The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 436 - A Piece of Whetstone

Chapter 436 A Piece of Whetstone

Qin Haodong didn’t even want to look at Ruan Zhendong. He was counting stars with his hands at the back.

Zhang Tieniu wouldn’t stop without Qin Haodong’s order. His big strong hand was slapping Ruan Zhenxi’s face again and again. The creepy sound made other people’s hair stand on end.

Ruan Zhendong clenched his fists. The blue vein on his forehead was popping out. He knew his fury wouldn’t help much at that time. Taking it out at the moment would only humiliate himself.

Ruan Zhendong was having quite a hard time. Qin Haodong then turned to Zhang Tieniu. “Stop.”

Zhang Tieniu then slapped Ruan Zhenxi away and walked to Qin Haodong.

Ruan Zhendong’s two men supported him hastily. The chairman was then quite different from the arrogant man he used to be. His usual good-looking face looked like a swollen pig’s head.

If Ruan Zhendong hadn’t seen him be beaten, he wouldn’t even be able to recognize his own brother.

Qin Haodong looked back at the Ruan brothers and asked, “Can we discuss now?”

Ruan Zhennan said, “Of course we’d like to discuss things with you, Mr. Qin, but I think we’ll need a better place. How about the lobby?”

As the advisor of the Lutheran Society, Ruan Zhennan had already seen through the whole situation. He knew it was impossible to confront that young man directly because of the 30 gunmen. They were as accurate as a death’s scythe.

The best way to solve the problem was to separate Qin Haodong from those gunmen. Those people would hold back from taking action against the Lutheran Society for fear of injuring Qin Haodong.

That was his idea and he didn’t have much hope in it, but he had run out of options. Were he in Qin Haodong’s position, he would never allow himself to be separated from his subordinates.

To his surprise, Qin Haodong agreed without hesitation, “OK. We can talk anywhere you want as long as you keep things honest and sincere.”

Why would Qin Haodong agree?

Ruan Zhennan tried not to look as joyful as he was. He kept acting calmly and said, “Then please follow me, Mr. Qin.”

He turned back and winked at one of his trusted men. Then Ruan Zhennan led Qin Haodong to the gate of the villa behind the yard.

Before he asked Qin Haodong not to bring in so many of his men, Qin Haodong already said to Zhang Tieniu and the others, “Wait here. I’ll have a nice discussion with their boss.”

After he said that, he took Lin Momo and the little fellow to the lobby in the villa.

Qin Haodong had lived for more than 500 years as the Emperor Green Wood. He had seen Ruan Zhennan’s calculation as soon as he heard the proposal. He only agreed because he was there to establish his dominance. The only way for those people to obey him was to make them run out of ideas.

Ruan Zhennan’s assistant left soon after they entered the villa. His name was Zhao Er. He had followed Ruan Zhennan for more than ten years, and he could easily figure out what Ruan Zhennan wanted him to do.

He first took out his phone and dialed a number, and then they went hastily to the backyard.

In one corner of the manor of the Lutheran Society, the was a three-room house covered by tile. The place looked considerably different from the other buildings. A special old man lived there.

As gangsters, the Ruan brothers clearly knew the importance of having powerhouses there. A year before, Ruan Zhennan hired an old man named Ge Chunqiu.

The ordinary old man was quite arrogant. The Ruan brothers had hired him while having doubts. They gave him whatever he wanted, and built a tiled house there for him.

People of the Lutheran Society didn’t believe the old man at first; they thought he was a fraud.

Until one day, Ge Chunqiu brought down 30 members of the Bloodstained Teams by himself. He had also defeated the team leader, Anthony, within one move. Everyone was shocked.

After that, everyone knew that the old man was a legendary master. No one dared to piss him off ever since. Ge Chunqiu spent most of his time cultivating in his room. He seldom went outdoors.

The Ruan brothers hid him as their trump card, and they wouldn’t play the card unless it was their last chance. That day seemed to be the right time.

After getting Ruan Zhennan’s instructions, Zhao Er rushed over and asked Ge Chunqiu for help.

Qin Haodong followed the Ruan brothers and entered the living room. He acted so casually, as if it were his own home. He seemed to have dropped all his defenses and ignored the five bodyguards who entered the room.

He looked around and found that the Lutheran Society was indeed a rich gang. The 200 square meters hall looked extravagant. Qin Haodong had made up his mind to ask for more money from them.

After they were all settled, Ruan Zhendong turned back and looked at the four bodyguards behind him. He felt safe when he saw the guns hung on their waists.

He said, “Mr. Qin, tell me, what do you need to settle things with us?”

Qin Haodong said, “Ruan Chengfa sent someone to kill me for 150 million dollars. My request is simple, I need another 150 million dollars for mental compensation.”

“Anything else?”

Ruan Zhendong’s eyes looked murderous. The guy just ruined his business reputation and hurt many of his fellows. He was even asking Ruan Zhendong for money. He must’ve taken that place as a free bank.

Qin Haodong ignored his look and said calmly, “And my jade, you have to give my jade back to me.”

Ruan Zhennan said, “Let’s be honest to each other, Mr. Qin. It was you that changed the jade for the stone. What do you want us to give you back?”

“Changed? That’s impossible. You must’ve hidden it.” Qin Haodong looked at the two people with a taunting smile and continued. “If you can’t give it back to me, you’ll need to pay me one billion dollars.”

Ruan Zhendong’s facial expression changed and asked in a low voice. “One billion? Are you taking us as a bank?”

Qin Haodong said, “I don’t care what you are. That’s the price of the jade and I didn’t sell it for that price in the exhibition. You’re so lucky.

“Well, I won’t count the small change for you, you can just give me seven million dollars.”

“Seven million dollars? Are you kidding?” Ruan Zhennan looked sullen, “Qin Haodong. Do you really think you’re now in a position to talk to us like this?”

Qin Haodong didn’t care about the threat at all. He said calmly, “What? Anything wrong?”

Ruan Zhendong said, “Your people won’t be able to help you here. You’re now a piece of meat on our cutting board. You’re in no position to negotiate with us.”

He then waved his hand. The four bodyguards behind him all started to draw out their guns. However, before their hands could touch the guns, silver needles appeared in the middle of their foreheads. Then all of them fell down on the ground.

Ruan Zhendong and Ruan Zhennan felt something was wrong. They turned back and found the four bodyguards had already died.

The two were so shocked because all they saw was Qin Haodong lifting his hand. The four bodyguards were already dead before they could see anything.

They had finally realized their people still stood no chance to draw out their guns, even when Zhang Tieniu wasn’t around.

No wonder Qin Haodong didn’t say a word when he saw those bodyguards come in. It turned out that he didn’t even care about them; he could kill those people easily by lifting one finger.

Qin Haodong looked at the two people in panic and asked, “That’s very courageous of you, to think that I’m the meat on your cutting board.”


Ruan Zhendong and Ruan Zhennan sounded so insecure when there were no bodyguards around them. Their eyes kept peeking out the door, hoping Ge Chunqiu could get there sooner.

Qin Haodong had seen them through. He said, “You’ve made so many efforts to invite me to the hall. Is that because you have a trump card? Don’t worry, if you want to dance, I’ll dance with you. I’ll have the whole Lutheran Society sincere conviction.”

“Who’s the arrogant brat?”

An old man with a long beard entered the hall. He looked ordinary, but he had reached the half-step to the Supreme Power Realm. He was very close to be a supreme power.

After seeing the old man, the Ruan brothers acted like they were welcoming their lifesaver. They greeted him hastily and said, “Sir, you have to stand up for us this time.”

“Relax, as long as I’m here, nobody can mess up with the Lutheran Society.”

Ge Chunqiu used to be a free cultivator who didn’t belong to any organizations. He had spent his whole life to reach such a realm. Then he stayed there with the Lutheran Society and dedicated himself to his cultivation, hoping that someday he could break through the bottleneck and become a supreme power.

The Lutheran Society was treating him with full respect those days. They gave him whatever precious medicine he needed. Since he had accepted their offer, he would have to take care of things when the Lutheran Society was in trouble.

He patted on his own chest to belch. Then he looked at Qin Haodong and Lin Momo. The young man was handsome, but there was nothing special about him. Ge Chunqiu wondered how he managed to turn the Lutheran Society upside down.

At the same time, Qin Haodong was checking on Ge Chunqiu. He actually had been expecting higher than that. He wondered how powerful the trump card could be, but it turned out they only had an old man who had merely reached the half-step to the Supreme Power Realm.

If it were a month before, he would definitely turn around and escape after seeing the old man. However, things were different. Even Lin Momo had reached the prime stage of the Gold Core Realm, which was equal to the third level of the Supreme Power Realm. They didn’t fear the old man at all.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see through Qin Haodong and Lin Momo’s realm, because their cultivation methods were special. Ge Chunqiu didn’t know what realm the two were in. He said arrogantly, “Young man, beg for forgiveness on your knees now, and I’ll spare your life.”

Qin Haodong smiled disdainfully and replied, “Is that your trump card? I have to say it’s a little bit disappointing. If you have any other card, you can play all of them right here, right now.”

Seeing that the young man didn’t take him seriously, Ge Chunqiu turned furious. “You’re playing with fire!”

Qin Haodong glanced at him and laughed, “Old-timer, if you can defeat my wife, we’ll agree to any of your requests, but if you’re defeated by her instead, we won’t be merciful.”

He was trying to help Lin Momo to practice her fighting skills. Lin Momo was different from Yagyuu Yukime or Hu Xiaoxian. She skipped the part from an ordinary person to a supreme power at the third level, so she lacked fight skills and experience. She would feel insufficient when fighting with powerhouses at her level. She needed to practice with someone.

Targets were hard to find. If the target’s level was too low, fighting would be useless. The old man, who was half-a-step to the Supreme Power realm was a perfect whetstone.

He took the little fellow over from Lin Momo and said, “Momo, beat the man hard! No mercy!”

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