The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 418 - A Villain Playing Dirty on Another Villain

Chapter 418 A Villain Playing Dirty on Another Villain

Ma Kui was shocked by Zhou Tianhu’s death. He didn’t settle back in his mind for a while. Then he realized that Zhou Tianhu’s death was really good news for him. After that, he would no longer be controlled by Zhou Tianhu. He was no longer a puppet, but a decent boss of the White Wolf Gang.

Yan Xiaoliu continued to say, “Boss, we have money, people and guns. The Jade Gang will lose its vitality after going through the fight. Liu Hankun is old. He can’t compare with us at all. The business in the Golden Triangle will be yours in the future.”

“You’re right. Follow me. I won’t treat you unfairly!” Ma Kui patted Yan Xiaoliu on his shoulder and laughed happily. From then on, he would no longer be a puppet, but the real boss of the White Wolf Gang.

Yan Xiaoliu said with flattery on his face, “Boss, it’s time for us to trade with the Triads in two hours. If we get the money, it will all belong to our White Wolf Gang.”

“You’re right. This will be the first money we make on our own.” Speaking of the coming deal, Ma Kui calmed down and said, “Get the brothers ready right now, all of them. It’s also a big gang in Hong Kong. Don’t let them plot against us.”

Yan Xiaoliu said, “Don’t worry, boss. Burma is our home court. They will be compliant.”

Ma Kui nodded contentedly and said, “Tell our brothers that as long as this business is done, I will reward them.”

“I will thank you on their behalf.” Yan Xiaoliu said, “Boss, I’ll go and see those boys now and warn them to be careful. Our goods are important.”

Then he went out of the hall and walked toward the warehouse.

Outside the hall, two black shadows stood against the wall. Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian had been there for a while. They clearly heard the dialogue between Ma Kui and the others.

Hu Xiaoxian asked in a low voice, “When shall we start?”

“Don’t worry.”

When Qin Haodong went to the White Wolf Gang, he originally wanted to kill Ma Kui and the others quickly. After listening to their conversation, he changed his mind, because the Triad Gang would arrive there soon.

“Since they’re going to make a deal, let’s play a game with them.”

Hu Xiaoxian asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Come with me first, and you’ll know.” After Qin Haodong finished, he took Hu Xiaoxian and left the White Wolf Gang. Half an hour later, they returned together and went to the warehouse where the White Wolf kept the drugs.

At that time, Yan Xiaoliu was talking to the subordinates who were counting the weapons. He said, “Take care of the goods. Boss said that everyone will be rewarded if the business is completed well.”

In front of the warehouse, more than a dozen armed gunmen were guarding the place.

However, that kind of defense was of no use to Qin Haodong. He took out the formation flag and made a Phantom Magic Field. Then he took Hu Xiaoxian inside the warehouse.

There were neat woven bags stacked in the warehouse, which were full of drugs, totaling as much as one ton. In the news about drugs on TV, it was only about a few grams. They were surprised by the large number of drugs.

“These damned bastards. How many people will die if they send so many drugs to Huaxia?”

Qin Haodong said angrily, and then thought about it. He took all the drugs in front of him and placed them into the Storage Ring. Soon, the woven bags reappeared in the warehouse, but the contents had been replaced by the flour he had just purchased.

Having done all that, they left the warehouse, waiting for the arrival of the trading time.

An hour later, the White Wolf Gang began to load drugs into two pickup trucks. They drove to the countryside with a dozen Jeeps together.

Due to the poor road conditions in Burma, even the off-road vehicles could reach 60-70 miles at most. Qin Haodong was far behind those vehicles. He wasn’t afraid to lose them.

About half an hour later, the White Wolf Gang reached an open field, where the terrain was flat and there were no trees around. There was no need to worry about an ambush by the other side. It was the most suitable place to do business.

After arriving at the destination, Ma Kui asked his men to park the cars and waited for the Triad to come to trade.

Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian were hiding in the dark, setting up a Phantom Magic Field again.

Just when they finished that, a beam of light was seen up in the distance, and then a dozen off-road vehicles came to view. They were men of the Triad who had gone there for trading.

After the car stopped, forty or fifty gunmen jumped out of the cars. Behind them, there were five people carrying five large suitcases, which looked extremely heavy.

They were led by a young man in his thirties. The man had a long scar on his face, giving him an extremely ferocious appearance.

He was Zhao Qiang, vice president of his association. “Mad Dog” was his nickname.

When they arrived, under the light of more than 20 off-road vehicles, the place was as bright as day.

Ma Kui took a few steps forward, then he extended his hand to Zhao Qiang and said, “Are you Mr. Zhao? Nice to meet you!”

Zhao Qiang said, “Mr. Ma. This is the first time for us to make a deal. Have you brought the goods?”

Ma Kui said, “Of course. A ton of high-quality goods.”

Zhao Qiang said, “As the rules, we need to examine the goods first!”

“Don’t worry. The best drugs in the world are in the Golden Triangle. The best drugs here belong to our White Wolf Gang.”

Ma Kui wasn’t worried about his goods. With a wave of his hand, Yan Xiaoliu sent the samples to Zhao Qiang for examination.

Zhao Qiang took the sample sent by Yan Xiaoliu. He picked a little with his finger, placed it near his nostril and sniffed it hard. Then he nodded and said, “It’s good, it’s really pure!”

Ma Kui proudly said, “Of course, we White Wolf Gang are very sincere. I hope we can continue to cooperate with you in the future.”

Zhao Qiang said, “You have a vision. Now the investigation is more and more strict. Only we have the strength to send this thing to Huaxia among the whole underworld. Other gangs can’t do it.”

“I look forward to a favorable cooperate cooperation.” Ma Kui said, “Boss Zhao, did you bring the money?”

As soon as Zhao Qiang waved his hand, several people behind him took the five suitcases and placed them on the ground.

“Mr. Ma. The rule of our business is, no pay, no goods.”

“You are a pleasant man.” Ma Kui nodded and asked his men to send the woven bags that were filled with drugs to him. They would trade on the spot.

Soon, Ma Kui’s men carried the five big suitcases, and Zhao Qiang’s men moved all the woven bags to their side.

Yan Xiaoliu pulled a suitcase, opened it, and was immediately dumbfounded, shouting, “Boss, the money is not right!”

Ma Kui immediately looked into the suitcase. Although it was full of money, they were papers made to resemble bank notes, like those burned as offerings to the dead.

Yan Xiaoliu opened two suitcases in succession. They were exactly alike, all of them were papers made to resemble bank notes.

Ma Kui’s face immediately changed, his eyes twinkled. Since they used papers to buy drugs, it was obvious that they wanted to play dirty. Unexpectedly, they dared to do that in Burma. It was an act of contempt toward the White Wolf Gang.

At the same time, Zhao Qiang, the mad dog, also found something unusual. A man ran to him and cried out in panic, “Boss, we were cheated! The bags are full of flour.”

Zhao Qiang’s face changed, he took a dagger from the back of his waist, and suddenly cut a woven bag. Suddenly, the flour flew.

He was immediately angered. Although they were in Burma, his nickname was Mad Dog. He wasn’t afraid of anyone.

Throwing the dagger on the ground, Zhao Qiang raised his hand to take out his Desert Eagle at his waist and shouted to Ma Kui, “What the hell do you want to do? How dare you use flour to cheat us?”

Ma Kui’s face was even gloomier and horrible. He said with murderous look, “How dare you do such a dirty thing to our White Wolf Gang? And you’re still trying to frame me!”

“Shit! I brought real dollars; how could it be paper for the dead?”

At that moment, Zhao Qiang figured out that the White Wolf Gang was going to blackmail him. He cried to his men, “Kill the White Wolf Gang’s bastards and get our money back!”

At the same time, Ma Kui also called out, “Kill them! Let them see the end of those who cheat us.”

All of a sudden, the scene of the transaction was in chaos. All the gunmen were looking for shelter, and then they shot at each other. The sound of gunfire was heard, and some people from both sides were shot.

There were sixty or seventy men of the White Wolf Gang, which gave them a certain advantage in number. However, all the members sent by the Triad were the elites of the gang, and they had a very strong fighting force. So, both sides were well-matched in strength, and no one could take the advantage.

Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian watched with great interest. He found two cans of beer inside the Storage Ring and gave Hu Xiaoxian one to drink.

All of that was planned by him. The drugs of the White Wolf Gang and the 100 million dollars of the Triad were all in his Storage Ring.

That kind of drug traffickers would hurt the common people. He would never be soft. That way was much better than him doing it personally. He didn’t want to kill more people. Besides, that would make the White Wolf Gang and the Triad completely counter each other, so they won’t cooperate to harm the people from Huaxia later.

At the same time, he also received the benefit of 100 million dollars, which was a triple gain.

The battle became fiercer. It was impossible to retreat in such a flat place. There was only one way to escape. To survive, they could only kill each other.

It lasted for 20 minutes. Many men of both sides were killed and injured. At last, Zhao Qiang was the only one who still lived among the Triad Gang; he received a bullet in his left leg.

Ma Kui and Yan Xiaoliu were the only two people left in the White Wolf Gang.

Hu Xiaoxian said with a smile, “It’s time for us to close the net.”

Qin Haodong drank up the beer in his hand, then walked towards Ma Kui and Zhao Qiang.

Ma Kui and Yan Xiaoliu were completely focused. They kept on shooting at Zhao Qiang. They didn’t notice that there were two more people behind them.

Qin Haodong didn’t talk to them. His Thousand Blades flashed and directly pierced their backs.

Ma Kui never dreamed that someone would attack him from the back. He tried to turn around. When he saw Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian, he was at a loss and unwilling. He didn’t know who they were, let alone why they would kill him.

Qin Haodong smiled at him and said, “Bye. Remember not to hurt people by drug trafficking in the next life!”

He was killed that way. Of course, Ma Kui was not willing. He tried to raise his pistol and shoot at Qin Haodong. But after several attempts, he failed and fell to the ground with his eyes closed.

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