The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 427 - Fishing

Chapter 427 Fishing

Lin Momo was stunned and asked, “What do you mean? Go fishing? What kind of fish?”

Qin Haodong said, “There are three gangs in the Golden Triangle. Now the strength of the White Wolf Gang and the Jade Gang has diminished greatly. Only the Lutheran Society is the powerful one. Do you think they will stand by?”

Lin Momo said subconsciously, “What has that got to do with us?”

Qin Haodong said, “Of course it has to do with us! Our new jade mine will be put into production soon. If Liu Hankun can’t completely control the situation of the gangs here, he will be in constant trouble.

They dare not make a move on General Li Site’s shares, but they can’t help but try taking a share of us, the White Wolf Gang and the Jade Gang. Instead of coming to deal with it later on, it’s better to solve all the problems now, in one go.”

Lin Momo seemed to understand and said, “You mean that the Lutheran Society will come to grab this jade?”

“It is inevitable!” Qin Haodong stroked the jade and said, “This is a good thing worth more than one billion dollars. If such a good bait can’t catch any fish, then the Lutheran Society is not a gang.”

Lin Momo suddenly realized it. At first, she still felt a little strange. Since Qin Haodong knew that there was a precious jade in that stone, why would he cut it there?

There was a saying, do not expose your wealth. Once other people knew the value of that stone, they would definitely have crooked ideas. It was the safest to take it back and cut it at home.

She had just realized that Qin Haodong was waiting for trouble, so that he could solve it before returning to Huaxia.

Qin Haodong indeed thought so. The Golden Triangle was not too big. There were undercover eyes inside the three gangs there. He believed that the Lutheran Society would receive news soon.

As long as they dared to grab the stone, even if he couldn’t destroy the Lutheran Society, he would diminish their strength.

At the same time, Mao Wenlong was on the phone with Liu Hankun, in a corner of the raw gemstone exhibition.

“Boss, after so many years, no one thought that a treasure was hidden in the Suppressing River Stone. According to my preliminary estimate, the jade is worth at least 1 billion dollars.”

Speaking of that, Mao Wenlong paused and then said with a little hesitation, “Boss, that Suppressing River Stone was given to Mr. Qin by us. It wasn’t a transaction. Do you think we should take it back?”

Over the phone, Liu Hankun said in a cold voice, “Mao Wenlong, I must tell you that, no matter if the jade is worth 1 billion dollars or 10 billion dollars, you’re not allowed to covet it, or you should do your best to keep your head.”

Mao Wenlong was shocked and said, “Boss, I understand.”

At the same time, he was full of doubts. Currently, the Jade Gang was short on money. Why wasn’t the boss moved by 1 billion dollars at all? Was that because of the young man’s special background?

Considering that Mao Wenlong was his own confidant, Liu Hankun said, “I tell you that Mr. Qin is a VIP of our Jade Gang, and you can’t offend him. Even if you dare to covet that raw jade gemstone, you would lose your life instead.”

Others didn’t how that Liu Hankun regained the boss’s throne, but he knew it very well. Qin Haodong easily killed Zhou Tianhu and sent a woman to suppress the whole Jade Gang. Such a person could only be a friend, and could never be provoked.

Sensing Liu Hankun’s serious tone, Mao Wenlong knew that the young man was not as simple as he looked.

He said, “Boss, Mr. Qin didn’t take away the jade immediately after he got it. Instead, he left it in the raw gemstone exhibition. It’s not far away from the Lutheran Society. I’m afraid they’ll covet it.”

Liu Hankun said, “You don’t have to worry about Doctor Qin. He has his reasons for what he wants to do. You just need to be careful and serve him. Remember that you must treat him carefully, and never offend him.”

After hanging up the phone, he thought for a while, then he sneered and murmured, “Lutheran Society, don’t let me down. I believe it will surprise you if you dare to go and make trouble for Doctor Qin!”

Although the weather was very hot in the raw gemstone exhibition, people were keen on continuing to choose the stones they liked.

All of a sudden, there was a commotion in the distance, and then the guests of the exhibition began to flee to the other side.

Soon the crowd dispersed. In the center of the large exhibition, there were only three members of Qin Haodong’s family sitting on the stone to enjoy the freshness with six members of the Divine Mercenaries standing by, which seemed a bit abrupt.

Looking at a group of people rushing over from afar, Qin Haodong sneered. The Lutheran Society didn’t disappoint him, and its actions were a little bit earlier than expected.

Led by Ruan Zhenbei, ten men in blood red clothes followed him. Those people were ferocious and full of an evil spirit. They were all bloody at first sight.

They were the core force of the Lutheran Society, the famous Blood Clothes Team. They were all selected from the underground boxing field. They were not only skilled, but also fearless.

After the Bloody Clothes Team, there were forty or fifty men in black with all kinds of weapons. They were also murderous and vicious.

On the side of the raw gemstone exhibition, the Jade Gang also arranged a lot of people to guard the place. Under the leadership of Mao Wenlong, 60 or 70 people gathered immediately, and stood there with weapons.

However, after seeing Ruan Zhenbei and the Bloody Clothes Team behind him, Mao Wenlong immediately frowned. He was quite aware of their strength. Everyone’s skill was at least at the same level as his. Besides, they didn’t fear death.

In normal times, the Lutheran Society would rarely use the Bloody Clothes Team. Unexpectedly, ten of them had been sent out at once that day. It seemed that they were necessary for a jade of such a high price.

Although he was afraid, Mao Wenlong didn’t show anything on his face. He took two steps forward and said to Ruan Zhenbei, “Mr. Ruan, this exhibition is in our territory. What do you mean by doing this?”

Ruan Zhenbei didn’t take Mao Wenlong seriously. He looked around and saw the huge jade under Qin Haodong’s buttocks.

In the sunshine, the dozen windows on the jade stone were shining, which made him excited.

“That’s a good thing!” Ruan Zhenbei was a rude man, but he also knew that the jade was absolutely precious. He turned to Mao Wenlong and called out, “Your Jade Gang is audacious. How dare you to rob something from the Lutheran Society?”

Mao Wenlong said in a cold voice, “Mr. Ruan, what do you mean? We have always gone well our own ways. When did we rob something from your Lutheran Society?”

“That is the evidence!” Ruan Zhenbei pointed to the jade stone under Qin Haodong’s buttocks and said, “General Li Site said clearly that this side of the river is the Territory of the Jade Gang.

“But this river belongs to us. The Suppressing River Stone in it also belongs to us. How can you take it out and give it to other people? It’s plain robbery!”

Mao Wenlong knew that those people were after the jade, but he still defended, “Ruan Zhenbei, that is not right. Although General Li Site said that we should delimit the border across the river, he didn’t say that the river is yours, and the Suppressing River Stone is not yours.”

Ruan Zhenbei called out in a rude voice, “Nonsense, I said it is ours, so it must be ours. Now you have robbed us. Not only you should take out this jade and return it to us, but also hand over the raw gemstone exhibition as compensation.”

Mao Wenlong stared and said angrily, “Ruan Zhenbei, do you want to rob us openly?”

Ruan Zhenbei laughed and said, “Whatever. Since you can rob our stone, we can also rob your raw gemstone exhibition. In this world, the big fish eat up the small ones!”

When Mao Wenlong was about to say something, he felt that he was patted on the shoulder. Turning around, he saw Qin that Haodong stood beside him, holding the little fellow.

“Don’t talk nonsense with them. These people came here to rob. It’s useless to talk too much.”

He went forward two steps, moving close to Ruan Zhenbei. He smiled and said, “You said the big fish eat up the small ones?”

Ruan Zhenbei didn’t pay any attention to Qin Haodong before. At that time, seeing that Qin Haodong took the initiative to approach him, he looked grim and said, “I said that. What’s wrong with you? Boy, if you know the situation, you should give the jade to me. I can spare your life if I’m happy.”

“You want that jade? Sure! But your fist must be powerful enough!” Qin Haodong stretched out his hand to raise his fist and looked at it. He nodded with satisfaction and said leisurely, “However, I think my fist is more powerful, so you guys should take all the money out of your pockets and get out of here!”


Ruan Zhenbei was so shocked that he was speechless. They went there to rob Qin Haodong. But Qin Haodong asked him to take out their money. Was Qin Haodong a madman?

The Bloody Clothes Team’s members behind him also showed their fierce eyes and tightly grasped the broadswords in their hands. As soon as Ruan Zhenbei gave the order, they would immediately cut Qin Haodong into pieces.

Mao Wenlong seemed to feel the tension of the atmosphere. He whispered in Qin Haodong’s ear, “Mr. Qin, those people in red are very powerful. You must be careful.”

Qin Haodong didn’t mean to lower his voice at all. He glanced at the ten members of the Bloody Clothes Team and jokingly said, “Why are they powerful? Is that just because they are dressed in red? Do they want to frighten people after their death? Generally speaking, even if they become ghosts, the female ghosts in red are more powerful than them!”


Mao Wenlong wanted to say something else, but thinking of Liu Hankun’s praise for Qin Haodong, he finally refrained from speaking. He also wanted to see what the young man could do.

Seeing that the Qin Haodong in front of him dared to provoke him ceaselessly, Ruan Zhenbei changed his face. He waved his hand and said, “Cut him down!”

As soon as he said that, a big man rushed out from the Bloody Clothes Team and slashed towards Qin Haodong with a big knife in his hand.

In the past, people were scared to see the Bloody Clothes Team, but that guy who didn’t value his life had dared to compare them to female ghosts. The big man was angry. Naturally, he didn’t show any mercy and slashed at Qin Haodong’s neck directly.

Qin Haodong glanced at the man in red and ignored him.

Mao Wenlong was shocked. He knew how strong the Bloody Clothes Team were. At present, the young man was holding a child to face the member of the Bloody Clothes Team, and he was still so casual. Did he want to die?

Just as he was about to help Qin Haodong, suddenly a figure flashed; a man was standing in front of Qin Haodong. Then the man in red shouted loudly, and flew out for more than ten meters in the air. He even began to spit blood while in the air.

His blood left a stain on his red clothes, which made it look extremely strange and dazzling!

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