The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 410 - Three Masters of the Supreme Power Realm

Chapter 410 Three Masters of the Supreme Power Realm

“You can’t go with us.” Qin Haodong said, “After all that has happened tonight, the guards in Black Dragon Moutain must be on alert at this time, which makes the task even more difficult. It will be hard enough for us to save Liu Hankun. It will be even more difficult if you go with us.”


Li Zhong was just trying his best to help the two. After contemplation, he realized it was true that he would be their burden because he was weak and injured.

Qin Haodong said, “Why don’t you draw a map of the Black Dragon Moutain for us? We’ll save Liu Hankun out in three days.”

Li Zhong thought for a while and agreed. “Just a moment. I’ll do it now.”

He then took over the pen and drew a map of the Black Dragon Moutain and its vicinity. The map might look simple, but the basic terrain and geographical structure were shown clearly. He had even marked the spot of the cave.

He gave the map to Qin Haodong and said, “That’s all I know, and I don’t know what’s exactly there in the cave.”

“It’s OK.” Qin Haodong took the map and said, “We can no longer protect you because we’re leaving for the cave. We’ll send you out of the town and find you a place to hide. Contact us in three days.”

After they exchanged phone numbers, Qin Haodong closed the door of the clinic. Then he took Li Zhong with him and left the town. Later the two headed to the Black Dragon Moutain.

Black Dragon Moutain was not that far from here. It was about over ten miles away. Soon the two arrived at the spot marked by Li Zhong.

They stopped and hesitated for a while. Then Hu Xiaoxian said, “Can you really trust Li Zhong? What if he is a bait for us set by the Jade Gang?”

Qin Haodong said, “I’ve been thinking about that, but I don’t think that’s possible. I’ve applied Mind-manipulating Skills while talking to him. He was telling the truth.

“Therefore, I’m sure Liu Hankun isn’t dead yet, but somehow he has been imprisoned by Zhou Tianhu.”

Hu Xiaoxian considered it for a moment. Their trip to Burma was a secret, and Qin Haodong had changed his appearance. There was no way for the Jade Gang to know who they really were.

Qin Haodong added, “But no matter what it is, we should get well prepared because we know little about Zhou Tianhu.”

He said and took out the map Li Zhong made for them, pointing at a place near the Black Dragon Mountain. “We should do some recon on this place and maybe set an array as our way to escape in case of accidents.”

They two then left for Black Dragon Moutain. As they approached the destination, they saw a huge tent ahead. People in the tent cast their shadows on the tent. There might be dozens of them. They must be the guards sent by Zhou Tianhu to watch over the cave.

Near the tent, there was a cave. The mouth of the cave was about two meters across. There were six men carrying guns. Two of them were standing out in the open, while the other four were hiding in the dark.

Having figured out the situation, the two left the cave and explored the area near the Black Dragon Moutain.

Qin Haodong pointed at another mountain and said, “How about there? It looks like a nice spot to set an array.”

There was a cave at the foot of that mountain, too. The mouth of the cave was two meters across. It might be dozens of meters deep and looked very dry in there. The groud before the cave was wide and open. The cave seemed like a perfect place to hide.

Having chosen the spot, Qin Haodong took out formation flags and started to set the array. It had taken them more than one hour to finish working. Then he took Hu Xiaoxian back to the Black Dragon Moutain to check, waiting for an opportunity to act.

It was quite bright deep inside the cave of Black Dragon Mountain. The cave was about 100 meters deep and was wide inside.

At the end of the cave, some steel bars made a cell that covered about seven or eight square meters. Those bars were as thick as a kid’s arms, looking quite solid.

Inside the cell, a man was sitting on a shabby bed which was made from wood.

His thick beard and long hair blocked his face. It was hard to tell his age or his appearance, but he looked quite thin, probably 40 kilograms at top.

The man was lying on the bed, exhausted. He looked as if he had already died, if the beard didn’t shiver as he breathed.

“Dad, it’s me!”

A young man in his thirties came in as he greeted, with eight bodyguards behind him.

The young man was Zhou Tianhu, the current boss of the Jade Gang. The weak old man was Liu Hankun, the previous one who had been missing for a whole year. Everybody else thought he was dead, and few people knew that he had been imprisoned here.

Liu Hankun was in the bed, lying still.

Zhou Tianhu laughed. “Don’t play possum, Dad. I know you’re still breathing.”

Seeing that Liu Hankun still didn’t reply, Zhou Tianhu continued, “Dad, you’re going to die very soon. Why don’t you just tell me where’s the jadeite mine? You want to take that secret with you into the coffin?”

Finally, Liu Hankun moved a little. He managed to sit on the bed. Behind the thick hair on his forehead, his pallid eyes glanced at Zhou Tianhu who looked quite proud. Hatred and grudge took over his eyes immediately.

“You ungrateful beast. How could I have raised you!”

Zhou Tianhu laughed arrogantly. “Why would you say that, Dad? I’m now taking care of you, too. You’ve got drinks and food here, with ten more people at your service. What else do you want?”

Liu Hankun’s beard was joggling out of anger from the depth of his heart. He yelled, “You ungrateful beast! Give up hoping for me to tell you where the jadeite mine is!”

“You think I won’t kill you as long as you can keep the secret to yourself, don’t you?” Zhou Tianhu’s face twisted out of anger. “It is said that you have an undeveloped jadeite mine, but who cares? Can it bring me money faster than drugs?

“Now I’ve taken in charge of the Jade Gang and killed the old-timer, Bai Peng. I’m pouring the white powders into Huaxia, and the money just keeps rolling in my pocket. I don’t need your damn jadeite mine.

“I didn’t kill you because I still need to use you to lure Qin Haodong here. Then you’ll be able to see each other in hell.”

Liu Hankun asked in surprise, “Who’s that?”

Zhou Tianhu said, “That’s none of your business. He’ll be with you on your way to hell.”

Just by then, the phone in his pocket rang. A man’s voice rang out when it was connected, “Boss, they’ve already driven Li Zhong to the Tang’s Clinic. Qin Haodong saved him as you expected, and he snapped our fellows’ arms.”

“Give them some money and find them a place to get healed.”

Zhou Tianhu hung up the phone and looked absolutely excited. He said to Liu Hankun, “Dad, bad news. Qin Haodong will come to rescue you soon. You can rest in peace after I killed him.”

Outside the Black Dragon Cave, Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian had already waited for an hour, but the guards stayed alert.

Hu Xiaoxian complained, “Are we still going to wait? Why not just barge in?”

Qin Haodong stopped her. “Just hang on for a while. It’s easy for us to kill those guards, but we’ll also be discovered by those in the cave. Things will get tricky if they take Liu Hankun as a hostage.”

Just by then, those gunmen in the tent moved. There were eight of them walking out, changing shifts with those at the mouth of the cave. Six of them stayed there, and the other two walked into the cave.

Two gunmen walked out of the cave and met with the six gunmen at the mouth of the cave, and then they went back to the tent.

It was already midnight. They fell asleep as soon as they were back into the tent. Qin Haodong ripped the tent a little with the Thousand Blades. Then he threw some Ecstasy Pills in. Those people still looked like sleeping, and nothing could wake them up.

Having got rid of those in the tent, the two split and killed the six gunmen at the mouth of the cave in silence. Then they walked into that cave.

The two gunmen in the cave were leaning against the wall, sleeping. Somehow they felt people walking into it. As soon as they raised their heads, two silver rays flashed, and they completely lost consciousness.

Qin Haodong killed them with silver needles. Then he followed Hu Xiaoxian. They strode into the cave.

Standing in front of the cell, Hu Xiaoxian waved the shiny Purple Flash Sword and cut the two iron locks on the door. She opened the door and said, “Mr. Liu Hankun! We’re here to save you!”

Liu Hankun was still lying in the bed when he heard the noise. He saw the door open and turned excited. “Who are you? Are you really here to save me?”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “We’re Li Zhong’s friends. Sir, let’s get out of here.”

“Great, I can finally make it out of here. Zhou Tianhu, you bastard… we’ll see…”

He walked out of the cave but before he could make it out of the door, a saber was put against his neck.

Qin Haodong asked coldly, “Who are you?”

“What are you doing, young man! I’m Liu Hankun!”

“That’s impossible. Liu Hankun has been imprisoned here for more than a year. Zhou Tianhu imprisoned him for torturing, not enjoying his life. You sounded way too vigorous.” Qin Haodong applied Mind-manipulating Skills and asked again, “Tell me who you are, now.”

“I’m Zhang Dawu, Zhou Tianhu’s bodyguard…”

As soon as the man answered that, the Thousand Blades slit his throat.

“Let’s go! We’ve been tricked!”

Qin Haodong killed Zhang Dawu and went out of the cave with Hu Xiaoxian, hand in hand.

The two rushed to the mouth of the cave smoothly, which made Qin Haodong a little bit surprised. It must have taken Zhou Tianhu a lot to set this trap. At least he should plant some bombs or send more gunmen here. The whole cave was horribly quiet at this moment.

As he approached the mouth of the cave, his heart sank. He finally knew why Zhou Tianhu didn’t set anything to block him in the cave.

There were three people standing at the entrance in a triangle formation. The one on the left looked familiar. Qin Haodong just met her days ago, Yagyu Yukime. On the left side, there was a samurai dressed in black. Qin Haodong didn’t know him, but the pressure the samurai gave out was overwhelming. He was definitely at the Supreme Power Level.

An old Taoist was standing in the middle. Qin Haodong’s pupils contracted when he saw the man because he was at the second level of the Supreme Power Realm.

Three masters with supreme power were at the entrance. That was why Zhou Tianhu didn’t set anything in the cave.

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