The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 394 - It's Not Poison

Chapter 394 It’s Not Poison

Yagyuu Yukime drank up the water in the cup again but thought it was not enough. She just kicked off the high heels on her feet and went to the water fountain barefoot to collect the water herself.

Compared to other women, Yagyuu Yukime was taller. Thus, even though she was barefoot, she was over 1.70 meters tall.

What’s more, her figure was extremely hot. Her sexy figure was displayed when she lowered her head to take water.

From Qin Haodong’s point of view, he could see the scenery below Yagyuu Yukime’s neckline clearly. This woman is really hot. He sighed in his mind and felt a little thirsty. Then, he took another glass of water to drink.

This way, they were around the water fountain. Yagyuu Yukime drank four glasses of water in succession, which made her feel better, and Qin Haodong also drank two glasses.

After putting down the cup in her hand, Yagyuu Yukime sat down on the bed again. She looked at Qin Haodong and said, “Well, now we can talk about it. Tell me how you can give me the antidote of the Cultivation Dissipation Powder.”

“Don’t worry about that for now.”

After pulling a chair and sitting on it, Qin Haodong said, “First, tell me the purpose of your visit here to show your sincerity.”Visit website NovelFull

Yagyuu Yukime said, “We are an investigation group. Naturally, we came to here to talk about business.”

“Miss Yukime, if you say so, we don’t need to talk any more. You can act like a businesswoman and go ahead with your business!”

Qin Haodong stood up and got ready to leave the room.

“Wait a minute!”

Yagyuu Yukime hurried to stop him. She had once been a mighty Ninja, so she couldn’t stand this weakness. She wanted to recover as soon as possible.

“Well, I will tell you. The main purpose of my visit here is to get the formula of the Blood Revival Elixir that’s in your hands.”

“That’s good! Your teacher should have told you that honesty is a virtue for all of us.”

Then, Qin Haodong reached out with his hand and patted Yagyuu Yukime’s cheek. Although this was just a casual action, somehow, when his fingers touched Yagyuu Yukime’s lubricated skin, he felt hot in his heart.

Yagyuu Yukime felt the same. Her cheeks were not her sensitive area, but after being touched by Qin Haodong, she felt extremely hot. It seemed that there was something in her mind that needed to be vented urgently. This feeling made her let out a haunting groan.

She forced herself to stop this inner impulse and cried, “Don’t… Don’t touch me!”

“What? You act as if I’ve done something to you. As I’ve said, I have no interest in a foreign woman like you. Even if you stripped, I wouldn’t take a look.”

Qin Haodong sat on the chair and said, “Why did you buy the wholesale market of traditional Chinese medicine by using so much money?”

“I wanted to force you to come to today’s banquet and then find a chance to get your formula.”

Although she was answering Qin Haodong’s question, Yagyuu Yukime’s voice became more and more charming, as if she was talking to her lover. She didn’t even realize it.

While he listened to her voice and looked at her charming appearance, Qin Haodong’s heart suddenly felt torrid in his mind. He quickly turned around and took another glass of water. “It’s evening, but it’s still so hot.”

Then, he drank up the water in the cup, as if he wanted to put out the rising fire in his heart.

Yagyuu Yukime felt the same. She felt that she was getting hotter and hotter. She had an impulse to strip off immediately. Instead, she jumped to the water fountain and filled a large glass of water.

Unconsciously, she had drunk five glasses of water, and Qin Haodong had drunk three glasses of water.

Li San’er’s liquid medicine was a kind of aphrodisiac liquid specially developed by a foreign company. The power of this kind of medicine was very strong to begin with. One bottle was enough, but Li San’er had put three bottles into the water in order to get the 10-million reward.

A man and a woman were in the same room, so the atmosphere was a little ambiguous. When Yagyuu Yukime drank the fifth glass of water, the power of the medicine immediately worked.

Instead of alleviating her thirst, she felt that there was a fire under her abdomen after drinking so many glasses of water.

Although she was 20 years old this year, she had never had a relationship with a man. Today, she had hugged and kissed with Qin Haodong and had been teased herself several times. Her mature body had been in a very sensitive state. Then, she had consumed Li San’er’s powerful aphrodisiac liquid, so she had no power to resist whatsoever.

Qin Haodong felt the difference in her and said, “What’s the matter with you? Is it too hot in here? Go take a cold shower first.”

While talking, he also felt the heat. He unbuttoned his shirt and showed his strong muscles.

It was no wonder that Qin Haodong’s response was so slow. He was now immune to all kinds of poison. However, he had forgotten that this kind of aphrodisiac liquid was not poison. It only urged people’s natural instincts to the maximum. In this case, even though his body was immune to all kinds of poison, it was useless. He had already had an instinctive reaction.

When Yagyuu Yukime saw Qin Haodong’s muscles, it seemed like she had encountered a huge suctioning force. She couldn’t move her eyes anymore. Her breath became increasingly urgent, and a primitive desire burst out of her mind, combined with her sensitive body, and became irremediable.

By now, she had forgotten the formula, her identity, and mission and had become a woman in urgent need of satisfaction. Qin Haodong was no longer a big deadly enemy, but a simple man who was seductive.

Qin Haodong, who also felt that something was wrong with him, stretched out his hands and rubbed his swollen, numb cheeks hard. What’s the matter? Although this woman is very beautiful, she still can’t make me get out of control. I’m going to lose my mind completely.

He raised his head and looked at Yagyuu Yukime’s chest. He couldn’t help swallowing.

At first, he’d had no interest in this woman. Therefore, even when he had kissed Yagyuu Yukime, his body hadn’t reacted at all. However, the situation had suddenly changed.

He thought of what he had just said. Even if this woman took off her clothes, he would not have any interest in her. However, he now wanted to put her down on the bed immediately. What was the matter?

He suddenly realized that he might have taken an aphrodisiac liquid unconsciously. How could it be?

He could still think about it with his remaining senses. However, Yagyuu Yukime, who had drunk five glasses of water in succession, had lost her senses completely. Her eyes were red like the fire of desire, and she had been submerged by the most primitive impulse.

“I want to… I want to…”

Yagyuu Yukime spoke in a low voice and then pulled off her red evening dress, exposing her body, which could fascinate countless men, to the air.

Upon seeing everything in front of him, Qin Haodong felt as if countless explosives had detonated in him.

At that moment, he was sure that he had taken an aphrodisiac liquid unconsciously. If he had been alone, he could have used an hour to clear up the effect of the aphrodisiac liquid with his internal power.

However, he couldn’t do that now. Yagyuu Yukime, who had completely lost her mind, didn’t give him any time to react at all. She sprang at Qin Haodong directly.

“Don’t come here. Stay away from me!”

Qin Haodong bit the tip of his tongue and tried to stay as rational as possible. Then, he raised his hand and stabbed Yagyuu Yukime’s chest acupoint.

As long as Yagyuu Yukime stopped acting, he could first detoxify himself and then help Yagyuu Yukime do the same. However, to his surprise, Yagyuu Yukime was not deterred by him at all. She pushed him to the ground at once.

The moment he fell to the ground, he realized that the Cultivation Dissipation Powder could not really dissipate the Genuine Qi in Yagyuu Yukime’s body. It could only cut off the connection between her Internal Qi and her spirit. Therefore, she could not feel the existence of the Genuine Qi in her body, let alone use the Genuine Qi.

The reason Qin Haodong was eager to talk with her was that there was a time limit to the Cultivation Dissipation Powder. Yagyuu Yukime’s cultivation would be restored immediately after 12 hours, and then she would be a supreme power master.

In fact, Yagyuu Yukime still had Genuine Qi in her body. Her cultivation level was higher than Qin Haodong’s, so Qin Haodong failed to stop her by hitting the acupoint.

Unfortunately, it was too late for Qin Haodong to know that. Yagyuu Yukime, who was in a frenzy, pushed him down to the ground, ripped off his clothes, and kissed him fiercely.

Yagyuu Yukime obviously had no experience in kissing. She kissed clumsily and rudely, but she didn’t need any skills right now. This had completely inspired Qin Haodong and made his last hint of rationality disappear. All that remained in his mind was the original reaction of a man to a woman.

The medicine was so strong that even Li San’er didn’t know about it. When his friend had bought the medicine liquid, the seller had said that if he took it, he would not be able to control his body even in the face of an old sow. However, Yagyuu Yukime was a woman who was extremely beautiful and sexy.

Outside the room, Wang Dazhi and Li San’er had followed them in secret. Upon seeing Qin Haodong and Yagyuu Yukime enter the room together, they had suddenly become anxious.

Li San’er said, “You don’t have to worry, young master. Maybe they just went in to talk about something and they will come out later.”

“Nonsense. How can they talk like that? They’re going to sleep together.” Wang Dazhi hit Li San’er’s head and cried, “Hurry up and find a way to fix this, or that woman will sleep with Qin Haodong and all my efforts will be in vain.”

Li San’er was also bewildered. This situation was far beyond his control. He rubbed his head and said, “Young master, I think they must have drunk the water in the water fountain. I can bring some men in and take that guy out. You can’t go in and get the woman.”

“Shit!” Wang Dazhi slapped Li San’er on the head again and scolded him. “Do you know who that guy is? He is Qin Haodong. He can fight dozens of people by himself. You are not capable of fighting with him at all.”

“Uh… Young master, let’s give up now and look for an opportunity later. Anyway, there are many beautiful women!”

Wang Dazhi slapped Li San’er in the face again and said, “Are you a pig? I can’t wait. Don’t make me find someone else.”

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