The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 335 - Amazing Coincidence

Chapter 335 Amazing Coincidence

Inside the president’s office at the Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, Lin Momo was busy at the desk. Meanwhile, Qin Haodong was sitting on the sofa. From time to time, he would take out a small green leaf and place it in his mouth to chew, making herbal speculations.

Suddenly, the door opened and Liu Yage entered the room hastily.

“Doctor Qin, Momo, something happened!” Liu Yage said.

“Something happened? What happened again? Wasn’t the problem with the medicinal materials solved?” Qin Haodong asked.

“Something happened to the Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame, not to our company!”

Qin Haodong and Lin Momo sighed in relief when they heard that this was about the Hall of Medical Fame. Qin Haodong asked, “Hasn’t the Hall of Medical Fame been doing well lately? The Kidney Treasure Tablet has been very popular. What happened?”

Liu Yage said, “You guys still don’t know. There are a lot of arguments on the internet. During yesterday’s free clinic, the Hall of Medical Fame cured three people to death. Today, people went straight to their doorstep to find them.”

“Three people died?” Qin Haodong suddenly stood up. He could sense that this was not just the Hall of Medical Fame’s business, but rather all the Chinese medicine practitioners’ business.

He said in annoyance, “How is this possible? I have seen the information of the doctors working at the Hall of Medical Fame. They are all high-level Chinese medicine practitioners. How could they have cured someone to death, let alone killed three people at once?”

Liu Yage said, “I am also unsure about the specifics. However, I heard it was a doctor who cured them to death. His name is Zhang Tianhe, and all three prescriptions were given by him.”

“Zhang Tianhe?” Qin Haodong looked dumbfounded upon hearing this name. He was pretty familiar with Zhang Tianhe. Although the reputation of this person was just speculated, he did have some real skills. At the very least, he shouldn’t have killed three people one after another.

He said, “There is definitely something behind this. Zhang Tianhe has practiced medicine his entire life, yet I have not heard any cases of people dying. It’s impossible to kill three people in one day.”

“I am not sure about this. I read everything on the internet,” Liu Yage said. “Things are getting worse as we speak. There have been a lot of arguments on the internet. At the beginning, everyone was just condemning doctor Zhang Tianhe. Then, people started accusing Chinese medicine practitioners of using fake science. They started yelling about abolishing the Chinese medicine practitioner system.”

“Nonsense! How could they want to abolish Chinese medicine practice when this matter has not been explained yet?”

An unknown fire ignited within Qin Haodong’s heart. He wanted to develop Chinese medicine practice. However, who would have thought that just when Chinese medicine practitioners had started improving through the Blood Revival Elixir, something like this would immediately happen?

Upon looking at his nervous expression, Lin Momo said, “Haodong, is this serious?”

Qin Haodong said with a serious expression, “Although the capital is not south of the Yangtze River, Xingling is the famous hometown of the world of Chinese medicine practice. This will have a huge impact on the entire Huaxia Chinese medicine world.

This is a troubled time. Chinese medicine practitioners are in turmoil. A big incident has occurred. If it is not handled properly, not only will the Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame be doomed, but the entire Chinese medicine industry will also be affected.”

Lin Momo also realized the seriousness of this incident. Although it had happened at the Hall of Medical Fame, it could definitely affect the entire Chinese medicine practitioner industry, including Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company.

However, she still said in consolation, “Haodong, you don’t need to be so nervous. Although something went wrong, thanks to the Wang family’s strength, they should be able to handle it.”

Liu Yage said, “Before this incident, there was no word from the Wang family. After the incident, the police took Che Xiaoxiao away.”

“What? Che Xiaoxiao was arrested? Why? Shouldn’t they arrest Wang Dacheng?”

Lin Momo immediately became nervous when she heard that her best friend had been taken to the police station.

Liu Yage said, “I only just read about it on the internet. The details are still unclear.”

Qin Haodong said, “Still unclear? The Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame’s legal representative is Che Xiaoxiao. If something happened, one would naturally arrest the legal representative. Wang Dacheng, on the other hand, is an investor. The responsibility won’t be placed on him.”

As soon as he said that, he could not help but feel afraid. If this had been all carefully planned by Wang Dacheng, it would be really terrifying.

“That goddamn Wang Dacheng is so deceitful!”

Lin Momo grabbed her bag and said while looking anxious, “Haodong, quickly, come with me to see how Xiaoxiao is doing. That poor girl. She doesn’t have any parents. There’s no one to help her when something like this happens.”

Qin Haodong followed her out of the room. He took out his phone and dialed Nalan Wuxia’s number as soon as he got into the car.

“You want to ask about the incident with the Hall of Medical Fame, right? Due to the huge influence this incident has, the city bureau handed this case over to our crime squad to handle. Che Xiaoxiao is currently writing a statement in the inquiry room.”

Before Qin Haodong could speak, Nalan Wuxia had said everything he wanted to know.

“I am rushing to the crime squad. We are nearly there.”

Qin Haodong hung up his phone after speaking, as he was driving straight to Jiangnan City’s crime squad.

When she heard that Che Xiaoxiao was with the crime squad giving her statement, Lin Momo complained. “The Hall of Medical Fame was created by Wang Dacheng. Zhang Tianhe was the one who cured those people to death. What right do they have to arrest Xiaoxiao?”

Qin Haodong comforted her. “Don’t worry too much. Like you said, although only three people died, Zhang Tianhe treated them. The Wang family is also supporting the Hall of Medical Fame, so Xiaoxiao shouldn’t have much to do with this incident.”

After more than ten minutes, they arrived at Jiangnan City’s crime squad. Qin Haodong led Lin Momo to Nalan Wuxia’s office.

After walking through the door, Lin Momo asked nervously, “Sister Wuxia, how’s the situation? Is Xiaoxiao going to be fine?”

Upon greeting them and sitting down, Nalan Wuxia said, “The situation does not look very good. Che Xiaoxiao will most likely bear the criminal responsibility of this matter.”

Although Lin Momo had just sat on the chair, when she heard these words, she immediately stood up again. She had already forgotten her manners as she anxiously said, “Why? It was Zhang Tianhe who cured those people to death. What does this have to do with Xiaoxiao?”

“Sister Momo, don’t panic. Listen to me slowly,” Nalan Wuxia said, “The worst factor right now is that Zhang Tianhe has died. Someone needs to be held responsible for this. Che Xiaoxiao is the legal representative of the Hall of Medical Fame, so naturally she has become the first person responsible for this incident.”

“Zhang Tianhe is dead? How did he die?”

Qin Haodong’s heart shook. It was already difficult to believe that Zhang Tianhe’s medical skills had killed three people in one day, yet now he had suddenly died? Wasn’t this coincidence a bit too surprising?

Nalan Wuxia said, “Just last night, Zhang Tianhe died of a heart attack. Here are the death certificate and rescue record the Jiangnan Hospital issued.”

After she said that, the two documents were presented before Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong looked through them. According to the Jiangnan Hospital’s proof, Zhang Tianhe had indeed died of a sudden heart attack right after he had gotten off work.

However, there were too many suspicious things about this case, which made it difficult for him to believe this. “Where is Zhang Tianhe’s body? I want to have a look,” he said.

Nalan Wuxia shook her head and said, “It’s too late. The funeral took place this afternoon. His body has been cremated and is now a handful of ashes.”

“Why was he cremated so soon?”

Qin Haodong was even more convinced that there was something wrong with this case. After all, according to the customs south of the Yangtze River, the deceased would only be cremated after three days. The man had died yesterday, yet he had been cremated today. There had to be secrets hidden behind this incident.

Lin Momo also noticed the difference and asked, “Sister Wuxia, there is definitely something wrong about this. You need to investigate the incident properly. Why would he die right after he treated people and then get cremated immediately?”

Nalan Wuxia said with a wry smile, “I also think there is something unusual about this case. However, there is nothing the police can do. We have no right to interfere with when a person will be cremated or how the funeral will take place. The law requires evidence. You can’t say there is a problem just because of this.”

“Sister Wuxia, you need to think of a way to help Xiaoxiao. She has been completely set up by Wang Dacheng. She was doing well as a general manager at Dreamy Jiangnan, yet she wanted to come here and be the president. She even became a legal representative.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Sister Momo, I understand how you feel. However, the law is the law. Che Xiaoxiao consciously and willingly became the company’s legal representative. Wang Dacheng did not force her. You can’t blame others for this.”

Lin Momo angrily said, “That asshole Wang Dacheng must have lied to her!”

Nalan Wuxia said with a smile, “Sister Momo, who is the legal representative of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company?”

“I am!” As soon as Lin Momo finished speaking, she understood Nalan Wuxia’s intentions and said, “The reason I am the legal representative and president is because Haodong doesn’t have the time. Plus, Haodong definitely wouldn’t set me up.”

Nalan Wuxia smiled and said, “I’m guessing your thoughts are the same as her thoughts. Che Xiaoxiao doesn’t think that Wang Dacheng would set her up either!”

“However…” Lin Momo was about to say something else, when she was stopped by Qin Haodong, who told Nalan Wuxia, “No matter what, we need to think of a way to help Xiaoxiao. Can you help us think of any other methods?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “This incident has caused such a stir that someone must take responsibility for it. Zhang Tianhe is already dead, so Che Xiaoxiao is the only person who can bear the responsibility.

The only thing I can do is get her bail while she’s pending trial. Whether she will take responsibility, or how much responsibility she will have to bear, will be decided by the court!”

“This…” Lin Momo said unwillingly, “Is there no other way?”

Nalan Wuxia shook her head and said, “Not right now.”

Qin Haodong patted Lin Momo’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. Let’s take Xiaoxiao back first. There is still time before the trial. We should be able to find a way.”

Lin Momo said, “How much does the bail cost? I can pay for Xiaoxiao.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “No need. Wang Dacheng has already posted the bail on Che Xiaoxiao’s behalf. Once the written statement is complete, she can leave.”

Lin Momo said, “Okay then, we won’t bother you any longer. We will go see Xiaoxiao now.”

The two of them stayed outside the crime squad’s door for a while before Wang Dacheng led Che Xiaoxiao out.

“Xiaoxiao, are you okay?” Lin Momo immediately rushed over to her. When she saw Che Xiaoxiao’s red swollen cheeks, she asked nervously, “What happened to your face? Who hit you?”

In contrast, Che Xiaoxiao looked a lot calmer. She smiled and said, “The families of the deceased. These people are already dead, so their families had a right to hit me a few times.”

Lin Momo said angrily, “Why should they hit you? The Hall of Medical Fame belongs to Wang Dacheng. If they want to hit someone, they should hit him.”

Wang Dacheng said with a guilty expression, “Momo is right. Xiaoxiao is like this because of me. However, there was nothing I could do. I wasn’t there at the time. If I had been there, I definitely wouldn’t have let them hurt Xiaoxiao.”

Che Xiaoxiao added, “Momo, don’t blame Dacheng. He didn’t want this to happen either!”

“Things are already like this, yet you still speak up for him.” Lin Momo glared at Wang Dacheng and said, “What are you planning to do about this incident? Are you really going to let Xiaoxiao go to prison? Did you already know that this day would arrive? Is that why you deliberately let Xiaoxiao become a legal representative?”

Wang Dacheng said, “Momo, you are falsely accusing me. I’m not an immortal. How could I have known that people would die at the Hall of Medical Fame? I wanted Xiaoxiao to become a legal representative because I wanted to give all the assets to her. I didn’t have any other motives.”

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