The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 395 - It Was Chemistry

Chapter 395 It Was Chemistry

Wang Dazhi was really annoyed. He wanted to get Yagyuu Yukime for a long time. He worked hard for a while and even got the medicine for her. But as a result, it happened to give his enemy Qin Haodong a chance. In any case, he couldn’t accept it.

“Hurry up and find a way for me. Even if I can’t get that woman, I can’t let Qin Haodong get her. Otherwise, I won’t forgive you!”


Li San’er was totally stunned. He wanted to please his new boss and earn money. But he didn’t expect to make it that way.

Qin Haodong and Yagyuu Yukime had entered the room. With the three bottles of medicine liquid he added in the water, he couldn’t stop them at all. At the moment it was impossible to stop Qin Haodong and Yagyuu Yukime, but when Li San’er saw Wang Dazhi’s angry face, he had to think of a solution.

All of a sudden, Li San’er said, “Young master, I have a way. We can call the police. If they come, they can drive that guy away.”

“Nonsense. Can policemen stop two people who are willing to sleep together?”

Li San’er said, “Of course, we can’t tell the truth, young master. We can just say someone was raped. The police will come. No matter whether it’s true or not, they will be stopped.”

Wang Dazhi thought about it and said, “Well, call the police now. Hurry up, otherwise they will really sleep together later.”

At that moment, Li San’er couldn’t hesitate anymore. He directly took his mobile phone and called the police, “Hello, comrade police. I want to report a case. It’s not related to me. It’s Miss Yukime, the head of the Nihon investigation group. She was raped in room 805 of the Dreamy Jiangnan Hotel.”

On the other side of the phone, an experienced old policeman answered and immediately asked, “Who’s that? How do you know?”

“Uh…” Li San’er hesitated and said, “I’m the waiter at the banquet. I saw a man take Miss Yukime into the room, so I reported the crime.”

“May I have your name, sir? Can I have your contact information?”

“I’m just doing what’s right and brave. Anyway, I’ve already told you what I saw. It’s your business to deal with that.”

Then Li San’er hurriedly hung up the phone.

Of course he couldn’t leave his name because he was making a false report. He would give up this cell phone number after that, otherwise the police would find him.

He turned around and said to Wang Dazhi with a flattering face, “Young master, I’ve already called the police, they will be here soon.”

Wang Dazhi was worried and said, “You didn’t even leave your name. Do you think the police would come?”

Li San’er said proudly, “I was afraid of that, so I told the police the identity of that woman, since it’s very special. Whether it’s true or not, the police will be careful. Otherwise, they will be in trouble.”

On the police reception center, Li San’er’s phone call really caused a great sensation. Due to Yagyuu Yukime’s special identity, the police who answered the phone call immediately reported the situation to Wang Jianfeng.

Upon hearing the explosive news that the head of the Nihon investigation group was raped, Wang Jianfeng took it seriously and dared not neglect it at all. Because if it was true, it would be a serious problem. He immediately called Nalan Wuxia and asked her to personally lead the team to the Dreamy Jiangnan Hotel to find out the situation.

Nalan Wuxia also felt that the situation was unusual, and immediately took his teammates to the Dreamy Jiangnan Hotel. But she didn’t rush directly to room 805.

As the eldest lady of an aristocratic family, she clearly knew about that kind of upscale banquets. Some rich young men and young ladies would probably head to a room for in-depth communication as long as they fell in love at first sight. Rape rarely happened, let alone to the head of a Nihon investigation group.

So after she arrived at the hotel, the first thing she did was to go to the banquet to learn about the situation.

As the host of the banquet, Gao Fang immediately realized what had happened when he saw the policemen approaching. He hurried up to talk with them.

As the director of the Merchant Bureau, he naturally knew the oldest lady of the Nalan family. He went up to Nalan Wuxia happily and said, “Captain Nalan, what’s up?”

Nalan Wuxia nodded with a smile and said to Gao Fang, “Director Gao, do you know Miss Yukime from the Nihon investigation group?”

“Yes, Miss Yukime is the head of the Nihon investigation group,” said Gao Fang.

“Please tell me, is she here at the moment?”

“No, she just left with a friend,” said Miyashiro Yoshida, “Officer, I’m the deputy head of the investigation group. If you have anything to say, you can tell me.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Well, just now we received a call saying that Yagyuu Yukime, the head of the investigation group, was raped in room 805 of the Dreamy Jiangnan Hotel, so I want to know about it.”

After listening to her, Gao Fang and Miyashiro Yoshida looked at each other, and they were both angry. In their eyes, it had to be someone who was jealous of Qin Haodong, so he secretly called the police.

Gao Fang said firstly, “Officer Nalan, I can tell you responsibly that such a situation does not exist at all. Miss Yukime is indeed staying in room 805, but she just went back to chat with a friend of hers. There was no violence at all.

“It must be someone who has an ulterior motive, wanting to destroy the friendship between your country and Nihon.”

Miyashiro Yoshida naturally didn’t want that to happen. If Yagyuu Yukime was taken away by the police, it would be the biggest scandal of the investigation group.

He then said, “Officer, Mr. Qin is a talented young man. Miss Yukime was willing to go with him. Everyone could see that clearly. There was no coercion at all. I can use the identity of deputy head of the investigation group to vouch for this.”

He was just a peripheral member of the Yagyuu family. He was unaware about the demise of one hundred elites of the Yagyuu family in Huaxia, nor about the main purpose of that visit—which was to kill Qin Haodong, the biggest enemy of the Yagyuu family. So he was very respectful when talking about Qin Haodong.

When Nalan Wuxia heard Qin Haodong’s name, she was a little surprised. “In Just one day, this Playboy got together with a Nihon woman. No wonder the slovenly old Taoist once said that Qin Haodong was doomed to be unlucky in relationships.”

Gao Fang said, “Captain Nalan, Mr. Qin and Miss Yukime must be talking about cooperation. The report is a prank, so please go back.”

After listening to them, Nalan Wuxia understood what had happened. Someone had to be trying to double-cross Qin Haodong. If she found out who that guy was, she would not forgive him!

Since she knew what the situation was, she said to them, “Well, since you’re sure about that, I’ll go back!”

With a wave of her hand, she took the policemen to leave the hotel.

When Wang Dazhi saw that Nalan Wuxia became aware of the ruse, he knew it was going to be bad. He turned to Li San’er and scolded him, “Why did you mention the woman’s name when you made the phone call?”

Li San’er said awkwardly, “I was afraid the police wouldn’t come. I thought the police would rush to room 805 and take Qin Haodong away. Unexpectedly, the policewoman is really cunning. She went to learn about the situation first.”

“What a good-for-nothing you are!”

Wang Dazhi scolded him severely again, and Nalan Wuxia was ready to leave.

After doing so much, Wang Dazhi didn’t want to give up all his efforts. Thinking of Qin Haodong’s close relationship with Nalan Wuxia, he thought that if Nalan Wuxia knew that it was Qin Haodong who was in the room with Yagyuu Yukime, she would be furious and rush to take Qin Haodong away.

Even if she didn’t arrest him, they would stop Qin Haodong and Yagyuu Yukime.

After he came up with that idea in his mind, he became more excited. He trotted toward Nalan Wuxia and said,

“Captain Nalan, wait for me. Do you know who it is? It’s Qin…”

Upon hearing him shout, Miyashiro Yoshida immediately changed his face. As the deputy head of the Nihon investigation group, he certainly hoped that the matter would be stopped. He didn’t want to make it known to the whole city. But when he saw that the police were going to leave, the guy yelled again. He obviously thought Wang Dazhi was making trouble.

Just because of his dissatisfaction, Miyashiro Yoshida moved his tiptoe forward slightly. Before Wang Dazhi had finished his speech, he felt he was tripped, and then he fell down.

In the middle of the air, Wang Dazhi hurriedly wanted to grab something, and his right hand just grabbed the hem of Nalan Wuxia’s police skirt.

Fortunately, as an internal force warrior, Nalan Wuxia’s response was fast enough. She raised her hand and pressed the skirt, so as to avoid the embarrassment of it being pulled off.

But even so, the hem of the skirt was torn off by Wang Dazhi, exposing her white thigh to the air.

As the Nalan family’s eldest daughter, the famous ill-tempered policewoman, it was the first time ever for her skirt to be pulled by somebody, which made her immediately furious.

“B*stard…! You are looking for death!”

Poor Wang Dazhi had just gotten up from the ground, and then Nalan Wuxia slapped him and kicked his abdomen.

The kick was so powerful that Wang Dazhi flew in the air and then plopped into the fountain which was at more than ten meters away.

“B*stard! I will not forgive you next time!”

Nalan Wuxia vented the anger in her heart, tidied up the skirt, and then rounded up the police to leave the hotel in a hurry.

Wang Dazhi fell into the pool. It was very painful. He choked just when he wanted to shout. Fortunately, Li San’er and several other bodyguards ran to get him out in time.

“What shall we do, young master?”

“What else can we do? Take me back!”

In any case, Wang Dazhi had no face to stay there any longer. That day was too humiliating for him. He couldn’t care about Qin Haodong and Yagyuu Yukime who were in room 805 anymore. While being laughed at by the onlookers, he was carried out of the hotel by several bodyguards.

The two people in the room did not know what had happened outside at all. Under the strong effect of the medicine liquid, they only knew that they were constantly satisfied from each other’s bodies. From the bed to the ground, from the balcony to the bathroom, every corner of the room had their traces.

As the time passed, the banquet had ended, but they still didn’t come out of the room.

Miyashiro Yoshida was concerned about Yagyuu Yukime’s safety. He wanted to check the situation. But he heard something before he could get close to the room.

He couldn’t help but shake his head. He didn’t expect that Yagyuu Yukime was so crazy, since she was really a silent person and didn’t care about any man for many years. How could she become so crazy all of a sudden?

He asked two of his men to guard in front of the door and told them not to let anyone approach the room. Then he went back to rest.

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