt the next level so close yet so far away for him to reach.

Becoming a supreme power was every warrior’s dream. He wondered why Qin Haodong was willing to help him.

As he was mind-wandering, a voice sounded in his ear like a thunderbolt. “Don’t be absent-minded! You’re leading yourself to Qi Deviation!”

Lei Bao then realized that he was putting himself in danger. He had to keep calm and concentrated at this moment, or a Qi Deviation might happen at any time.

He managed to collect himself and try to enter the non-distraction state.

At the same time, the supreme power that came on the waves jumped on the island. He actually looked quite young, maybe in his thirties.

Li Ao greeted him with a flatter face. He bowed to him and said, “Hail to Master Long!”

The man didn’t react to him much. He nodded and put his hands behind his back, walking onto the arena step by step.

Li Ao followed him closely. He looked so proud and confident. He thought the victory was already his this time. In his mind, he was picturing how he would run the underworld of Jiangnan and Jiangbei.

Some people were glad to welcome Master Long, while others felt nervous, including Long Haisheng. The man was moving on the river like taking a walk in a garden. Long Haisheng was terrified.

He turned around and looked at Qin Haodong and Lei Bao, only to see one sitting on the ground, being acupunctured on the head by another. He wondered what the two were doing.

As soon as the man stepped onto the arena, Lin Ao called out. “Long Haisheng, do you know who this is? This is Master Long, one of the five generals of Qing Gang from overseas.”

Long Haisheng’s face looked grim. He didn’t reply to him. No wonder Li Ao had the guts to initiate the arena fight. It turned out he already had the Qing Gang supporting him.

“You killed Master Long’s younger brother Li Hu a few days ago. Today he’s here to avenge his brother. Get your neck prepared for his slit!”

Li Ao was getting prouder and prouder. He could’ve laughed out if without the formidable guy standing next to him.

The young man was Li Hu ‘s elder brother, Li Long, one of the five generals of the Qing Gang.

He was busy breaking the bottleneck to be a supreme power. He didn’t even have the time to celebrate the breakthrough because he heard about his brother’s death as soon as he came out from the seclusion. He was told his brother had been killed in Huaxia, so he came over here hastily.

He swore he would put whoever killed his brother into miserable death!

Before Li Ao finished talking, Li Long looked down at other onlookers and asked coldly, “Who killed my brother? Stand out now!”

“It was me!” Qin Haodong pierced the last silver needle into Lei Bao’s back. Then he raised his head and admitted. “Your brother deserved it. I did it as a favor.”

Seeing Qin Haodong admitting that he was the murderer, Li Long asked with a twisted face, “Who are you? Are you going onto the arena?”

“You’re not a worthy opponent for me.” Qin Haodong said and pointed to Lei Bao. “He can be your opponent. You can avenge your brother’s death after you win the arena fight.”

Li Long looked at Qin Haodong. His facial expression changed again and again. He was eager to avenge his brother’s death, but he had to keep rational at the same time.

Li Long couldn’t detect any waves of Genuine Qi inside the young man. He couldn’t make out his cultivation level. There were usually two explanations for that: either Qin Haodong was an ordinary guy without any Genuine Qi inside, or Qin Haodong’s level was so high that his power started to return to its original nature.

He knew Qin Haodong must be quite capable because he had killed his brother, but if his second guess was right, Qin Haodong would be a horrible opponent.

He held his eagerness to avenge his brother and decided to wait until he had the full detail of Qin Haodong’s background. He then moved his eyes to Lei Bao who had silver needles all over him.

Li Ao yelled. “Long Haisheng. Master Long is here! Shall we go on? You can give up if you wouldn’t dare.”

Qin Haodong said: “Don’t worry, just wait for ten minutes. Let Bao would be ready to fight with you by then.”

Li Long looked at Lei Bao. He suddenly realized something. Then he asked in surprise, “Are you trying to help him to make the breakthrough?”

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