The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 443 - Iron Fist Arhat

Chapter 443 Iron Fist Arhat

Li Ao’s eyes skimmed over Long Haisheng’s fellows. His eyes didn’t stop when seeing Qin Haodong and moved away quickly to Lei Bao. His facial expression changed slightly when he saw the man.

At the same time, Qin Haodong was checking those people standing behind Li Ao. He had already seen through their cultivation remotely.

Among these people, the most powerful people were a young man with a robe in his hand. The general cultivation level of these people was no better than ordinary. Some of them hadn’t reached the Covert Power Realm yet.

That lean young man with rope had merely reached the eighth level of the Covert Power. If that was all Li Ao had today, there was no doubt that Long Haisheng would be the winner tonight.

Li Ao walked to Long Haisheng with a taunting face. “Long Haisheng, I invited you to join my business, but you wouldn’t. Why do we have to end up like this? If you lose it to me tonight, there would be no place for you in Jiangnan City in the future.”

Long Haisheng replied calmly. “I don’t argue with those who don’t understand me, and I don’t want to coexist with those who don’t share my mind. I don’t want to do all the dirty laundry with you.”

Li Ao didn’t care about Long Haisheng’s sarcasm, twitched his lips a little, and said, “We both live life on the street. Why do you have to pretend to be so lofty? If you keep being so stubborn, we’ll decide the runner of Jiangnan and Jiangbei by the arena. I hope you wouldn’t regret your loss.”

Long Haisheng looked decisive. “I’ll never lose, and even if I have to, I don’t regret.”

“Then let’s sign the contract. Have you brought the money?”

After Li Ao said that, both parties took a look at each other’s check and signed the agreement.

The agreement was sealed in a box and put in the corner of the arena. The winner of the gambling would own the box later.

After everything was ready, both parties went to one side of the arena. Li Ao’s fellow went on the stage first. It was the fierce man with rope in his hand.

Long Haisheng turned around and looked at Ye Kai and Lei Bao. He then asked, “Who’s first?”

Ye Kai said, “Let’s save my brother for the last and most important round. I’ll be the first one.”

Nobody else could see other people’s cultivation levels within a glance like Qin Haodong. Ye Kai felt better about himself ever than before. He had promoted himself from the fifth level to the sixth level of the Covert Power, which made him confident in beating the opponent.

Long Haisheng seemed a little worried. “Are you sure you can beat him? Master Ye?”

Ye Kai answered casually, “That’s no big deal. It’s just a boy who had learned Muay Thai. I can handle that.”

He said and stood up. Then he leaped and landed on the arena like a flying eagle.

Seeing Ye Kai moved so swiftly, Long Haisheng calmed down for a bit. At least the guy wouldn’t be beaten like last time.

After he landed on the stage, the two were prepared. The fierce man glared at Ye Kai. His two hands, with ropes tangled on it, made a hold fist salute. Then he said in rough Huaxia Language, “Let’s begin!”

He bowed and bounced like a spring, leaping two meters high into the air. His fist came down from above, targeting at Ye Kai’s face.

Ye Kai’s face changed slightly. He could tell how powerful the young man was according to the way he moved. He waved out his fist to confront the attack fist-to-fist.

After a muffled collision, Ye Kai felt a sharp pain on his fist, then he stepped a few steps back, finding that there was no match for the young man on both the power and hardness of the fist. He had already been injured after the confrontation.

Qin Haodong shook his head. He could tell the young man was a Muay Thai master. Those who practiced Muay Thai always wore ropes. They would punch rocks again and again, crushing their bones so that the new bones could grow out stronger.

Apparently, Ye Kai was unaware of that. He was trying to confront the tough with his toughness. It was inevitable that he would get injured.

He was able to stall the guy for a while if he took advantage of his subtle fighting skills and swift bodily movement, but now it seemed that he would soon lose the match.

That fierce guy didn’t stop after he found he was making progress. He didn’t want to give Ye Kai any chance to rest. He pushed forward and kneed Ye Kai heavily on the chest.

Ye Kai pushed used the counterforce and pushed the knee away from his chest, but the fierce young man was about to elbow him from above his head.

The gap between their cultivations was huge. What was worse, and then the young man had made his move before Ye Kai was ready. That put Ye Kai in passive defense.

Ye Kai was exerting all his energy, He crossed his arms and blocked the elbowing. The strike was so powerful that his arms were nearly shocked numb.

He knew this wasn’t going well for him because the young man seemed to be a real Muay Thai Master.

Now that he had totally lost the first chance, the only thing he could do was to stall the opponent, waiting for a flaw in his move so that he could grab the opportunity and fight back.

However, the opponent was clearly a master in combat. He wouldn’t let his opponent find a single flaw. Two more rounds later, Ye Kai could no longer resist his attack. One punch on his chest, he flew out of the arena like a kite in a storm, puking blood in the air.

Qin Haodong had already been prepared for this. He moved forward and picked up Ye Kai, trying not to let him fall on the ground and get injured again.

Lei Bao strode over and asked, “Mr. Qin, how is he?”

He saw Ye Kai’s clothes get torn apart on the chest. On the lower part of his right chest, there was a clear fist print measuring inches across.

Other onlookers felt their blood frozen out of fear. The fierce young man was punching so hard that Ye Kai’s chest bones had been snapped. Fortunately, the punch was on the right chest, or Ye Kai’s heart could’ve blasted if it was on the left.

Qin Haodong took a black pill and fed it to Ye Kai. “You’ve been badly injured. It will take a long time to recover.”

Ye Kai’s injury this time was much more serious than last time. His internal organs were all shattered to be dislocated. He could’ve been punched dead if Qin Haodong wasn’t here to save him.

Li Ao had already stood on the arena, seeming quite proud. “Long Haisheng, how are you feeling? Are you scared? Are you nervous? Losing one more round, you’ll be kicked out of Jiangnan City.”

Long Haisheng replied with a grim face, “Li Ao, it’s a best of three. Isn’t it too early for you to get so happy?”

“I tell you what, Long Haisheng. The victory has to be mine.” Li Ao said proudly, “That young master is Bancha, a boxing champion I invited from Thailand. He was called the Iron Fist Arhat. Those fellows of yours wouldn’t be his match even if they fought him together.

You can send them here if you don’t mind they’ll live or die.”

He laughed wildly and walked out of the arena.

“You bastard! I’ll stand up for my brother!’

Lei Bao roared and strode into the arena.


Long Haisheng looked at Qin Haodong nervously. It was a best-of-three match, and if they lost this round again, he would have to surrender to Li Ao.

He originally wanted Qin Haodong to join the second round. He had never seen them fight, but he somehow felt that Qin Haodong would be much more reliable than Lei Bao.

“Relax; he’s not going to lose.”

Qin Haodong said to Long Haisheng. Then he took out his silver needles and tried to cure Ye Kai.

Lei Bao was only half-a-step to Supreme Power Realm, but that was high enough for him to beat Bancha, no matter how fierce the boxing champion seemed to be.

Lei Bao looked like a rough guy, but he was also talented in cultivation, given the fact that he had reached such a high realm at such a young age.

Long Haisheng calmed down after he heard Qin Haodong’s words. He sat back on his chair and looked into the arena.

On the arena, Lei Bao was standing in front of Bancha, face to face. One of them was over two meters tall, while the others merely reached 1.6 meters; the contradiction was huge.

That didn’t seem to bother Bancha at all. He had blown enough giants’ heads these years. Lei Bao was no more than another one of them. The boxing champion couldn’t care less about this guy.

Lei Bao asked, “Do you need a break?”

He was furious at this moment and eager to avenge his brother, but he didn’t want to beat an exhausted enemy. That would be no honor for him.

Bancha refused proudly, “That won’t be necessary. Your brother was barely qualified as a warming-up.”

“You’re playing with fire!”

Lei Bao’s Eight Extremes Boxing punched towards Bancha’s head. That move had a name: Five Mountains into the Heaven.

Bancha looked very disdainful, thinking that the idiot was so easily provoked.

He had been practicing Muay Thai at a young age. He didn’t fear any direct fist collision because there were no fists tougher than his in this world. Lei Bao was a tall guy with long arm reach, which made him very difficult to be avoided. Therefore, Baocha provoked Lei Bao, hoping he could get rid of the big guy within on punch.

However, he didn’t know that Eight Extremes Boxing was also known for its resistance and roughness. It was even more violent than Muay Thai.

Bancha thought his little trick was successful. His right hand clenched and smashed heavily on Lei Bao’s fist.

He was called Iron Fist Arhat because his strength was all on the fist. He could crush pillars and bending steels. Therefore, he was sure this punch would shatter Lei Bao’s fist and disable him.

The two fists collided in a huge booming sound. Bancha didn’t hear Lei Bao’s bone cracking. On the contrary, a strong force hit him back. He rolled away like a leaf whirling in the storm. Lucky for him, he flew onto the guard bars which prevented him from being knocked out of the arena.

Lei Bao was barely influenced by the collision. His tall body remained still on the spot. There was a taunting smile on his face. Just as Qin Haodong had expected, the rough and carefree man was a martial genius. Bancha was plotting against him, and at the same time, he was plotting against Bancha.

Although he had the upper hand now, he didn’t want to give Bancha any chance to fight back. His tall and strong body moved swiftly and approached Bancha within seconds. The Eight Extremes Boxing smashed down heavily on Bancha’s head.

Bancha now realized that he had met a qualified opponent who was more powerful than he imagined. He moved his feet and dodged the attack.

However, the key point of Muay Thai was to be fierce and violent. The cultivators should take the upper wind by attacking aggressively. Once they started to dodge, there was hardly any chance for them to take the upper hand again.

Lei Bao’s Eight Extremes Boxing was very aggressive. His long arm reach made half the arena become his territory. Bancha kept taking steps back, and finally, there was no more space for him to hide.

Bancha knew he was going to lose. He clenched his teeth and played his trump card, which was the fiercest move in Muay Thai, called Double Flying Kick.

He used the counterforce of the guard bars to bounce him up into the air. Then his left leg kicked towards Lei Bao’s head. That move could be bluff or a real kick, so most opponents would avoid it, which got themselves kicked by the right leg.

Lei Bao didn’t belong to “most opponents”. He didn’t even try to dodge. His left elbow pushed himself into the center of the arena, and then he yelled. “Eight Extremes Boxing! Moutain Strike!

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