The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 409 - The Previous Boss of the Gang

Chapter 409 The Previous Boss of the Gang


Before Qin Haodong could react, his ‘little soldier’ already stood up and saluted.

Sitting on Qin Haodong’s thigh, Hu Xiaoxian had actually felt the change. She giggled and said, “My little man, don’t try to play the fool. I can feel it.”

“Well… let’s have dinner!” Qin Haodong said with slight awkwardness.

Hu Xiaoxian hugged his neck and rubbed her face against his, asking, “Is that all you want? Don’t you want to take a bite of me at first?”

“You… you’re the main course for me today!”

Qin Haodong found the past few days very torturing because Hu Xiaoxian kept seducing him. Now the time had really come, he couldn’t control the inner desire anymore. He held her up and rushed to the bedroom.

However, the moment they jumped onto the bed, someone knocked at the door heavily.

“I hate this guy,” Qin Haodong said regretfully.

“It’s so late. Must be someone who knocked at the wrong door.”

Hu Xiaoxian was also surprised because she knew that they had no friends here in Burma. Nobody would visit them, especially when it was so late.

The two held breath and waited for a while. However, instead of leaving, the man was knocking at the door even harder.

Qin Haodong sighed. It seemed that they had to stop here. Hu Xiaoxian and he put on their clothes and walked to the yard. Then they opened the door.

A man covered with blood jumped in as soon as the door opened. Then he collapsed on the ground.

Qin Haodong checked and found it was a man in his forties. He seemed badly injured, covered with dozens of wounds on his body. The wounds seemed to be gunshots and knife cuts. Fortunately, none of the wounds were on the fatal parts.

Qin Haodong carried the man back into the clinic and put him on the bed. Then he used his Genuine Qi to force all the bullets out of the man’s body. After that, he applied some ointment on the wounds and transferred a wisp of Green Wood Genuine Qi into the man’s body.

A few minutes later, the middle-aged man opened his eyes slowly. He looked around and found himself lying in the Tang’s Clinic. So he said hastily to Qin Haodong, “Thank you for saving my life!”

Qin Haodong said, “You’re welcome, I am a doctor. That’s my job.”

The middle-aged man put some blood-dyed cash on the bed and tried to stand up.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Your wounds have barely healed. You’d better not move too much now.”

The middle-aged man said, “Thank you for saving me, but I’ll bring you into trouble if I stay here. I should leave now.”

Qin Haodong said, “You’re a patient, and I am a doctor. You’ve bled too much, and the wounds are yet to heal. You should at least stay here over one night.”

The man looked handsome and genuine. He didn’t look like a bad guy, so Qin Haodong decided to help him.

“Trust me… I’ll definitely bring you into trouble if I stay here.”

The man wanted to explain, but the door was kicked open by someone from the outside. More than ten people rushed into the clinic.

Those people looked quite ferocious, all with knives and steel pipes in their hands. Their leader was a strong bald man, with a black pistol in his hand.

Seeing the man lying in bed, the bald man sneered, “Li Zhong, how about now? Are you still going to hide?”

Li Zhong sighed, knowing that he had no way to escape this time. He said, “I can go with you. I have nothing to do with this clinic, and I don’t know any of the doctors here. Please let go of them.”

The bald man was arrogant. “Li Zhong, you’ll be dead soon, and you’re in no position to negotiate with us. Those who helped the Jade Gang’s enemy have to die.”

Qin Haodong’s facial expression changed slightly upon hearing that they were from the Jade Gang. He said, “I know him as little as I know you. This is my clinic, and he is my patient. You can do whatever you want to him outside the clinic, but don’t you dare touch him in my place.”

“You brat. Are you crazy? Didn’t you hear that we’re from the Jade Gang?” The bald man said and looked at Qin Haodong, and then he saw Hu Xiaoxian standing behind. A strange light flashed in his narrow eyes. He turned greedy and obscene, heated like a cat.

“You’ve hidden such a beauty in your home. I can forgive you and let you go if you can give her to us.”

Before Qin Haodong answered, Hu Xiaoxian shimmied to the man and asked coquettishly, “What do you want from me, sir?”

The man answered with a kinky face, “Just be my woman, and I can grantee you a carefree life and give you anything you want.”

However, before he finished talking, he felt a pain on his chest like being hit by a train. He was blown back for more than ten meters and collided into the wall behind. Then he puked a great deal of blood.

He was slapped away by Hu Xiaoxian. The woman was now giggling. “I’m teaching you not to be so blind. Look at yourself! How dare you try to get your hands on me!”

The bald man climbed up from the ground and wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. Then he pointed at Hu Xiaoxian and commanded, “Kill them! Now !”

Upon hearing his command, dozens of his fellows jumped on Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian.

Li Zhong was afraid that the two were too weak to resist the attacks. He wanted to help but before he stood up and walked, those people were all kicked away. Some got their arms broke. Knives and steel pipes were all over the place. They couldn’t stop growling.


Li Zhong was completely dumbfounded. He hadn’t seen it clearly when Hu Xiaoxian slapped the bald man, but this time he saw it and was sure the young man was a hidden powerhouse.

It had never occurred to the bald man that Qin Haodong was so powerful. When the man realized that, he tried to pull the pistol out of his pocket hastily. Before he could raise the pistol, his wrist had been firmly grabbed by Qin Haodong. After two cracking sounds, the bald man’s two arms were snapped. The pistol fell onto the ground.

“Young man, the Jade Gang would never spare you if you touch me…”

The man still wanted to threaten Qin Haodong with the name of Jade Gang. Before he could finish saying it, Qin Haodong’s fist smashed on his face and knocked his teeth off.

“I don’t care what gang you’re in. This is my clinic, and you should get out of here. You’re lucky today for I only snapped your arms. Next time, I’ll kill all of you.”

After that, he kicked the man’s belly. The man flew out of the door of the clinic.

Later he turned to those growling people from the Jade Gang and said coldly, “Get your butts out of here.”

Seeing their boss already lose the fight, those people immediately gave in and scrambled their way out of the clinic.

Qin Haodong closed the door and said to Li Zhong, “Rest assured, nobody can take you away as long as you’re in my clinic.”

Hu Xiaoxian followed him and said, “That’s right. You can have a good rest here. Wait until you feel better.”

Li Zhong’s expression looked complicated. He hesitated for a bit and suddenly fell on his knees. “Please help me save our boss.”

“Please stand on your feet. Tell us about it.” Qin Haodong helped Li Zhong stand up and let him sit on the bed. Then Qin Haodong asked, “What do you mean? Who are you? Who’s your boss?”

Li Zhong said, “I’m Li Zhong from the Jade Gang. My boss’s name is Liu Hankun.”

Out of surprise, Qin Haodong asked, “Why would they go after you if you’re a member of the Jade Gang? And I’ve heard that the boss of the Jade Gang is named Zhou Tianhu, so where did this Liu Hankun come from?”

Li Zhong said, “One year ago, the boss of the Jade Gang was Liu Hankun, but the bastard, Zhou Tianhu, stole it from him. Now Liu Hankun is imprisoned in the cave in the back mountain of the gang.”

Qin Haodong asked gloomily, “Don’t worry, speak slowly, what happened?”

Hu Xiaoxian poured a glass of water and brought it to Li Zhong. Li Zhong drank it up and started to tell them the whole story.

It turned out that the previous boss of the Jade Gang was Liu Hankun, whose ancestor used to be a general of the Expedition Force. Although he ran a gang, he was actually a kind and humble person. He didn’t have any children, so he adopted Zhou Tianhu and his sister.

However, Zhou Tianhu was such an ungrateful brat. He was a wild wolf with a savage heart, drooling at Liu Hankun’s position. He cultivated his own force under the cover of Liu Hankun’s trust and finally, he had Liu Hankun imprisoned in the cave in the Black Dragon Moutain at the back of the gang site.

Li Zhong had always been close to Liu Hankun, and he had been undercover in the new force. Nobody else knew his relationship with Liu Hankun.

When Zhou Tianhu took over the position of Liu Hankun, he lied to the public that Liu Hankun died of illness.

But Li Zhong didn’t believe him. He sneaked back to the Jade Gang and investigated it. One night, he got a message saying that Liu Hankun wasn’t dead and was imprisoned in the Black Dragon Cave.

He sneaked into the Black Dragon Cave and wanted to make things clear. He wished he could save Liu Hankun out. But the cave was so firmly guarded that he was found as soon as he arrived. Those people chased him to this clinic.

He saw the clinic when he was badly injured. Then he knocked on the door and was saved by Qin Haodong.

After listening to him, Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian looked at each other. They instantly understood each other’s thoughts.

They were just looking for a man to take over Zhou Tianhu’s position. If they could save Liu Hankun, they would be able to get rid of Zhou Tianhu and reform the Jade Gang fast at the same time. All problems would be solved by then.

Thinking of that, Qin Haodong asked Li Zhong, “How’s the prestige of Liu Hankun?”

Li Zhong said, “He was always nice to people and considerate to his subordinates. People in the gang admired him much. Zhou Tianhu stole the position under the cover of being his adopted son. Or the gang wouldn’t allow Zhou Tianhu to take over the position.

As long as you can save him out, he’ll let other people see Zhou Tianhu’s true color. He’ll take the position back. The Jade Gang is very rich, he’ll definitely thank you two with generous rewards.”

Qin Haodong then asked, “How’s his feeling for Huaxia?”

Li Zhong said, “His father was from Huaxia. So his root is in there. He often regrets that he can’t go back there. So he loves Huaxia deeply. The merchants from there have always been our prior customers of the raw jade gemstone.”

Qin Haodong nodded and said, “I promise you I’ll save him.”

Li Zhong said excitedly, “That’s great. Shall we go right away?”

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