The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 334 - Three Dead One After Another

Chapter 334 Three Dead One After Another

After running around all day, Zhang Tianhe was really thirsty. He drank all the tea in the cup. However, not long after the tea entered his stomach, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his chest!

He raised his hands over his chest. He knew immediately that something had happened as he pointed at Wang Dacheng. However, he could not say a word because of the severe pain he felt in his chest.

Wang Dacheng put down the phone in his hand. He had only been pretending earlier. There was no point in transferring five million USD to a dying man.

“It hurts, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, bear with it a little longer. It will be over soon.” He smiled and said, “I don’t really care about the five million USD, but the mouth of a dead man is the safest, so you can’t blame me either.”

Zhang Tianhe widened his eyes fiercely. His body stiffened and, with a reluctant expression. his breathing stopped. He never would have thought that after living recklessly for most of his life, in the end, he would be set up by a young man.

Wang Dacheng took a file out of the drawer, grabbed Zhang Tianhe’s finger, and pressed a fingerprint against it. Then, he wiped the finger clean, put away the file, and yelled so he could be heard outside, “Someone come quickly! Doctor Zhang is sick!”

The secretary and the bodyguard immediately rushed inside when they heard him yell.

Wang Dacheng pointed at Zhang Tianhe and said, “Doctor Zhang had a heart attack. Take him to the hospital immediately.”

The bodyguard hurriedly lifted Zhang Tianhe into the car. Wang Dacheng also got in. When they rushed to the Jiangnan Hospital, Zhang Tianhe was quickly carried into the emergency room.

Wang Dacheng lit a cigarette. Although he looked anxious, deep down he was very calm. Zhang Tianhe had drunk his medicine, so even magical machines would not bring him back to life.

As expected, after half an hour, the emergency room light was turned off. The doctor responsible for the rescue walked out and said with a sad face, “I’m sorry, Young Master Wang Da. We tried our best.”

Wang Dacheng grabbed his collar, his face darkening as he yelled like crazy, “What? You weren’t able to treat a heart disease at such a big hospital? Doctor Zhang is the best doctor at our company. No matter what you have to do, you need to bring him back to life.”

The doctor in charge cried hurriedly, “Young Master Wang Da, don’t get so agitated. Doctor Zhang’s heart attack was sudden. Besides, he had already stopped breathing when he arrived. There was nothing we could do.”

Wang Dacheng seemed to have calmed down, as he let go of the doctor’s collar and apologetically said, “I’m sorry, I was too agitated.”

Then, a middle-aged woman in her 50s and a young man in his 20s ran in. They were Zhang Tianhe’s wife and son, Li Lizhen and Zhang Bing.

“Where is Zhang Tianhe? How is he?” Li Lizhen asked nervously.

Wang Dacheng looked at the doctor in charge, who understood and hurried over to explain. “Mrs. Zhang, I’m very sorry. We tried our best, but Doctor Zhang had a sudden heart attack. It was impossible to save him.”

“What? Are you saying that Zhang Tianhe is dead?”

The doctor in charge nodded. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Suddenly, a small nurse pushed Zhang Tianhe’s body out of the emergency room. Li Lizhen and Zhang Bing immediately threw themselves onto the body and cried.

After they cried for a while, the body was taken away. Wang Dacheng stepped forward and said, “Mrs. Zhang, a person cannot come back to life after they die. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Li Lizhen cried, “Young Master Wang Da, that geezer was our family’s backbone. Now that he’s gone, what will happen to me and my son?”

Wang Dacheng said, “Mrs. Zhang, don’t worry. No matter what, Doctor Zhang is the Hall of Medical Fame’s doctor. I will take care of the funeral and provide a pension for you and your son.”

In fact, during all these years, Zhang Tianhe had been out drinking and meeting women. He and Li Lizhen had only looked happy on the surface. He would often go to various expensive clubs. Thus, after Zhang Tianhe died, she was only a little upset. Mostly, she faked so that others would see.

When she heard Wang Dacheng say that he could help her with the funeral and provide her with a sum of money, her crying subsided at once and she said, “I must thank you, Young Master Wang Da!”

Wang Dacheng said, “Mrs. Zhang, I also have a condition. Doctor Zhang’s funeral must be low-profile, so he must be cremated before noon.”

Li Lizhen said in surprise, “This… Isn’t this a bit rushed? Furthermore, our old man is dead. He should at least have a grand funeral. This shouldn’t be handled so casually.”

Wang Dacheng said, “Mrs. Zhang, this is how things are. You need to look at it from my perspective. No matter what, Doctor Zhang was a well-known doctor of the Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame. He was famous in the entire Jiangnan City.

This year, he turned 65 years old. If the word spreads that he died of an illness, then it will have a bad influence on the Hall of Medical Fame’s reputation. Many people will say that the Hall of Medical Fame can’t even treat our own people’s illnesses. Thus, how can we treat other people’s illnesses?

Therefore, I hope you can keep a low profile when it comes to Mr. Zhang’s funeral and cremate him as soon as possible!”

Li Lizhen shook her head and said, “I can’t do that. No matter what, he is still dead. I should at least give the old geezer a proper funeral. I can’t agree to your request.”

Wang Dacheng said, “I understand your feelings. However, in the end, Doctor Zhang is dead. No matter how grand the funeral is, he won’t come back to life, will he? How about this… If you agree to my request, I will give you a compensation of one million yuan.”

Li Lizhen shook her head and said, “No, I can’t agree. This is not about money!”

Wang Dacheng smiled. “Two million yuan!”

“This… Boss Wang, you are making things difficult for me…”

“Five million yuan!”

After he called out this number, Wang Dacheng said, “Mrs. Zhang, don’t forget that the living should have a good life. I believe Doctor Zhang would want you and Zhang Bing to live an even better life. Five million is not a small number. You must seize this opportunity.”

Li Lizhen turned her head and looked at her son. When the mother and son looked at each other, they both smiled and nodded.

“Eight million!” Li Lizhen said, “If you give us eight million, then I will agree to your request. The funeral will be a humble affair and the body will also be cremated tomorrow.”

Wang Dacheng hesitated for a bit before he said, “Okay then, eight million it is. After all, Doctor Zhang passed away at our company, so this will be considered his compensation.”

He took out a check and gave it to Li Lizhen. “This is two million. You take this first to take care of the funeral. After tomorrow’s cremation, I will immediately send the six million to your account.”

“Thank you, Young Master Wang Da!”

Li Lizhen grabbed the check. She had received an additional eight million yuan of earnings. This had weakened the sadness in her heart, which had not been too much to begin with.

Wang Dacheng left the hospital, the corners of his mouth rising into a sneer. According to the agreement, he should have given Zhang Tianhe another five million USD. However, he had given out eight million yuan, which meant that he still had more than half of the amount left.

In order to get the other six million Wang Dacheng had promised, Li Lizhen and Zhang Bing took care of Zhang Tianhe’s funeral by keeping a low profile the next morning. They didn’t even tell their friends, as they hastily took care of the funeral and took his body to a cremator.

Wang Dacheng did not break his promise, as he directly transferred the six million yuan to Li Lizhen and her son. They were urged to keep this a secret.

Li Lizhen had no objections to this. This was not a glorious thing that people needed to know. It was best to keep it a secret.

At the same time, the Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame once again provided free examinations on the health square. Zhang Tianhe’s absence did not attract people’s attention, as anyone could be busy. Zhang Tianhe wasn’t the only one absent, as another doctor had requested a leave.

However, not long after the free clinic began, there was a sudden commotion outside the crowd. A group of people who were mourning broke through, carrying a dead body behind them.

A young man who was leading the group pointed at a number of the Hall of Medical Fame’s doctors and yelled, “Where is Zhang Tianhe? Fucking Zhang Tianhe, come out right now!”

Che Xiaoxiao, who just happened to be there, hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Don’t be angry, sir. What happened?”

The young man looked at her and asked, “Who are you?”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “I’m the president of the Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame, Che Xiaoxiao. If something has happened, you can tell me!”

“So you are the one who created the Hall of Medical Fame that killed my dad. I want you to pay for it today!”

The young man then rushed forward and slapped Che Xiaoxiao’s face.

Che Xiaoxiao never would have thought that he would hit someone. The firm slap made her cheeks become red and swollen. Fortunately, others stepped forward and pulled the young man away. Otherwise, she would have been hurt even more.

“What right do you have to hit someone?” Che Xiaoxiao said.

“My dad only had a bit of stomach ache yesterday. He died this morning after he took the traditional Chinese medicine Zhang Tianhe prescribed. Shouldn’t you take responsibility for it? I want you to pay for my dad’s death today!”

The young man spoke as he once again pounced towards Che Xiaoxiao. However, he was held back by the others.

“Impossible. You’re making unfounded, malicious attacks,” Che Xiaoxiao said, “Doctor Zhang is a doctor of the Hall of Medical Fame. Even if his prescription did not cure a sickness, it would never kill someone.”

That was what she was thinking. Compared to western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine had less side effects. Even if there was a misdiagnosis, it would never kill a person.

“My dad is right here. What else is there to argue about?” the young man said as he pointed to the body behind him.

At the same time, he took a prescription out of his pocket, pointed to the words, and said, “This was prescribed by Zhang Tianhe. His signature is also on it. You can’t deny it, even if you want to!”

A middle-aged man behind the young man yelled, “You are a woman, so we won’t argue with you. Hurry up and get Zhang Tianhe out here.”

Che Xiaoxiao saw that the prescription had indeed been provided by Zhang Tianhe. However, there was nothing she could do when faced with such a situation. Zhang Tianhe had already died.

Wang Dacheng had left to take care of Zhang Tianhe’s funeral, so he had let her lead the free clinic. She hadn’t expected this to happen as soon as she arrived. Although she had been the hotel manager of Dreamy Jiangnan for five years, she had never encountered such a medical controversy. For a moment, she felt lost.

As Che Xiaoxiao was unsure what to do, another commotion occurred outside the crowd. “Bastard! Zhang Tianhe, hurry on out! I want you to pay for my man’s life!”

As that person spoke, another group of people rushed in with a dead body, led by a middle-aged woman in her 40s.

Upon rushing into the crowd, she waved the prescription in her hand and cried out towards the surrounding people, “Yesterday, my man came here to get treated. A bastard named Zhang Tianhe said he had strong liver fire and prescribed him some medicine. He said it would help him get better. Who would know that, not long after taking the medicine, my man would die?”

Che Xiaoxiao’s face paled when she saw this scene. She was already unable to deal with one death, yet suddenly two people had died. How could she deal with it?

“Zhang Tianhe, you must pay for my son’s life!”

Before she could come back to her senses, another shout was heard outside the crowd. Immediately, another body was lifted over by a group of people. A third deceased person appeared, as the family of the deceased was also looking for Zhang Tianhe.

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