The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 288 - The Heated Underground World

Chapter 288 The Heated Underground World

Qi Wan’er said, “As a well-known pharmaceutical tycoon in M Country, James is very firmly guarded. He wouldn’t tell you who he was if he hadn’t prepared for your revenge. It would be hard to hold him hostage.

Besides, the assassination hasn’t been canceled yet. Killers will flow over to you if you make a move. These people are all outlaws who may even blow up your plane.”

Qin Haodong pondered a bit and realized that she was speaking reasonably. His cultivation hadn’t reached the Supreme Power Realm yet, and given all the killers watching him, it would be almost impossible to cross the ocean and kill a financial tycoon.

Moreover, the killers would not stop as long as the task was still on the website. Lin Momo would also be in danger if he left.

However, he couldn’t make James cancel the task on the website if he didn’t catch him. He would be too busy dealing with the killers to get involved in the production of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. That might be one of James’ goals too.

Qi Wan’er, who seemed to have read his mind, said from the other side of the line, “Feeling stuck? I’ve got a way to solve your problem for now.”

Qin Haodong’s eyes lightened as he asked, “What is it? Tell me!”

Qi Wan’er protested coquettishly. “The idea is all mine. Who are you to me? Why do I have to tell you?”

Qin Haodong said hastily, “Just help me solve the Deep Web problem and I’ll meet any requirements you make.”

“Remember what you just said!” Qi Waner then added, “Promise me that you’ll be my boyfriend and I will tell you about it.”

“Well…” Qin Haodong hadn’t expected that the girl would make such a request. However, he found it hard to refuse given what she had done for him. He hesitated as he said, “Well, I’m fine with it as long as you don’t mind.”

“Great, don’t go back on your word then.”

On the other side of the phone, Qi Waner was cheering and exclaiming. They had actually bonded, but they hadn’t made their relationship clear until now.

Qin Haodong was touched. Qi Wan’er was the daughter of the Qi family. If she let others in, her admirers would be lining from the capital to Jiangnan City. She had given up on her fame, fortune and social position just to be with him. This love would be hard for any man to turn down.

“As long as you don’t regret it,” he said. “Well, just tell me what to do, or another killer will be coming right away.”

Qi Wan’er said, “It is simple actually. You’re so deeply involved that you’ve failed to see the whole picture. The Deep Web is not James’ property, so he’s not the only one who can use it.”

Qin Haodong came up with an idea and asked, “You mean I can hire killers to assassinate James?”

“Yeah, you can pay to post a task on the Deep Web to assassinate James. He will be so bothered that he will be begging you for mercy.”

Qin Haodong patted his thigh and said, “That’s right. What a good idea. How come I didn’t come up with it?”

Although James was a world-renowned financial tycoon, Qin Haodong believed that the guy would have no more powerful guards than he did. James would yield to him soon if he posted the task on the website.

He hung up the phone as Lin Momo ended the meeting.

Qin Haodong said, “How much working money do we have now?”

Lin Momo said, “We spent 500 million less than our original plan to buy the pharmaceutical factory. We can use the leftover money right away, but why do you need so much money?”

Qin Haodong explained Qi Wan’er’s idea to her and added, “That bastard, James… We should teach him a lesson. We’ll divert the money temporarily and get a refund if no one kills James.”

Lin Momo nodded and agreed that this was the only way to make it through now. “How much do you need?” she asked.

“The entire 500 million. We’ll throw James a killer party in his house.”

Qin Haodong’s fury had been triggered by the successive assassinations. He needed to vent now.

Lin Momo wrote down the bank account and password and handed them to Qin Haodong without hesitation.

Qin Haodong logged into the Deep Web and registered an account, only to fail to post the task. The system suggested that his level wasn’t high enough.

He wondered what this was about.

Qin Haodong called Saber over. After checking, Saber said, “Boss, the Deep Web has five levels of users, ranging from one star to five stars. Only users above three stars can post an assassination task. You’re just a one-star user now, so you can’t make that post.”

“What should I do?”

Saber said, “That’s easy. You can use my account. I’m a four-star user.”

“Well, that would be great.”

Qin Haodong logged into Saber’s account and posted the task of assassinating James.

Upon seeing Qin Haodong’s reward, Saber exclaimed in astonishment, “Boss, that’s a ruthless move. The commission is so high that the whole underground world will heat up.”

Shortly after Qin Haodong posted the task, the underground world was turned upside down.

In a tropical rainforest in America, a two-meter-tall black man was carefully wiping the sniper rifle in his hand. Meanwhile, a white guy ran over to him with a laptop in his arms and yelled excitedly, “Boss! We’ll be rich!”

“What’s going on? Don’t make such a big fuss.”

The black man answered reluctantly.

“Check this out, Boss. A 500-million reward. I almost forgot when was the last time I saw such a generous reward on the Deep Web!”

The white guy gave the laptop to the black guy. When the guy checked it out, his eyes lightened. Then, he put away the sniper rifle in his hand and said, “Tell our buddies to move fast. We’ll no longer have to be mercenaries if we complete this task.”

In Phuket, Thailand, a dry and thin yellow man was playing with two beautiful women in the water. Suddenly, the phone on the shore rang. He answered the phone and then left behind the women’s plump chests and big booties. He put on his clothes and left in a hurry.

He was the 25th killer in the underground world, but he was there on vacation. Upon hearing that someone had offered a reward of 500 million yuan to assassinate James, he immediately gave up his vacation and rushed to M Country.

At the Capital Airport of Huaxia, a plane from M Country landed slowly. A white blond couple with blue eyes walked out of the airport. While they were waiting for their pick-up, the man checked his notebook as usual. Then, he took the woman’s hand and walked to the ticket service hastily.

“Tom, what are you doing?” the woman asked in confusion.

“Buying a ticket back to M Country,” Tom said as he sped up.

“Are you insane? We just arrived in Huaxia. We haven’t completed the task yet!” the woman said incredulously.

“A new task was just posted on the Deep Web, offering 500 million for James’ life. We’ve got 500 million to earn now. Are you really going to stick with the 5-million task?”

The woman said, “You’re right. We should leave now fast, or we may be late.”

Half an hour later, the couple killer who had just arrived in Huaxia went back to the M Country without even seeing Qin Haodong and Lin Momo.

The 500-million reward had totally astonished the whole underground world. Mercenaries and killers from all over the world rushed to James’ home like stinky flies.

At the Gold Branch and Jade Leaf Kindergarten, as school was about to be over, a man in a cap went to the gate and put his parent card on the machine. Then, he entered the kindergarten.

Wang Jiani had been living a comfortable life after getting rid of Dong Chao’s harassment. She looked even prettier than before. She was now taking care of the kids and waiting for the parents to come like any other day.

The man in the cap entered the kindergarten and went straight to the class Tang Tang was in. He then told Wang Jiani, “Nice to see you, Miss Wang. I’m Qin Haodong’s buddy. He and Lin Momo have things to do today, so they sent me here to pick up Tang Tang.”

Wang Jiani scanned the man in the cap. She was sure she hadn’t met him before, so she said, “I haven’t received her father’s call yet. I can’t let you take her. Rules are rules.”

Upon hearing someone say her name at the door, the little girl thought her father was there to pick her up, so she took her backpack and ran out joyfully. “Miss Wang, is it papa?”

The man smiled when he saw the little girl and said, “Tang Tang, I’m Uncle Zhang, your father’s friend. I’m here to pick you up for him. You can go with me, okay?”

The little girl shook her head and turned down his offer. “No, Papa said I shouldn’t leave with a stranger.”

The man with the cap said again, “But your father and mother are too busy to pick you up today. They sent me here. They’ll miss you so much if you don’t go back with me!”

After saying that, he took a phone out of his pocket and called up the phone number saved as ‘Qin Haodong’. Then, he told Wang Jiani, “Miss Wang, it’s true that Qin Haodong sent me here. You can call him and check.”

Wang Jiani thought for a moment and found this possible. She took out her phone and said, “Well, I will call Qin Haodong now.”

When he saw that Wang Jiani was not using his phone, the man’s facial expression turned malevolent. When she finished dialing the number and put the phone against her ear, the guy’s hand landed heavily on her neck. She was knocked out right away. Then, the guy walked out of the door with the little girl under his arm.

“Bad guy! Why did you hit Miss Wang?”

The little fellow was struggling in the man’s arms. She was more powerful than ordinary kids, but there was no way that she could beat a strong adult.

“Help! Come and catch the bad guy!” The little girl started screaming upon realizing that she couldn’t get rid of him.

The man with the cap moved fast and arrived at the kindergarten gate before the teachers of the other classes could react. One of the guards found this strange and walked over to ask, “What’s going on?”

“The kid wants to skip her tutoring class. She wouldn’t listen to me.”

Before the guard could react, the man kicked his belly hard and rushed out of the gate.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, an unlicensed black car had already stopped. When the man with the cap carried the little girl into the car, it drove away fast and quickly disappeared out of sight.

“Call the police! Somebody stole the girl!”

The guard rang the alarm at the door immediately. Meanwhile, Wang Jiani woke up and realized what had happened quickly. She immediately took out her phone and called Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong and Lin Momo were on the way to pick up the little girl. Qin Haodong’s phone rang just as they were about to reach the kindergarten.

He hit the answer button and heard Wang Jiani screaming on the other side of the phone. “Haodong! Someone just took Tang Tang!”

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