The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 287 - The Rules of the Deep Web

Chapter 287 The Rules of the Deep Web

After overcoming the two difficulties in succession, Qin Haodong and Lin Momo finally returned to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company.

The company’s conference room was crowded. Thirty or forty people were sitting under the stage. Some of them were elites brought here from Lin’s Group, and others were special geniuses recruited from society. All of them would grow and become the backbone of the company.

The meeting today was the first meeting after the company had acquired the Chinese medicine factory. All the staff came early except for Lin Momo, who had always been a punctual person. It was already 2 pm, and the president had yet to come.

Just in time, the door opened and Lin Momo walked in.

Everyone felt different when they saw the beautiful president. Although she seemed different than usual, they couldn’t tell what exactly was different about her. The only thing they could tell was that she didn’t walk fast or hastily as usual. Her walk actually looked a little strange.

All the people who were familiar with Lin Momo noticed that, but no one knew why.

Lin Momo sat down at the rostrum and addressed everyone through the microphone. “I’m late because of some special reasons. Let’s start the meeting now!”

The meeting that day was about business. Qin Haodong knew very little about it, so he skipped it and met Saber and the others in the smaller meeting room next door.

“Do you know anything about the Deep Web? What on earth is that?”

Qin Haodong was annoyed. Although his cultivation level was near the Supreme Power Realm, being harassed by assassins all the time bugged him a lot, especially when those assassins were also a great threat to the people with him.

As one of the world’s top three mercenary groups, Saber and the others knew clearly what the Deep Web was. After all, they had accepted tasks through the Deep Web many times.

Saber took out a laptop and entered a series of URLs deftly. Soon, a dark-colored web page appeared.

“Boss, this is the Deep Web! People from the underground world often have transactions here. That’s why it’s called Deep Web, or Hidden Web!”

Qin Haodong skimmed the page. The layout was simple. In the column of the task reward was his name and Lin Momo’s name. The reward was five million for each of them, and down below were some simple introductions and photos of them, which was why killers kept approaching them.

He asked, “Any chance we can cancel this task?”

Saber shook his head before speaking. “The boss of the Deep Web has remained mysterious all these years. Nobody knows who he is, let alone how to contact him.

There are only two ways to cancel the task. One is to make the poster cancel it, and the other way is to complete it. I haven’t heard of anyone ever canceling a task by any other way.”

“Damn!” Qin Haodong swore and asked again, “Any chance we could find the poster of the task?”

Spear said, “No. The boss of the Deep Web is the only one who gets to inquire about this information. Others can only acquire limited information.”

Saber added, “It wouldn’t help even if we could inquire. I’ve used the Deep Web and you only need to provide your task and commission on the website. No contact information is required.

If the mission is completed, the website will take 20% of the commission and transfer the leftover 80% to the bank account of the person who completed the task. If the mission fails, the website won’t charge and will refund all the money to the poster’s bank account.”

Qin Haodong asked, “In other words, the poster, who wanted to get me and Momo assassinated, has already paid 10 million yuan to the website for posting the task?”

Saber said, “Sure, the task won’t be posted if the reward money hasn’t been paid.”

The website suddenly aroused Qin Haodong’s interest. “Who would pay such a great sum of money without checking? What if the owner pocketed it?” he asked. “You wouldn’t even have anyone to hold responsible.”

Saber said, “That’s highly unlikely. The Deep Web has been established for more than 20 years and has amassed great credit. No negative news about it has been heard, including pocketing a client’s reward money.”

Saber said, “The rewards of the tasks posted on the Deep Web reach hundreds of billions per year. The website has earned more than enough by collecting a 20% commission. They wouldn’t possibly do anything that would ruin their own business. Forget about the 10-million deposit. It has once seen a deposit of more than 1 billion.”

“I see.” Qin Haodong thought before he said, “There is still one thing I don’t understand. Now that so many killers have accepted the task and are going after me, how can they be sure about who killed me? Who will the reward go to?”

Saber said, “That’s why people think the Deep Web is powerful. They can track all the information once a task is posted. They haven’t made any mistakes so far.”

Spear said, “That’s simple. The two main businesses of the Deep Web are to earn commission by posting tasks and to sell information.”

The Deep Web did have a wide intelligence acquisition system that expanded throughout the world. Technically, people could buy all the information there as long as they could afford it.

Qin Haodong came up with an idea and said, “What if I offered the reward to buy off the poster of the task?”

Saber said, “That wouldn’t work. The Deep Web had its principles when it comes to selling intelligence. Protecting the customer’s information is their priority. Otherwise, nobody would go there to do business!”

After asking a few questions, Qin Haodong had learned enough about the Deep Web and wondered to himself how resourceful this underground organization was.

However, the problem had not been resolved yet. He would be constantly bugged by different killers if he didn’t cancel the task posted on the Deep Web.

Upon thinking of this, he took out his cell phone and dialed Qi Waner’s number.

“Have you heard of the Deep Web?”

Qi Wan’er answered, “Yes, I’ve actually visited it several times.”

Qin Haodong said, “Is there any chance that you could contact the owner of the website?”

Qi Wan’er said, “No. Only God can find the owner of the Deep Web. I’m just a hacker!”

“Can you find a way to hack their website and cancel my assassination?”

“What? Someone posted a task to assassinate you?” asked Qi Wan’er in shock. Then, she asked with concern, “How is everything now? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, but these killers are like flies. They’re too annoying. It would be best to find a way to cancel the task.”

“This is unlikely. I can try my best and make the Deep Web break down for a few minutes. Their website may look simple, but the technology behind it is extremely advanced. It’s hardly possible to modify the task.”

Now that he knew this wouldn’t work, Qin Haodong could only hang up the phone pitifully.

In the bigger meeting room, Lin Momo was going through the agenda of the meeting and assigning tasks one by one. During the break, a waitress walked onto the podium to pour Lin Momo some water.

The waitress was a former staff member from the pharmaceutical factory who was wearing the old uniform. As she was passing the glass to Lin Momo, a shiny dagger slipped out of her sleeve and moved in a stabbing motion toward Lin Momo’s throat.

The people down the stage, who had been staring at Lin Momo and listening to her assignments, felt their jaws drop upon seeing this.

Liu Yage, who was on the right side of Lin Momo and could see everything clearly, grabbed the glass and threw it at the waitress’ face. However, it was already too late. The dagger was really close to Lin Momo’s face.

Just as everyone thought that the beautiful president was going to perish, a slender fair hand reached over and caught the killer’s hand like a clamp. The clamp tried, but her hand couldn’t be pushed over even an inch.

The hand belonged to Yao Qianqian. Either she or Qin Haodong would show up beside Lin Momo. After she grabbed the killer’s hand, Yao Qianqian knocked the killer out on the ground.

Qin Haodong heard the sound and rushed over. He dragged the killer out and made the whole factory search in case another accident occurred.

They had run into four assassinations in succession within half a day. Although Qin Haodong was really annoyed, he had nowhere to vent his anger. He could’ve killed those killers, but other killers would keep jumping at them as long as the task was still on the website. There were countless outlaws.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang and displayed a strange number.

He pressed the answer button and heard a voice speaking the Huaxia language. “Hello, Mr. Qin. Nice to know you’re still alive to answer my call.”

Qin Haodong immediately realized that this was the person who had posted the assassination task on the Deep Web. He gestured at Saber, who understood immediately and called Qin Wan’er to locate the number.

“You posted the task on the Deep Web, didn’t you? What on earth do you want?”

“Mr. Qin, you’ve really surprised me. You even know about the Deep Web.” The caller then added, “Let me introduce myself. I am the boss of Wilson Pharmaceuticals, James. It’s nice to meet a distinguished doctor like you. You’ve even overcome the difficult illness of leukemia. Are you interested in joining us? I’ll pay you more than you can spend in your entire life.”

Qin Haodong said coldly, “I don’t need money. I’m warning you to cancel the task on the Deep Web right now. Otherwise, you shall bear the consequences.”

“Are you threatening me?” James laughed out loud, as if he had heard the world’s best joke. Then, he said, “You’re just an ordinary doctor. How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know how influential Wilson Company is? You can’t even imagine.

You have only two choices. One, come to M Country and serve me and I will give you cash flow throughout your whole life. Two, give me the formula of the leukemia medicine and I will pay you lots of money.”

Qin Haodong sneered, “What if I choose neither?”

“I believe that you will choose one. If you don’t, you will wait as killers from all over the world play with you. I find that amusing.” James laughed again and said, “Can me when you’ve figured it out, but be quick. Otherwise, you may lose your pitiful life. Those killers are quite efficient.”

He hung up the phone as soon as he said that.

Qin Haodong’s mood became much better after the call. Things were much easier now that they knew who the opponent was. At least they had a direction now.

Then, Qin Wan’er called again and said, “I’ve monitored the call and traced it to M Country. It’s the personal number of James, the owner of Wilson’s Company.”

“Can you pinpoint his exact location?”

After this talk, Qin Haodong was eager to kill. He was never a passive guy. Now that they knew who the opponent was, the best solution was to go to M Country and force James to cancel the task. Then, he would kill him.

Qi Wan’er, who seemed to have read his mind, asked, “Are you planning to go to M Country? I think you should cancel the plan.”

“Why?” Qin Haodong asked in confusion.

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