The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 419 - Yukime's Past

Chapter 419 Yukime’s Past

Ma Kui had died, and beside him, Xiao Liu had stopped breathing long ago. They did not live the dream of the White Wolf Gang for long before they died.

After those two from the White Wolf Gang were killed, the sound of guns stopped. Zhao Qiang poked his head out from an SUV that looked like a honeycomb from the damage.

Seeing that the gun fight had stopped, a man and woman walked over. He also slowly stood up, holding the gun in his hand tightly. He watched Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian warily, then asked, “Who are you guys?”

Qin Haodong said, “Who I am is not important. Today I will let you live. Go back and tell the president of the Triad that if they dare sell drugs to Huaxia again, that will be the day of the Triad’s demise.”

“Punk, do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”

After battling for a while, mad dog Zhao Qiang was still ferocious, as he raised the gun and pointed it at Qin Haodong’s face. However, right after he lifted his hand, he saw a purple light flash before his eyes. Immediately after, he felt a bone-breaking pain in his head, as an amputated arm fell onto the ground with the desert eagle.Read more chapters at L isnovel

One blow had cut off Zhao Qiang’s arm, yet there were no changes on Hu Xiaoxian’s face as she put the Purple Flash Sword away with a smile.

Qin Haodong said, “You’re lucky that I need a messenger. Otherwise, you would have died today without a burial, just like them. Get out of here!”

After he spoke, a strong murderous aura was suddenly released. Even though Zhao Qiang was known as a mad dog and had killed countless people all his life, his legs still trembled from fear as he almost peed his pants.

“I’ll go! I’ll go!”

Zhao Qiang was completely frightened. He had changed from a mad dog to a deprived dog. He got on a usable jeep and left in a hurry.

Qin Haodong turned around and set fire to the five cases of fake money. It could be considered as giving those people some paper money. He then left the scene with Hu Xiaoxian.

Liu Hankun had only just gotten the Jade Gang when he received a call from Qin Haodong, telling him that Ma Kui was dead, and to immediately send someone to replace the boss of the White Wolf Gang.

His heart was filled with admiration, as he had not expected for Qin Haodong to kill Ma Kui that fast. That man was like a God.

Afterwards, he immediately sent Li Zong to take someone to take over the White Wolf Gang.

As the most loyal subordinate of Liu Hankun, who had made great achievements that time around, Liu Hankun did not mistreat Li Zhong as he was sent to take over as the boss of the White Wolf Gang. He regained control of the drug business in the Golden Triangle.

Qin Haodong had no opinions on that. As the Golden Triangle had existed for so many years, he could not eliminate it even if he wanted to.

Moreover, the complete elimination of drugs was the Burmese government’s business. Also, many local people lived by growing opium poppies. He was only a Chinese medicine practitioner from Huaxia, not a savior. Everything was good as long as Li Zhong promised not to sell those things to Huaxia.

When the sun rose the next day, many people found that the Golden Triangle had undergone earth-shaking changes overnight. Of the original three gangs, two gangs had changed bosses.

During the internal battle, the strength of both the Jade Gang and the White Wolf Gang was damaged to a certain extent. It was even worse than the previous Lutheran Society, but the relationship between the two gangs was extremely good. Therefore, the Lutheran Society did not dare to make any movements. In contrast, there was a wonderful balance between the three major forces.

Some people speculated that the White Wolf Gang and the Jade Gang had changed so much that Li Site, the actual ruler of the Golden Triangle, would definitely come forward and speak out.

Sure enough, Li Site expressed his attitude that morning. However, everyone’s surprise, Li Site didn’t express any dissatisfaction, as he fully supported Liu Hankun and Li Zhong.

Since General Li Site approved, no one else dared to say anything. From that day onwards, the Golden Triangle of Burma entered a new period.

With the things that had developed up to then at the Tang’s Clinic, it was no longer necessary for Qin Haodong to hide his identity using that establishment. He directly took off the clinic’s sign and closed its doors for medical treatment.

Inside the clinic, Yagyuu Yukime, who was dressed in a kimono and wore clogs, stood respectfully in front of Qin Haodong.

“Master, I have completed the task you gave me.”

Glancing at Hu Xiaoxian next to him, Qin Haodong was still somewhat unaccustomed to Yagyuu Yukime’s form of address. He did not have any desire to be a master. That beautiful woman had fought with him on the sheets for a day and a night, so their relationship was really not easy to define.

At the time, they had signed the master-servant contract because they had no choice. Otherwise, the woman would have endlessly pestered him.

He waved his hand and motioned to Liu Sheng Xueji to stand up, as he said, “Your performance was good. There’s no more trouble in Burma. You can go back to Japan.”

Yagyuu Yukime bowed again. However, with a hint of hesitation, she glanced at Hu Xiaoxian next to her and was about to speak, but stopped on second thought.

Hu Xiaoxian was as clever as a fox. She immediately stood up and said, “You guys talk. I’m going to take a walk in town. I’m going back to China soon, so I should buy some special local products to take back for everyone.”

After she spoke, she looked at Qin Haodong with a playful look and said, “Take your time. Don’t worry, I won’t be back for a while.”

Qin Haodong looked embarrassed, but could not say anything. That kind of thing always got worse.

After Hu Xiaoxian left, he said to Yagyuu Yukime, “If you have something to say, just say it!”

Yagyuu Yukime fell to her knees with a plop, bowed her head and said, “Yukime pleads master to help me take revenge!”

“Help you take revenge?”

Qin Haodong was a little confused. He had killed Yagyuu Hirai, and just then Yagyuu Yukime wanted him to take revenge for her. Did he have to kill himself?

“Stand up first and talk slowly. What do you mean?” He asked with uncertainty.

Yagyuu Yukime understood what Qin Haodong was thinking. She stood up and said, “Master, it’s fine that Yagyuu Hirai is dead. Whether the people from the Yagyuu family live or die has nothing to do with me. My big enemy is Yagyuu Shinji, the family master of the Yagyuu family!”

“What? What are you saying? My mind is a bit confused.”

Qin Haodong was completely stunned. He didn’t understand what Yagyuu Yukime was saying.

“Master, listen to me slowly!” Yagyuu Yukime begun to tell her story.

“I grew up with Yagyuu Shinji. I always thought that he was my father. However, I accidently found out that Yagyuu Shinji is not my father. On the contrary, he’s a great enemy of my family.

“Later, after many inquiries, I learned that I was born in an ordinary family, and my parents ran a small tavern. Once, Yagyuu Shinji went to our house for a drink. When he saw that my mother was beautiful, he immediately had evil intentions and tried to rape her.

Because my mother resisted desperately, she angered Yagyuu Shinji and he beat her to death. My father came back right at that moment and was brutally killed by him.”

Qin Haodong frowned. He had not expected for the dignified family master of the Yagyuu family to do such a thing; that was the lowest of the low.

He said, “Since Yagyuu Shinji killed your parents, why did he let you live?”

A strong hatred flashed across Yagyuu Yukime’s face as she said, “At that time, I had just turned one and didn’t know anything about human affairs. Yagyuu Shinji originally wanted me to fall to my death, but then he suddenly noticed that my bones were strange and very suitable for learning martial arts. So, he took me into the Yagyuu family, strictly ordered everyone in the family not to reveal the truth to me and raised me as his own daughter.”

Qin Haodong asked, “How did you find out?”

Yagyuu Yukime said, “This may be the arrangement of God. When I was practicing ninja skills, I sneaked into Yagyuu Hirai’s room while he was drinking with a friend.

“The person asked him whether he was afraid the position of heir to his family would be taken away as I was too good.

“After getting drunk, Yagyuu Hirai revealed the truth, that I was just an illegitimate child, a tool picked up by him. I wasn’t a member of the Yagyuu family at all, let alone an heir to the family.

“Later, I collected Yagyuu Shinji and Yagyuu Hirai’s hair samples, then secretly did a DNA identification to make sure that I didn’t have any blood relationship with them.”

Speaking up to there, Yagyuu Yukime’s eyes spurted flames of hatred, as she said in a cold voice, “From that moment on, I have been thinking about to avenge my parents. However, I know I cannot fight against the entire Yagyuu family, and that I’m not Yagyuu Shinji’s opponent.

“For a long time, I have endured the humiliation and worked hard to train. I’ve always looked forward to one day being able to kill Yagyuu Shinji with my own hands, and avenge my deceased parents.

“It is precisely because I have been under tremendous psychological pressure that led to signs of my split personality. This is why I’m called a two-faced witch.”

Qin Haodong secretly sighed. He didn’t expect for Miss Yagyuu, who looked so beautiful and was envied by countless people, to have such an obscure experience.

No wonder that entire time, Yagyuu Yukime had not shown any hatred towards herself. It turned out that killing Yagyuu Hirai was counted as helping her plans, attaining a small revenge.

Yagyuu Yukime continued to say, “Although I’ve become a heavenly ninja, Yagyuu Shinji is also a Heaven Level ninja. Both his cultivation and experience are above mine. Besides, he has the entire Yagyuu family standing behind him, so I’m still unable to get my revenge, unless I can increase my cultivation to the next level and reach the level two heavenly ninja.

“But I still have a long way to go. I can’t wait any longer. Master, I know your current cultivation is high enough to kill Yagyuu Shinji.

“I beg you. As long as you can help me avenge my parents, I can be a cow or a horse for you, or even be your slave!”

“Uh…” Yagyuu Yukime’s words made Qin Haodong feel extremely awkward. “What era was it now? Why would someone want a slave?”

He thought about it and said, “You want me to go to Japan with you and kill Yagyuu Shinji?”

Yagyuu Yukime knelt once again and said, “That’s correct, master. I beg you to help me take revenge!”

“I have to decline.” Qin Haodong said, “I don’t have time to go to Japan with you. Moreover, if I give aid for your revenge, you would no longer be able to control the Yagyuu family in the future. Also, something like taking revenge is more worthwhile if you do it yourself.”

An undisguised look of disappointment flashed across Yagyuu Yukime’s beautiful cheeks. “But, master, it’s impossible for me to kill Yagyuu Shinji…”

“Don’t panic. Although I can’t go take revenge for you, I can help you increase your cultivation. Follow me.” After Qin Haodong spoke, he turned around and walked towards the bedroom.

He wanted to help that Japanese woman take revenge. Moreover, they already had a one-night love affair, thus he didn’t care about using the Double Cultivation Initiation Method again.

Yagyuu Yukime did not hesitate as she followed behind Qin Haodong. Due to the master and servant contract, she had 100% trust in the man in front of her. She didn’t even have any desires of a confrontation.

After one minute, the two of them met again on the bed. The previous time they were under the influence of medicine and had both lost their sanity. However, that time around they were very sober.

Qin Haodong said slightly awkwardly, “Don’t think too much. I’m helping you increase your cultivation.”

“I know!”

Watching Yagyuu Yukime display the respectful look unique to Japanese women, Qin Haodong didn’t know whether she really knew or not. However, that time it was no longer important, as the main thing was that the dual cultivation was about to begin.

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