The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 437 - So Unfair

Chapter 437 So Unfair

A light flashed in Ruan Zhendong and Ruan Zhennan’s eyes. They yelled at the same time, “Are you sure?”

No wonder they were so excited. Ge Chunqiu was powerful, but judging by the acupuncture skill Qin Haodong just showed, they wouldn’t dare to confront Qin Haodong.

Moreover, Qin Haodong had 30 powerful gunmen waiting outside. The Lutheran Society wouldn’t be able to resist those people.

Things would be totally different if they only had to deal with the soft beautiful woman. They believed Ge Chunqiu could defeat Lin Momo in any case.

Qin Haodong said, “Of course, I am a man of my word, unlike your people who tried to steal the money you lost to me.”

Seeing Qin Haodong being so serious, Lin Momo asked nervously, “Haodong, are you sure I can do that?”

Qin Haodong had taught her some fighting skills since she reached the Gold Core Realm, but she had never fought with somebody for real. Therefore, she was a little nervous.

Qin Haodong was holding the little fellow and patted on her shoulder with another hand, “Don’t be nervous. You’ll defeat him easily.”

Seeing her mommy was going to fight, the little fellow clapped her hands in excitement, trying to cheer Lin Momo up. “You can do it, mom! Beat that bad old man!”

Lin Momo nodded; she completely trusted Qin Haodong. They guy wouldn’t let her suffer as long as he was with her.

Ge Chunqiu was so mad. He was close to be a Supreme Power Realm warrior. He felt furious seeing how the three people despised him.

“You must be sick of living. I’ll send you to hell for a family reunion.”

Ge Chunqiu screamed angrily. He raised his hand and pressed it towards Lin Momo’s face.

Seeing the old man was fighting for real, Lin Momo gritted her teeth and pressed back.

Seeing the woman close her eyes, Ge Chunqiu grew angrier because he knew the woman had never fought with other people before. His palm met Lin Momo’s palms in full.

After a loud clash, the most shocking thing had happened. Lin Momo was standing there still, but Ge Chunqiu had been thrown many steps back. His eyebrows and beard were waving in the airflow.

Seeing what happened in front of them, Ruan Zhendong and Ruan Zhennan almost bit their tongues out of surprise. They clearly knew how powerful Ge Chunqiu was. The old man had defeated Anthony within one move. They couldn’t believe that he had been pushed back by that woman.

Ge Chunqiu was just as shocked as they were; he was so close to becoming a master, but the woman’s covert power was much stronger than his. He wondered if Lin Momo was a supreme power, but he had never heard about a woman who had become a supreme power at such a young age.

Upon beating back Ge Chunqiu, Lin Momo opened her eyes. She felt much calmer since the old man wasn’t as powerful as she thought.

Ge Chunqiu could have suffered a break down if he knew what Lin Momo was thinking. It wasn’t because he wasn’t powerful enough; it was because Lin Momo was too powerful.

“No! No! First of all, don’t close your eyes when facing an enemy. You need to concentrate. You haven’t even used one-tenth of your power just now. If you concentrated enough, the old man would be puking blood by now.”

Qin Haodong was busy instructing Lin Momo. Ge Chunqiu almost spat out blood when he heard what Qin Haodong said. The couple was taking him as a practice target. That was so disrespectful!

That was a little too much for him at that moment. He rushed over to Lin Momo again, using his fists, palms, legs, and feet. The attacks fell on Lin Momo like a storm.

Although Lin Momo was just a beginner, she was an out-and-out supreme power at the third level, which was much higher than Ge Chunqiu’s realm. Moreover, her cultivation approach was special, which gave her very sensitive consciousness. She looked a little panicked, but she could deal with it all by herself.

Qin Haodong was nodding. The whetstone seemed to be just perfect. If his cultivation level was lower, that would be no challenge for Lin Momo; if it was higher, Lin Momo would be defeated too soon.

He continued to instruct Lin Momo, “You used that Five Phoenix Skill too early. Try to switch faster between moves.”

“That is wrong, you should just slap his face…”

“Another tip for you… you should kick his butt…”

The little fellow kept clapping to cheer Lin Momo up. “Well done, mommy! Punch him!”

Ge Chunqiu’s beard was twitching out of anger. That was so different from his fights with other powerhouses. The woman had an instructor, a girl to cheer her up. They were treating him like air.

His attack became more and more intense due to his rage. He wanted to beat Lin Momo as fast as he could, but the gap was vast. There was nothing he could do about it no matter how hard he tried.

At the same time, as Lin Momo became familiar with the fighting skills, she grew more stable and subtle, making much progress under Qin Haodong’s guidance.

In that circumstance, the situation had changed. At first, Lin Momo was a little panicked to deal with it, but Ge Chunqiu was in a disadvantageous position at the moment.

A couple of minutes later, Lin Momo’s advantage in cultivation had come in to good use. She slapped Ge Chunqiu’s shoulder. The man flew backwards.

Ruan Zhendong and Ruan Zhennan’s changed dramatically. They couldn’t believe that Ge Chunqiu, who appeared to be so mysterious and unattainable to them, had been defeated by a seemingly weak woman.

Ge Chunqiu was so angry that even his eyes had turned red. He was a proud exalted fighter. He couldn’t accept the fact that he had been defeated in such a humiliating way.

Qin Haodong said excitedly, “You’re still not giving up, aren’t you? Let’s do it again! This round doesn’t count!”

He turned back and said to Lin Momo, “You’ve made quite a progress, but you need to be more skilled when you’re using your power. You’ve missed the best chance, otherwise the old man would be puking blood now. Try to stick to that this time…”


Being half a step to the Supreme Power Realm, Ge Chunqiu would have never thought that he would be used as a practicing target. He had lost all of his dignity and pride as a powerhouse.

He jumped at Lin Momo out of anger.

Unfortunately, anger wouldn’t do him any good because the power gap was too huge, and it was getting wider and wider. Five minutes later, Ge Chunqiu was kicked by Lin Momo on his butt. He flew away again.

“One more time!”

Ge Chunqiu flew back like crazy. He was on the edge of melting down.

Three minutes later, he was hit on the back and puked blood.

Qin Haodong praised her, “Nice move. Much better than just now. Pay attention to control your power, don’t beat him too hard. The man’s too old. If you hurt him too badly, you’ll lose your practicing target.”

Ge Chunqiu puked even more blood upon hearing that.

“Stop! I give up!”

Qin Haodong said aloud, “Don’t do that! The whole Lutheran Society is counting on you! You can’t yield! Let’s forget about the last round and do it again!”

For the fourth time, Ge Chunqiu was pushed away by Lin Momo, flying backwards, puking blood in the air.

He climbed up from the ground and looked at Qin Haodong with horrified eyes, “Stop. This is definitely the last time. I could die from this if you go on.”

“It’s okay, just one more time. I’ll tell her to be gentle…”

Qin Haodong was trying his best to persuade Ge Chunqiu, but no matter how hard he tried, Ge Chunqiu wouldn’t do it again. He had been severely injured by the attacks, and if he continued, he knew he would die in that place.

The most important thing was that he had realized the gap between Lin Momo and himself. He just wondered where this freak came from because she obviously knew nothing about fighting but surprisingly had a high cultivation level.

“Well then, we’ll stop for the sake of your old age. Let’s call it a day today. We’ll find another chance to do this again.” Qin Haodong turned around and looked at the Ruan brothers. “How about that? Can you find us another man? We can forget about your failure just now.”

Ruan Zhendong and Ruan Zhennan were completely dumbfounded. They called Qin Haodong to that place because they wanted to hold him hostage to threaten those people outside.

They had no idea that the young man was so powerful that he could beat the legendary Ge Chunqiu like beating a dog. They were at the end of their wits.

Only by then did they realize what a horrifying person they had messed with. They wouldn’t have gone after the jade no matter how much it was worth, if they had known how powerful Qin Haodong was.

They had offended him and they couldn’t defeat him, which meant they had to pay Qin Haodong seven billion yuan. That was a great sum of money which they had no way to produce.

Even though Ruan Zhennan was known for being resourceful, he had no idea how they could deal with Qin Haodong after that. Just when they were hesitating, Zhao Er rushed in and yelled, “Sir! General Li Site is here! He brought many people and surrounded us!”

“Thank god, they’re here to save us!”

Ruan Zhendong felt like crying. No matter how powerful Qin Haodong was, General Li Site was the man dominating the Golden Triangle Area. Qin Haodong couldn’t possibly fight against thousands of soldiers.

Ruan Zhennan was also relieved because he knew the Lutheran Society had maintained a good relationship with General Li Site. Their keeper, Han Baochang, was his close friend.

He asked Zhao Er to call Han Baochang just in case. Zhao Er told him briefly about the situation there. They never thought Li Site himself would show up. He must care a lot about the Lutheran Society.

In excitement, he pulled Ruan Zhendong back a few steps, because he didn’t want to be held hostage by Qin Haodong. Then he yelled, “Qin Haodong! You’re so dead today! General Li Site will stand for us!”

Qin Haodong smiled and sat back on the sofa with the little fellow in his arms. “Fine then. I’m here waiting for him. We’ll see how he stands up for you.”

As soon as he finished talking, a group of armored soldiers broke into the hall, followed by General Li Site who was in military uniform. He strode into the hall and his keeper, Han Baochang, was behind him.

Ruan Zhendong tried to greet him, “Finally! Sir! You came to our aid! They’ve been making trouble for us…”

He barely finished his sentence when he found that General Li Site wasn’t even listening to him. He strode toward Qin Haodong and asked with great concern, “Doctor Qin, are you OK?”

Ruan Zhendong was totally confused, wasn’t General Li Site there to support them?

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