The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 426 - Fishing Bait

Chapter 426 Fishing Bait

Li Wangcai found a quiet place, letting the coquettish woman watch nearby, then grabbed his mobile phone and dialed his cousin Ma You’s number.

Ma You was a member of the Lutheran Society, one of the major gangs in the Golden Triangle, since he was a teenager. At present, he was a head of a small group in the gang.

Since he had slept and flirted with a woman the night before, Ma You was still sleeping at noon.

After being woken up by the telephone, he took a dim look at the phone number and answered with great dissatisfaction, “Li Wangcai, what’s up? You’re interrupting my sleep.”

Although Li Wangcai was a rich man, he still needed to rely on Ma You to make money in Myanmar, so Ma You was not polite when he talked to him.

Li Wangcai said excitedly, “Cousin, there’s a good chance to get money, so I just called you…”

“If you have something to say, say it directly. What’s going on?”

“I’m attending a raw gemstone exhibition of the Jade Gang. Guess what? I saw a piece of big jade with a weight of one ton. It’s at the level of ice jade…”


When Li Wangcai said that, he was immediately interrupted by Ma You. He scolded him, saying, “Do you think I’m a fool? I’ve been in Myanmar for decades, but I’ve never heard of a jade that weighed a ton. Even a raw gemstone of that weight is rarely seen. How can you say that? Are you kidding me?”

“It’s true. Listen to me…”

So, Li Wangcai told the story of the conflict between him and Qin Haodong at the exhibition from beginning to end, until he finally fished up the stone and exposed the huge jade inside.

Finally, he said, “Cousin, you didn’t see the quality of the jade. There was a businessman from T Country who offered him 1 billion dollars, but he didn’t sell it!”

In order to attract Ma You’s attention, Li Wangcai directly multiplied the price offered by ten times. In fact, the jade was also worth such a number.

Ma You jumped out of bed and said excitedly, “Are you sure it’s 1 billion dollars? Are you kidding me?”

“It’s all true. I lost 15 million dollars in the exhibition. How dare I play a joke on you, my cousin?”

After a pause, Li Wangcai said, “Cousin, if you can get that raw gemstone, can you give me back my 15 million dollars and give me a little reward?”

Ma You had been in the Lutheran Society for so many years, so he still was smart. He thought for a moment and said, “I can’t decide such a big thing alone. Come to see me now. Let’s meet with the boss together. You can rest assured that with the boss’s temper, as long as what you said is true, your benefits will be guaranteed.”

He clearly understood the value of that jade. A billion dollars was a huge fortune, which could definitely make all the gangs in Myanmar crazy.

Although Li Wangcai had repeatedly belittled Qin Haodong, he knew that he wasn’t ordinary, since he could get such a huge fortune.

What’s more, whether Qin Haodong ordinary or not, there was the Jade Gang. The three big gangs in the Golden Triangle were the Jade Gang, the White Wolf Gang, and the Lutheran Society. Although they respectively made money with the jade trading, drugs and casinos, they were gangs in essence. They would not let go of such a huge fortune.

So he decided to report the situation to Ruan Zhendong, the boss of the Lutheran Society. Only he had the ability to get that treasure.

Half an hour later, Li Wangcai and Ma You appeared in the small meeting room of the Lutheran Society.

In front of them sat four people, led by Ruan Zhendong, the boss of Lutheran Society. Others were his brothers, Ruan Zhennan, Ruan Zhenxi and Ruan Zhenbei, who were vice presidents of the organization.

They controlled the whole gang. They were also known as the four brothers of the Ruan family.

Ruan Zhendong looked at Ma You and said, “Make your cousin retell it!”

He had just received a separate report from Ma You. At the moment he needed to explain the situation to his younger brothers and discuss how to move next.

After Li Wangcai explained the whole story of the jade in the Suppressing River Stone, Ruan Zhendong waved his hand and asked Ma You to take Li Wangcai out of the room.

Then he said to his three brothers, “What do you think of this?”

Ruan Zhenbei immediately said, “Big brother, we can’t hesitate. I’ll take men to the raw gemstone exhibition hall immediately and grab the jade. Such a good thing can only belong to us.”

Ruan Zhendong frowned and said, “Brother, when can you change your bad temper and think about the problems with your mind?”

Ruan Zhenbei smiled and said, “Big brother, I’m a rude man. You three can do the brain work. If you want to do it, tell me. I’ll do it right away.”

Ruan Zhendong didn’t answer him and turned to look at the other two.

Ruan Zhenxi said, “Brother, we have to get this jade. After all, it’s a good thing worth one billion dollars.

“But now this thing is in the hands of the Jade Gang. If we want to rob it, we should be well prepared.”

Ruan Zhenbei said, “Don’t worry. The strength of Jade Gang is greatly damaged right now. It’s not an opponent to our Lutheran Society.

“And General Li Site has a clear ban on using guns when we fight against each other. If we don’t use guns, even if the White Wolf Gang cooperates with the Jade Gang, they won’t be our match at all. At least I can take the Bloody Clothes Team to kill Liu Hankun easily.”

The reason why he spoke with such confidence was because the Lutheran Society was different from the other two gangs. Among the three gangs, they were engaged in the gambling business, of which half were running casinos and half were running underground boxing.

Because of that, many underground boxers directly joined the Lutheran Society after retirement or being injured, so that the fight skills of those people in the Lutheran Society were much better than those of the other two gangs.

General Li Site had imposed a ban on the three gangs. That was, they were forbidden to use firearms when fighting.

He knew that all the three gangs could make a lot of money. They were all his money spinners. Since it was impossible to prevent them from fighting amongst each other, Li Site had come up with such a way to reduce their losses as much as possible. The casualties would not be too many without guns.

Ruan Zhendong nodded, but did not make a statement. He turned to look at Ruan Zhennan, who remained silent all the time.

Compared with the two brothers, Ruan Zhennan’s character was quieter. Among the four brothers, he played the role of the brains for the gang.

Ruan Zhennan said, “Big brother, this is a good opportunity. We will definitely grasp it. But we should not limit ourselves to this stone, and we should take a long-term view.”

Ruan Zhenxi said, “Second brother, do you have any plans?”

Ruan Zhenbei said, “Second brother, I really don’t know how you think. Your head is full of ideas. I wonder if we are blood brothers.”

“You shut up.”

Ruan Zhendong cast a stern glance at him, and then said to Ruan Zhennan, “Second brother, tell me what you’re thinking.”

Ruan Zhennan said, “Now among the three major gangs in the Golden Triangle, the White Wolf Gang has changed their boss twice in just three months. It is said that a large number of people were injured in their fight with the Triads in the previous administration. Their strength is far less than before.

“The Jade Gang was really strong when Zhou Tianhu was their boss, but now their boss is the old Liu Hankun. Their fighting not long ago has diminished their power. Now there are still some people in the gang who are Zhou Tianhu’s confidants. They don’t support Liu Hankun, but they dare not show it.

“In this case, even if the two groups cooperate with each other, they won’t be our opponents. The reasons why we didn’t fight with them before are that on the one hand, we didn’t find the right opportunity. On the other hand, we wanted to care for General Li Site’s feelings. But now the opportunity comes.”

Ruan Zhenbei said with a dazed face, “Are we talking about the stone with a high price of 1 billion? Why are you talking about the Jade Gang? And how has the opportunity come?”

Ruan Zhendong glared at him again and said, “Speak less and listen to your second brother patiently.”

Ruan Zhennan said, “At the beginning, General Li Site divided the boundaries of us three gangs. The boundary between us and the Jade Gang is on this river, but General Li Site never said that the river belonged to the Jade Gang.

“Now, the Jade Gang has sold the stone in the river to that young man. We can say that they robbed our treasure.

“Since they dared to rob our stone, we can rob the Jade Gang’s raw gemstone exhibition. I’m sure they’ve made a lot of money today. We’ll send our men to collect it with that stone later.”

With that, he laughed grimly.

“That’s a good idea. That’s a good idea.” Ruan Zhendong clapped his thighs and cried, “No one expected that the stone would contain such a large piece of jade, which not only gives us a fortune, but also gives us a chance to annex the Jade Gang.

“Now it’s the Jade Gang who broke the rules first. Even if we rob the raw gemstone exhibition, General Li Site can’t blame us.”

Yuan Zhenxi said, “Second brother is really smart. I admire you for thinking so far ahead!”

Ruan Zhenbei called out, “Stop talking nonsense. Since you’ve come up with an idea. I’ll do the rest. I’ll take some men and grab the raw gemstone exhibition.”

Ruan Zhennan said, “This time, this plan should use the element of surprise. We must get the potential and achieve it with one stroke. You can take ten members of the Bloody Clothes Team to the exhibition and take over the precious jade.”

Ruan Zhenbei promised and took his men out immediately.

From beginning to end, the four brothers of the Ruan family only took the Jade Gang into consideration. They never considered the owner of the jade. In their view, Qin Haodong was just an ordinary businessman, who could be easily killed and thrown into the river. In places like Myanmar, no one would care.

Since Qin Haodong obtained the stone from the exhibition, he had lost interest in other raw gemstones. He no longer wandered around, holding the little fellow and sitting on that huge jade.

That jade was very magical. Although the sun was hot and the temperature was high, it made people around it feel very cool.

Lin Momo went to Qin Haodong’s side and whispered, “Haodong, should we take this jade back to our country as soon as possible? It’s too dangerous to leave it here!”

She clearly knew about the present situation. Even if the Jade Gang did not make trouble for them because of their boss, other gangs may do that. They would be better off if they left as soon as possible.

Qin Haodong didn’t care. He played with the little fellow and said, “Don’t be in a hurry. This is my bait. I haven’t caught any big fish yet. How can I carry it away?”

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